The Latest on Evan Smotrycz

Dylan Burkhardt

Just a quick update on New Hampton forward Evan Smotrycz (6-foot-9, class of 2010), a guy we haven’t covered much but one who continues to rise up the Michigan radar.

NBE Basketball was at last weekend’s Playaz Spring Fling and got a chance to see Evan Smotrycz in action. Smotrycz continues to be described as skilled with a solid shot and handle but he seemed to have an up and down weekend.

This skilled forward had a solid game. Evan has good size to go along with fine inside and outside skills. On the perimeter, he buried a three-pointer and showed good ball handling ability. He was inconsistent with his jumper though on Saturday. Evan also had a nice post turnaround drive and left-handed finish. He grabbed a few rebounds and blocked a shot as well. He struggled to finish early on and also turned the ball over several times. Evan still had a good outing though overall.

NBE Basketball also got the latest on Evan’s recruitment, a return visit to Ann Arbor is scheduling for this April.

On the recruiting front, Smotrycz informed NBE that Michigan, Oregon State and Virginia were his three favorites. He recently received an offer from Michigan head coach Joeh Beilein and would be visiting Ann Arbor later in April.

This is definitely one to watch over the next couple weeks.

Also, if you were wondering… Manny Harris has no plans to leave Michigan. The Free Press cleans up a story that they essentially created as well after spinning a relatively harmless radio quote from John Beilein.

“It’s an option, but not really that serious though,” Harris said Monday regarding the buzz about him exploring his NBA options. “If it’s something to look into, then I will, but I haven’t even thought about it much. I doubt I’m going.”

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  • AC1997

    I think any reference to a future recruit should have his position, year, height, and weight (if available) listed by it. There are so many names floating around out there that it is hard to keep them all straight and project how they would fit into the future.

    That being said, I love the work you’re doing on the site Dylan and keeping us up to date on everything. I keep hitting refresh waiting for more report cards to be shown. Granted, I’m in a boring training class at work and need distraction – but still!

  • Giddings

    Congrats to King Court, D-League MVP:

  • AC1997: Almost done w/ LLP, stay tuned.

  • G-Reg

    Could Evan be our version of Joe Alexander? A 2 star that has hidden talents…JB is like the fricken Christopher columbus of college basketball…discovering all these hidden gems.


    I seriously think LLP will play a good bit at the point by the time nov rolls around.


    So dylan, what happens with Regan now?

  • I’m not sure that they affect each other.

  • You know who else was at the Spring Fling? Albany City Rocks. The same City Rocks team that includes Will Regan and Taran Buie (Talor Battle’s bro). Buie’s saying he’s getting in his AAU teammates ears about Penn State, since he just verballed last week. There was also some rumblings a while back about Regan and Buie playing together in college, but that was a long time ago. I’m not seriously expecting anything to come out of this situation, but I must admit, I’m a little surprised Regan hasn’t verballed to you guys yet.

    FWIW, City Rocks got blown out in the semis by DC Assault (who have quite a few D-1 recruits, including a couple of Dukie verbals). Regan apparently struggled, but a PSU observer (there to see Buie) came away impressed with Regan, despite his lack of production. Says he uses both hands really well.

    I’m sure we’ll have more conversations in the future about Albany City Rocks as they hit the AAU circuit this summer with our mutual interest in the team’s players.

  • Not really worried about Regan going to PSU… He’s starting to pick up a little more interest so it’ll be worth watching. DC Assault is always one of the best AAU teams so that’s not surprising that they handled the Rocks.

    Stay in touch though definitely.


    My feeling is that we will have blake, and then most likely Evan, with JB’s skill development those guys will be solid. If Regan heads elsewhere…oh well.

  • I have a tough time lumping Regan and Evan’s games together. Regan seems much more of an interior player compared to Smotrycz who lives on the perimeter.

    We’ll see though, especially once AAU starts heating up.

  • Benjamin

    Think of Evan like a Novak, but the proper size for his position.

    My dream 2010 class: Trey (Moses, more realistically), Will, Evan, Tim Jr.


    Yeah that would be nice. I’d like to get maybe 1 more athletic 4 or 5. Maybe Amir…he looks like a good prospect.

  • Adam

    Love your dream class Benjamin. If it looks anything like that I will be ecstatic.

  • Bluebufoon

    Does U-M ask Smotroycz to redshirt, with the scholarship opening up ?
    or is it more of advantage to have Smotroycz go back to prep school for fifth year and be the star of his team ? I say use the ship and redshirt him and get him acclimated to college life.

  • Bufoon: I don’t know that he would have a choice. I figure that if he reclassified prior to enrolling in prep school that he isn’t on pace to graduate this semester. Smotrycz is a 2010 recruit.

  • Also — WHATAP: Amir is a 2011 recruit, so that’d be a whole different discussion.

  • W3

    My dream class includes
    SF-Casey Prather
    SG-Trey Zeigler
    PF-Evan Smotrycz
    PF/C-Will Regan


  • jim

    Dylan, how many scholarships are available for the 2010 class? Last I read it was two, now people are looking for 4 kids in that class.

  • jim

    gotcha. will a 4th open up? thx.

  • It wouldn’t be all that surprising if it did.

  • Tyler

    Well Evan committed Today… Would like to see some highlights but he looks to be decent

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