Award Night

Dylan Burkhardt

The basketball banquet was tonight and there weren’t many surprises in terms of who brought home hardware.

Manny Harris took down his second MVP award (guess he was deserving of the ‘A’ I gave him on his report card) and DeShawn Sims won most improved player. Good luck finding anyone to argue with the leadership award being given to CJ Lee and David Merritt. Frankly, there isn’t much to argue over with any of the winners.

According to the Michigan basketball twitter page, every player on the team also received a “special watch” in honor of making the NCAA tournament. They are tweeting live from the event so it’s worth a follow.

Here is the full list of award winners:

Bill Buntin Most Valuable Player Manny Harris
Thad Garner Leadership Award C.J. Lee and David Merritt
Rudy Tomjanovich Most Improved Player DeShawn Sims
Steve Grote Hustle Award David Merritt
Travis Conlan Sportsmanship Award Jevohn Shepherd
Wayman Britt Outstanding Defensive Player C.J. Lee
Sixth Man Award Zack Gibson
Iron Man Award Zack Novak
Bodnar Award for Academic Achievement Zack Novak
Gary Grant Award for Most Assists Manny Harris
Loy Vaught Rebounding Award DeShawn Sims
Award for Outstanding Free Throw Shooting Manny Harris

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  • josh

    I am starting to realize how special of a Player we have in Manny. I keep on forgetting he is only 19. WOW. Is it wrong to believe he has the ability to be one of the greatest wolverines ever if he stays all 4, maybe even 3?

  • Giddings

    Anyone know if Kelvin was there?

  • Bluebufoon

    I hope the coaches made sure Kelvin Grady was there because he deserved
    to be honored as member of this team.

  • michiganman777

    Ok one question… What the @*(%@^% is a twitter?

  • ToBlav

    michiganman777, it seems to be instant messaging to a group of people or a web site where everyone can read it. I totally relate to not keeping up with all this tech. stuff.

    Dylan, I can’t say thanks for this site enough, but once more is one time closer.

  • JRose5

    Dylan, just wanted to give you the Blanket Award, for best coverage of UM Basketball (free or pay site)! Good work. Found a link giving UM more respect…if this has already been posted sorry for the repeat.

  • GoBlue!

    Kelvin was not there from what I heard, but that was his own choice.

  • Kevin

    According to the Ann Arbor News Manny chose to share the MVP award with DeShawn which would explain the picture. Very classy move on his part.

  • Justin C

    Thanks for pointing that out Kevin – really classy move.

  • michael

    Michigan Scout has an article about Michigan transfers with, strangely enough, Greg Paulus of Duke on the front page. Anyone have the skinny? Do we have potential transfers?

  • Bluebufoon

    Paulas has football eligibility left but I believe he used all of his basketball eligibility. He was rated the No. 1 high school QB in the nation when he came out of high school by Tom Lemming. Michigan and Notre Dame were rumored to be at the top of Paulas list if he tried to play both football and basketball out of high school. Again this is what I remember from four or five years ago.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Seriously, why is it taking so long for all the bloggers to be all over this Paulus thing (you’re excluded, Dylan, as this is obviously a bball blog…I just don’t want to register to comment at MGoBlog). Geez, guys, get on this.

  • raiderfan

    The Paulus thing is ridiculous. Yeah he was a great PASSING qb FOUR years ago, but I just think it makes the state of Michigan football look a little desperate. I have come to develop a deep deep disliking for Mr. Paulus and I can not think of anyone else that I would not want to see in any type of Michigan uniform. He was at the spring game and came back yesterday to have a private meeting with RR and rumor is that he will be back soon to meet with Barwis to get involved in his program. I just wonder how all of this is going to effect Tate’s relationship with RR. At the least, it will be interesting to watch. The Michigan Football soap opera continues.

  • Tom Too

    Really, you recruit these kids to come in with a chance to start right away, and then talk to a Dukie to come in for a one year stint??? Really strange.

  • jmblue

    I don’t think anyone’s promising Paulus the job. He just might offer us some needed depth at the position.