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Dylan Burkhardt

photo courtesy of the Michigan Daily

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  • Tom, Also

    I’ve heard that the AD is willing to extend the student section. They kinda added the band section down in the blue and would put students above the band in some games. I’m sure the logical next step is to fill in that gap from the bleachers to band. I’ve also heard down the road that they could consider adding more bleachers.

    It won’t happen next year, though.

    Next year will still have students (and many of them, seeing as the ticket sales are soaring) in the upper level:

    GENERAL ADMISSION SEATING: Except for pre-determined premium games (i.e., Michigan State, Ohio State, etc.) students will have one seating option — GENERAL ADMISSION SEATING. Each student will receive one voucher for each game in the student season package. Upon presenting a valid M-card, this voucher will be exchanged at Crisler Arena’s Gate E before each game on a first-come first served basis for a ticket in the bleachers (540 seats), then section 19 behind the pep band (93 seats) and then in the upper level gold. Validation may be required for use by a non-student.

    PREMIUM GAMES: For the premium games, students who have attended all of the games prior to the premium game will receive an assigned ticket in the bleachers or section 19. Those attending all such games except one will have the next priority, those attending all games except two will have the next priority and so on until the tickets in the bleachers and section 19 have been fully allocated. If a sufficient number of student seats are not available to a priority group, priority will be based on random selection. The remaining students will receive an assigned seat in the upper level gold. The Athletic Department intends to provide other incentives for attending Michigan basketball games.

  • Paul

    Hopefully the students will show up and be loud next season. No doubt the team will be better. I will still get my season tickets and see if my brother in law would like to get in the action. I’ve had the same seat for 5 years now.