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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Dave

    interesting little segment from the early rankings piece calling zack gibson a rising senior………wonder what that means

  • ToBlav

    I think it means that the writer feel like Zack could have a big impact if he’d play all the time like he does some of the time. He had some nice stretches, but needs to develop consistancy.

  • By calling him a rising senior they just mean that he is going to be a senior next year. But I guess they give him somewhat of an endorsement by listing him as one of the players who could step up.

  • gpsimms

    Sam Webb’s recruiting roundup was mostly hoops today:

    with special segment answering my sa-WEET question about how many guys we take in this class.

    Sam said that we definitely land 1/3 of Prather, Zeigler, and Hardaway. Then he says we probably take 1 more still after that.

  • gpsimms

    Not mostly hoops, some hoops.

  • sven

    NBA players try much harder in the playoffs. But the game play is still boring and the games still lack any kind of atmosphere. The most exciting NBA game is still slightly less exciting than watching Northern Illinois take on Western Michigan.

  • michigan4204

    How good is Hardaway Jr. in comparison to Prather and Zeigler?

  • jmblue

    NBA teams need their own “student sections.” Create a standing-only section near the court and presto – instant atmosphere. The average NBA arena is far too quiet.

  • jim

    From what I hear Hardaway is a step or two below Ziegler/Prather at this point despite his great pedigree. Heard that Ziegler may wait until next spring to decide. If so Hardaway may be the most likely prospect to commit to UM.

  • JDS

    Say that we don’t land any of ziegler/ prather/ hardaway and Manny leaves for the NBA after next year. Who do you think steps into that # 3 wing role? Novak? Or do you think JB goes a little bigger w/ Smotrcyz?

  • GregGoBlue

    Here’s what I don’t understand about Zeigler’s recruitment. It’s pretty much consensus that he’s choosing between UM and MSU, since a UCLA offer hasn’t materialized. MSU already has two guard commits in their class for 2010. That’s two kids ALREADY who play his position (Appling and Byrd both listed as SG’s, but Byrd could be SF or PF). At U of M, we have nobody at that spot, and he’d likely play right away as the featured guy on a squad that’s already reached the NCAA tournament and can only improve. Not to mention his degree will matter more here. Is it a no-brainer?

    Beilein has shown that if a kid is dragging his feet on a commitment that Beilein can just go with the next best thing a la Smotrycz for Regan. Is he waiting for something?

  • gpsimms

    I get the impression that Trey fancies himself a bigger recruit than that, and wants to entertain more possibilities than MSU/UM. If he wants to go to school with McCallum, Kansas seems pretty scary.

  • ZRL

    He’s also probably waiting to see how his Dad does next year to see if his Dad will still be coaching at central in 2 years.

  • Dave

    smotrycz and regan are different players……..regan is mostly an inside man who can step out while smotrycz is the other way around and who is probably more versatile than regan, nonetheless they wouldnt be playing the same position in college so its not a next best thing scenario beilein moved to a different type of player and is still looking for an inside center type player……….. here its just a plain and simple downgrade if prather or zeigler dont commit

  • Dave

    we need a wing to fill mannys void when he is gone and it will be truly disappoingting if beilein cant bring in a zeigler or prather caliber type player to fill that position this is the best thing for michigan and anything other than that i just cant see it as a next best thing but a plan b or c at best

  • Bluebufoon

    No offense to Trey Ziegler or Ray McCallum but I would bet Coach Beielin will prioritize those two players until mid-to-late August, after that, those scholarships would become fair game to other U-M targets.

    Beilein can’t afford to wait until the spring on Mr Ziegler

  • Ken in Vegas


    Or think of it this way. IZZO can’t afford to wait until the spring on Mr. Ziegler. We take the patient road and scoop him up.

  • GregGoBlue

    We don’t exactly have that luxury, either.

  • Brick

    Yes we do. We can take two commits and leave a spot open through spring that will roll over to 2011 if we don’t use it. I doubt we will, but we are in a better position to hold out longer than MSU.

    I doubt we hold out that long, but we could. It’s still early so I don’t know why everyone is stressing out about missing out on everyone next year.

  • Kenny

    I agree with Brick that Beilein can afford to take only two this year, and wait on someone until the Spring. But I am not sure what Trey is exactly waiting for, an UCLA offer? His father should know all those coaches very well and the situation at each program is also fairly clear. There is no point for him to wait longer.

  • GregGoBlue

    We don’t really have that luxury unless we want to be scholly-strapped for the talent loaded 2011 class.

    What’s MSU’s scholarship situation like? With Alex Guana committing, that’s 3 scholarships already taken for 2010 with CJ Leslie and Zeigler in the works.

  • RespectfulGreen

    MSU is recruiting Appling primarily as a PG. Byrd is definitely NOT a power forward. He’s a lanky three point specialist.
    If Zeigler were to close-out MSU’s class, they’d probably envision him as the “SF” in a three guard offense ala how they used Mo Ager alongside Shannon Brown.
    Still seems like a longshot for MSU at this point.