Josh Bartelstein to Walk-on at Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Per,  Josh Bartelstein is set to be a preferred walk-on next year at Michigan.

Bartelstein, who was personally recruited by Michigan head coach John Beilein, visited the campus in Ann Arbor this past weekend, and knew that is where he wanted to be. Beilein spent the entire day with Bartelstein, and personally escorted him around campus. Beilein is known for having great success with recruited walk-on’s as many have played prominent roles both at West Virginia and Michigan.

Bartelstein selected Michigan over a host of Division I offers including Wagner, San Diego, Elon, UIC, Detroit and Valparaiso.

Bartelstein led Phillips Exeter (who play in the same league as Blake McLimans, Evan Smotrycz, and Nate Lubick) in points and assists last year and appears to be a proficient shooter. It is clear that Beilein is trying to establish a very strong walk-on program. CJ Lee and Dave Merritt were contributors and he has already brought in a number of solid walk-ons including Eric Puls, Corey Person, and Eso Akunne. Last year he was also close to bringing in Northwestern big man David Curletti. These are kids that make the program better, even if they don’t contribute on the floor right away.

This is what NERR had to say on Josh’s play at Exeter last year:

He’s still flying a bit under the radar despite connecting on over 50% of his attempts from the three-point line.  That’s a pretty ridiculous number when you consider he was the opposing defense’s top priority virtually every night.  Bridgton Academy even played him with a box and one.  What many still don’t realize is that he can handle and pass extremely well too.

NERR also has a nice profile piece worth a look.


More Clips: One, Two


Bartelstein’s high school career took a turn for the worse when he broke his ankle during his sophomore year.

Tipped to become a starter as a sophomore in 2005-06, Bartelstein suffered a broken ankle in the third game and missed the entire campaign. He still has screws in his right foot.

He rebounded to become a role player at Highland Park during his junior year before finally coming into his own as a senior.

Bartelstein was outstanding last July when he led the Rising Stars Blue team to a Top 30 finish at the AAU National Tournament in Orlando, Florida. He continued that strong play during the high school season by sinking better than 50 three-point baskets.
Bartelstein was a 1st Team All-Conference selection, in addition to being named to the prestigious All-Pioneer Press Team, and also being named to the All-Tournament Team at both the Moline Thanksgiving Tournament, and the Elgin Holiday Tournament.

After a more successful senior season he decided to reclassify to the class of 2009 and complete a post-graduate year at Phillips Exeter in New Hampshire.

One other thing that’s worth a mention, his dad, Mark Bartelstein, is a successful NBA and NFL agent.

  • ToBlav

    It looks to me like JB is a late bloomer, which often means continued improvement. Is it true Micheal Jordan was cut as a freshmen in high school. That just illustrates the point, I’m in no way suggesting JB is or ever will be in MJ’s class of player. He could be very good though in time.

  • noahtahl

    not to disparage anyone but if he is not 300%-500% better than the film shows than I should walk guess is he’s not as bad as he looks and without a scholarship there is nothing to lose.

  • jim

    again those films arent from this year one is aau and the other his his highland park team the exeter film isnt up there and he is clearly a d1 player with all those offers some from high majors like san diego uic and elon

  • walkon

    He is not a D-1 player. He is a D-1 walk-on, there is a difference. Guys will love him though hes a good kid.

  • jim

    than y does he have 8 scholarship offers to his name and he turned rthem all down

  • walkon

    Do you honestly believe he had 8 D-1 offers on the table?More realistically he had 8 offers from schools to be a preffered walkon……

  • tom

    he had 8 offers the articles arent going to lie and i have heard from reliable sources he had them and took official visits to some

  • BigPoppa212

    Walkon Stats don’t lie get over yourself

  • Blue Fan

    None of you know what you’re talking about. He’s gonna be really great. His dad is gonna be awesome for the program

  • JRose5

    Anon/Walkon, while I repect your opinion, let it rest! The kid is not even at UM yet and you are tearing him down. We should support the kid…he chose UM over schollys eslewhere! He comes at no cost, so why spend your time ripping him…bottom line he CAN help UM basketball in one way or another. I also find it hard to believe that your eye for talent would be superior to Coach B’s.

  • Tom Too

    Well put. Jeez, the kid is on our team now. What do you want to do next, rip on EPuls?

  • King

    walkon and anon – Stick to what you know, which is obviously not anything in regards to Josh Bartelstein. Josh happens to be a fantastic player and an even better person. You as Michigan fans should feel honored that he chose to attend and play Basketball at Michigan.

  • Realistic

    Why are you guys fighting over this kid?
    He is NOT that good
    Im happy Michigan has him but lets not hype this kid and say we should feel “honored”?!?!?!?
    He is no matt vogrich, no john wall, no anyone else!
    You can tell in his video clips he isnt High Major Division 1 material otherwise he would be playing on a full ride from another big ten school
    It seems like you guys defending him are his pathetic high school coach or his dad’s assistant!
    Josh is a sub-par player, heck, look who he is playing in the clips..
    If he was a high-major player he wouldnt be walking on now would he? period……

  • HP

    As a Highland Parker I think I can offer a reliable opinion. JB was a solid role player at HP. He had a decent outside shot at best and overall was just an average player. I am not totally sure what he did at Exeter but I honestly can’t imagine he improved so much to be able to play at Michigan. He has decent size but thats about it. He lacks athleticism and he is lucky to walk on at UM.