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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • raiderfan

    Dylan, do you think we’re the leader for Trey? No mention of State, they’re still in it, right?

  • Beast1530

    word is Michigan dropped Reagan after getting Smotrycz commitment. They had cooled on Reagan big time.

    Expect them to go after Guards and wing players. They are going after athletes like Ziegler, McCallum, Prather, etc.

  • Kenny

    Cooling on Regan is less surprise now with the reports from last weekend that Smotrycz can get inside as well. I would also assume that Cronin is recovering well from his surgery.

  • raiderfan: MSU is still very much involved. NBE are a bunch of east coast folks so I’m not sure how much they know about his recruitment. I look at that more for scouting information.

  • Kenny

    NBE also lists Ohio State for Trey, have they already loaded in their 2010 class? And no mention of Michigan for McCallum?

    Also, if cool on Regan, would Beilein drop an offer on Hardaway Jr. soon?

  • Adam

    Might want to kiss the recruitment of Casey Prather goodbye if UNC offers. It’s one thing to compete with Vanderbilt, Virginia, Alabama, etc. but it’s another to compete with a program who basically chooses their players.

  • Ryan

    BACK OFF UNC…you’ve got plenty of players already…let us have ONE elite player PLEASE=)

  • Tom Too


  • Dave

    theres no backing off this is where beilein needs to step his game up and start pulling these guys in………he is considered one of the best coaches in the country and is very well respected start using this to your advantage and start landing the big fish………..he should easily be able to sell zeigler or prather or anybody thats as talented and plays the same positon as manny…….cause all he has to say is look at manny……..that can be you…and nobody can look at what manny has done and question beilein

  • Sam

    I like how Prather starts to get “interest” from North Carolina and they are immediately suspected to be in his top three. I would love to have this kid, but the prospects look bleak. Let’s hope Beilein’s recruiting prowess heats up.

  • Adam

    I’m not disagreeing with you Dave but you’re point on Belein just telling Ziegler or Prather to look at Manny might be mute. I mean Roy Williams can just say look at Lawson, Green, or any of the other great backcourt guys he has had dating back to Kansas with Jaque Vaughn or Paul Pierce to counter.

  • Dave

    theres no doubt that other coaches can say the same thing as beilein, but beilein cant always lose out on guys …..its against all odds that he loses out on every single big name player…….things have to change eventually…….unless he truly is a terrible recruiter

  • Brick

    Morris and Vogrich were pretty big name players. Remember we beat out UCLA for Vogrich. You are being a bit of a Debbie Downer on recruiting, we definitely have not lost out on every big name player and don’t write off the 2010 class. Smotrycz is a better grab than you apparently think he is.

  • Dave

    i think smotrycz is a fantastic get……but we need somebody to replace manny……..and its a must get….and by the look of it, its either zeigler or prather…..and if beilien cant obtain one of those then i have a problem with that……….morris and vogich are definitely great recruits……..but i would like to see beilein land a recruit who is highly ranked by all recruiting services, not one or another……….scouts, rivals, and espn all have ziegler and prather as highly ranked kids….i would like to see if beilein can do that…..but yeah i guess i do forget that vogrich and morris depending are right up there

  • John

    I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get recruits over schools like Carolina or Duke. Most can’t so it shouldn’t be any different for us.

  • Dave

    dont say it like that cause it wasnt that long ago that michigan was pulling in talent like what carolina and duke gets

  • Bluebufoon

    Recruiting big names for U-M and Coach Beilein it helps that there are so many highly rated players in-state. A commitment from the right in-state prospect might start a domino like effect that could really
    blow our proverbial minds.

    An example would be if Trey Ziegler or Ray McCallum commits that might positively affect the other because they play together on Team Detroit
    and that may be the perfect lead-in to the stellar junior class in the stae of Michigan.

    Either way Beilein is going to get players.

  • FL Wolve

    Dave, you have to look at the circumstances when UM was pulling in all of that talent. JB is not going to run the program like those previous coache$ so I doubt he could ever pull that kind of talent in, regardless of his recruiting ability. That’s just the way it is.

  • Tom Too

    Yeah, JB goes after a particular type of kid that he can mold into his system. I think his troubles with Manny & KG have only reaffirmed to him this is the way to go. He really wants things done his way, from how to catch the ball to how to score a reverse layup. Most, not all, but most top tier players come with an ego.

    Think about the top tier talent he has had at Michigan. He has had trouble with Manny. KG is gone, and Peedi needed to start the season on the bench to get going.

    I am probably wrong, but I really think the very best top tier talent won’t be coming here and UM will still be successful, regardless. I’d love to see top guys sans egos start enrolling….

  • GregGoBlue

    Any idea why Beilein is “turning up the heat” in his recruitment of Ray McCallum? Isn’t PG not a position of need since we picked up Darius Morris, who is a big time PG recruit? I’d think we need a shooting guard to replace Manny or some more talented bigs more than a PG.

    Also, do you think the fact that MSU has picked up 2 SG’s already for 2010 (Appling, Byrd) will influence Zeigler to look elsewhere? I’d think he wouldn’t even consider MSU since he’d have to beat out two other blue chippers and will constantly be battling for PT, whereas at Michigan it’s almost guaranteed that he’d be getting early PT. Can anybody confirm if he’s seriously looking into the Big East schools that are supposedly recruiting him pretty hard?

