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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Kenny

    no mention of Cronin by Goodman? another example of lazy journalism.

  • Bill

    I agree but it’s better than no press coverage. I’m hoping big Ben is in shape to play just seeing hime play a little this season was enough to see he can make an impact on defense and lets hope he can pound the boards. It’s hard to see him not being in the rotation.

  • Dave

    it will be interesting to see how well he can actually move when he is 100% and how truly effective, especially on defense he will be

  • I sure would like to get a report on Ben Cronin from someone on campus who has seen him lately. I heard he was still limping at the spring football game. How serious is his injury?

  • As far as I know Cronin is still rehabbing. Not 100% yet. I don’t know any specifics and haven’t heard anything in a while though.

  • Dave

    well i remember reading somewhere that it was going to take i believe a good 4-6 months before he could really start doing things normally again…… you gotta figure another 2 months and he should start getting back into playing shape and what not ……….mid january was the surgery