Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

John Beilein previews the Final Four on Sports Center.

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  • Kenny

    I don’t think that Peedi and Manny are ready for NBA.

  • They aren’t and I think Beilein is just waiting until they get the official report from scouts or whoever else that says so.

  • Giddings

    I was absolutely amazed at the PSU fan showing at the Garden last night (and Tuesday night as well). 36 buses is ridiculous, the Maize Rage has had trouble even filling up 1 or 2 buses of students to go to games at Northwestern, Notre Dame, and Ohio State. I was reading some articles in the PSU newspapers about how many of the students that got back from the semifinal game at 4:30am went straight to the ticket office and camped out so they could get tickets for the finals when it opened at 9am. Yes, this is the NIT we’re talking about.

    It’s not like it’s a short bus ride from PSU to NYC (4 hours)… and PSU is even more of a “football school” than Michigan is. I guess the only explanation is that outside of a Sweet 16 trip in 2001 and an A-10 Tournament title back in the day, they’ve had virtually no postseason basketball success.

    Even though they are losing a good deal of talent next year, this newfound basketball enthusiasm might actually make the Bryce Jordan Center a tough place to play (gasp!).

  • Tom Too

    I can’t believe that those guys would bolt for the NBA. I hope they listen to scouts and not agents….

  • Matt

    Harris and Sims aren’t going anywhere. They both aren’t even listed as being picked in the draft. They’re better college players then NBA players. Manny’s shot isn’t good enough and I don’t know where Sims would fit in. If Manny stays all 4 years, we will be a force to be reckoned with. GO BLUE

  • rlc

    The one thing I like about Blake Griffin is that he provided Manny and (especially) Peedi with a sanity check regarding the draft.

    “Think you’re ready for the NBA? Where you’ll see guys like me three or four nights a week? Think again.”


    Yeah Manny would be very foolish to even be considering entering. He needs another year working with JB on his ball handling, shooting, and more importantly his DECISION MAKING. Right now he doesnt pick and choose his spots very well, and another year or two would really round out that part of his game. Hopefully he has some good people around him who have his best interest, and what will be best for him, which will be to stick around. Im not even saying this because I know we need him, its just the flat out truth, he is not ready yet..and thats the bottom line.

    As for the starting line up next year, one thing everyone has to keep in mind is how much better skill wise everyone will be. Dont be surprised to see LLP, and Stu to really improve their ball skills, shooting, and all around comfort with their decision making. That will be key while Dmo comes along. And everyone is talking about Mclimans not being ready because of his lack of weight, but in my eyes his lack of size isnt going to be as big of a concern. He will most likely play the 4, he is skilled and can shoot. He is also 6’10”, which should allow him to grab a few rebounds.