Harris and Sims Returning

Dylan Burkhardt

manny-shep-simsIt’s safe to breathe now. Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims are staying in school and it’s finally official. This isn’t much of a surprise but it’s good news none the less.

“In order to address the speculation around DeShawn and Manny’s future we are announcing that both these young men have decided to continue their respective educational paths here at the University of Michigan,” said Beilein in a statement. “Since the completion of our season we have gathered enough information for everyone to feel good about this decision. I am anxious to see their continued growth and I am excited to coach these two, as well as the rest of the team next season.”

“I have decided to stay at the University of Michigan to not only work towards finishing my degree, but to continue working on my game,” said Sims. “I am on schedule to graduate next May and that is going to be a very special moment for me. With Coach Beilein here I can see myself growing even more mentally, physically and athletically. There is a lot of excitement surrounding next season and we really want to take the next step in restoring the proud tradition of Michigan basketball on the national level.”

“I have decided to stay in school and continue to work on my University of Michigan degree,” added Harris. “This decision will also allow me to work hard at becoming an even more complete basketball player. We had a good season and I really enjoyed making the NCAA Tournament with my teammates. We really want to build a great program here at Michigan and we are on that path. The turnaround from my freshman year to my sophomore was big and I feel we will continue to do even more.”

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  • Benjamin

    I know this was pretty much a forgone conclusion, but I am glad its now official.

    Now we all don’t have to re-adjust our predictions for next season. ;)

  • Benjamin

    *foregone, rather.

  • Kenny

    Smart decisions from the kids and it is good for Michigan basketball.

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  • bluebots

    now we can move on to worrying if Manny is going to leave next year.

  • Paul

    Great news. Now this coming season they can have a stable base. Makes me so happy.

  • aaron

    good for both of em, hopefully manny will want to complete his degree next year at this time!

  • raiderfan

    This is honestly the first time I can remember that I am just as, if not more, excited about the upcoming basketball season as the football one. Remember when Michigan was the only school in the country that consistently was ranked in the top 25 in football and basketball. Man the 2009-2010 seasons are going to be great ones.

  • JDS

    Mark my word, these kids will step up and step into the leader role that CJ and Merrit had both on and off the court

  • BK

    Thank God.

  • Mason

    Awesome news. Very VERY excited for this season!!!

    On another note, is it me or does the picture look sort of like a watercolor or some other sort of painting?

  • gooter9

    HUGE. Next year is going to be fun.

  • msuh8r

    Good news, hope Manny stays four.

  • Bluebufoon

    Evan Smotrycz is sounding more and more like a quality player. This weekend it sounds like he is more than holding his own in a tourney in Providence RI.


  • Kenny

    Bluebufoon, thanks for the link on Smotz. We might luck out that Lubick picked Georgetown over us. And we have to give JB tons of credits for getting the commitment from Smotz two weeks ago.

  • Dave

    there is never anything bad about this kid and the other talk about him just keeps getting better and better

  • jmblue

    Mason – I was thinking the same. It really looks like a painting!