  • Ken in Vegas

    Where are we hearing that Michigan has cooled off on Regan. It’s been said, with no references to factual evidence. I don’t doubt this is true, but where is this coming from?

    Dave, if you have a couple hundred thousand sitting around, then we could probably pull another Fab Five into Ann Arbor. Also, you have to have some perspective. When we were pulling in top recruits, we had just won the national championship. You can’t expect the flood gates to break open again just because we made the tournament for the first time in a decade. That doesn’t make us an attractive powerhouse again. That makes us an average program again. JB is going to do what it takes to get us in the tourney every year. After 4 or 5 years of that, THEN we can start expecting stellar classes again.

  • Beast1530

    Ken, There were mention from people who has connection to the basketball program. Reagan is pretty much out of the play.

    Greg, Michigan need more guard to fill the “PG” spot and beside JB does not require a PG in his system. His system consists of two combo guards who can shoot, handle and pass.

    McCallum, I would not be surprised if he picks Kansas.

  • John

    I think the biggest thing is people forget that these players were born in 1992 and later. That means that as far as they’re concerned, Michigan has never been a big time school.

  • Jay

    Greg you cannot pass up on a talent like Ray McCallum period, even if you so called have a PG. Darius is bigger then him also, and has played off the ball previously so its not a big deal to add another true and highly skilled PG. Lets stop the Regan talk, and focus on what will distinguish this program from other JB programs and thats a highly sought after recruit. You also have to remember yes JB recruits those who can fit his system, but he has never had the chance to recruit kids that DIDNT so called fit his system. To blend in that uncanny athlete with his skilled role players has never happened, but I think it will very soon.

  • Alex G

    One correction for John…if they were born in 1992 they have never seen Michigan as a big time BASKETBALL school.

    I think Dave is right…particularly about finding a replacement for Manny. Keep in mind, Beilein wasn’t unemployed when he decided to come to UofM. He chose UofM as much as UofM chose him…and as much as anything, I would suspect he decided to come here so that he could take the program AND his career to the next level. He isn’t doing that by tweaking his system (could have done that at WVU), he is doing that by utilizing the recruiting advantages of UofM and bringing in better players. I don’t think this happens overnight, but the coaching staff is/has been (and should be) working towards that end.

    Manny and Peedi have been great. I don’t think they’ve caused any trouble that should dissuade Beilein from pursuing top tier recruits. There haven’t been any off the court incidents (that I can think of). They may have egos, but so do Jordan, James, Bryant and any number of other remarkable players…so I think you have to be careful writing off a player b/c of that. As long as the trouble is on the court, all we are talking about is coaching and that is what Beilein is paid to do (and clearly loves to do). Beilein knows those are his two best players, and I’m quite certain he (along with Dave) would love to have more players like them.

  • Dave

    i think the overall point that im trying to make that just popped into my head is that somebody like manny or deshawn is what im calling a “game changer” ……..beilein has yet to recruit a game changer……..morris and vogrich might be great players but i dont think they are game changers like a zeigler or prather or mccallum or other players…….you have to have at least 1 or 2 game changers to compete at the highest level…….you cant just rely on a coach and there system…….thats probably not going to be enough to get it done

  • Mith

    I think the overall point you are trying to make, Dave, is the same one you repeat every time there is a recruiting post. And that is that Beilein is somehow expected to pull in these monstrous recruits after 1 year of moderate success. The program has been in the tank for a decade, but if Beilein doesn’t get some top notch guys in here, then he isn’t a good coach.

    I disagree with you, I think a little patience might be in order.

  • Dave you are right on. We need at least one game changer in the 2010 class. Someone who can carry the scoring all by themselves in the last 2-3 minutes of a game. Someone like K Lucas or E Turner who can hit a shot late in the game with defenders in their face.

  • Sam

    Keeping on track with this “game changer” topic, I think a lot of people are giving up on the idea of McCallum a little too early. I have seen more about us recruiting McCallum and Zeigler than any other player recently and I think I might like our chances. C.J. and Xavier Henry going to Kansas I think helps us out quite a bit now that they have a couple guards that are definitely going to get some playing time. I’m looking at a class of Smotrycz, McCallum, Zeigler, and Regan (not sure about all this talk that we aren’t going after him any more). If not Regan, give me Prather (although this is a definite longshot). Either way, I’m liking some of the possibilities.

  • Dave

    the only thing that concerns me and the reason why i bring this stuff up all the time is because he didnt bring in the big names at west virgina wither and he was there 5 years………and it doesnt matter how long a person is at a place……..as soon as thad matta landed at ohio he was pulling in top recruits year after year and im sure there is more than 1 example……..so time at a place doesnt matter to me at all……….if other coaches can do it immediately he should be able to as well

  • Brick


    I didn’t know West Virginia had a school until Beilein took them to the tourney. There are pretty much no players from the state and the surrounding states all have much better options for any recruit. There is a reason JB left. He will be landing much better recruits here.

  • Dave

    i dont buy that stuff about west virginia………..but we will see

  • Brick

    Have you ever been to West Virginia?

    This pretty much says it all