2009 Big Ten/ACC Challenge Field Set

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will face Boston College in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge on December 2nd at Crisler Arena. Boston College is 3-0 in the Challenge including a win at Crisler two years ago. The entire lineup is listed below, and for more on Michigan’s schedule make sure to check out the future schedule page.

Is this the year the Big Ten finally pulls off a victory? Looking at the list I see around 5 or 6 wins for the Big Ten.

Monday, Nov. 30

  • Penn State at Virginia

Tuesday, Dec. 1

  • Maryland at Indiana
  • Michigan State at North Carolina
  • Northwestern at N.C. State
  • Virginia Tech at Iowa
  • Wake Forest at Purdue

Wednesday, Dec. 2

  • Boston College at Michigan
  • Duke at Wisconsin
  • Florida State at Ohio State
  • Illinois at Clemson
  • Minnesota at Miami

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  • Ryan

    BC? That’s pretty boring if you ask me…we just played them. I think a matchup with Wake Forest would have been nice. It’s been awhile since we played them.

  • Adam

    Wow which 6 games do you see the Big Ten winning? I don’t know if I’m in the same boat as you. I see a maybe 2 or 3 probables with Purdue, Michigan and OSU but the rest look like tossups at best. I’m sure Big Ten will win 2-3 of the tossups though so I guess I see where the 6 comes from. I’m just curious to see which 6 you think they will be?

  • Chuck

    MSU, of course!

  • Ok sorry, I had 5 or 6. Edited it out by accident.

    I like Penn State, Purdue, Michigan, OSU, and I think Illinois and Minnesota have very winnable games.

    The only games that I think are a very bad draw are Iowa (they aren’t going to win many games next year) and UNC (if this year taught us anything).

    Indiana is probably a long shot but they will be much better and it’s at Assembly Hall.

    Wisconsin has a shot, NW is probably a long shot at NC State but I really don’t know much about NC State.

    I feel like I usually look at the B10/ACC draw and can just pick off 5 or 6 games that the ACC should win easily. Don’t think that is quite the case this year.

  • Benjamin

    My 6 wins:

    PSU over VA
    NW over NC State
    PU over WF
    Mich over BC
    MSU over NC (at NC…eeep) / Ill over Clemson (at Clem)
    Minn over Miami

  • Adam

    I don’t know much about Virginia or NC State, but Penn State losing Cornley and Pringle will be bigger losses than meet the eye. Talor Battle is gonna have to put the team on his shoulders. And Craig Moore will be a pretty big loss for NW. I’d like them at home but I don’t know about the road.

    I like Mich over BC
    OSU over FSU
    Purdue over WF
    and then 2 wins out of the following: Minn/Miami, Ill/Clemson, PSU/Virginia, and NW/NCST

    I see the Big Ten getting 5 wins and once again losing the challenge lol

  • PSU isn’t going to be as good but Battle has shown that he can put the team on his shoulders. UVA was bad last year. With a new coach, who knows what kind of recruiting they have coming in.

    Miami loses McLinton and Minnesota brings in a lot of talent to go with their already solid team.

    I believe Costner is leaving NC St. as well.

  • AG2

    I think Indiana can beat Wake Forest at home. Wake was very talented this year, but they were horribly inconsistent. Not a surprise considering how young they were.

    In any case, James Johnson has already signed with an agent. I think Jeff Teague will stay in the draft even though he doesn’t have an agent. I also think Al-Farouq Aminu is eventually going to declare as well. If they all leave, WF will finish last in the ACC.

  • Kevin

    We get the extra home game this year, could help. The Duke-Wisconson game should be a good one. And MSU-UNC goes without saying. That one should be interesting considering UNC’s losses, I doubt Sparty can pull out the upset in Chapel Hill though.

  • Erik

    I went to Scout to look at BC’s roster. Is it true they have NO recruits coming in this year?

    They lose Tyrese Rice their leading scorer, but keep the rest.

    I think it will be a good matchup of two teams that are still maturing.

  • Tom Too

    Get to stick it to Joe Trapani for choosing BC over UM when he transferred from Vermont.

  • bentley

    I like the draw as a winnable game, but it won’t be a marquee game. I would have loved Wake Forest or a rematch with Clemson. Will UNC be that good again. MSU probably figures to be a top 10 team, I don’t know about UNC, they did lose their 3 best players. I like all the home teams except Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Miami. Unfortunately that leaves us again at 5-6. I do think we have a better shot this year than any time in recent memory.

  • Sam

    bentley, while it is likely that Ellington and Lawson are leaving, they haven’t declared yet, so let’s not assume anything. I’ve seen crazier things before (Florida’s whole team returning to win another championship).

  • I only see 3-4 wins for the Big Ten. UM, OSU and Purdue with Illinois having a shot at Clemson. PSU, Northwestern and Minn. would have been good bets if they were not road games.

  • badgerfan09

    I think that the badgers have a good shot this year. Yeah Duke may be the best team in the ACC next year, but Wisconsin doesn’t lose very much at home. And Bo Will have them ready to play. They are bringing back a good portion of their starting line up from last year. They have something to prove.