Kelvin Grady Leaving the Michigan Basketball Program

Dylan Burkhardt

It’s been rumored for a couple weeks and now it’s official. Thanks to Tim from Varsity Blue for forwarding me the release (the full release is also posted on MGoBlue). Kelvin has not decided where he will head next.

I’ll have some reaction later but my immediate reaction is mixed. It’s good for the future in the sense that it opens a scholarship (scholarship breakdown) but I’m also disappointed for Kelvin and wish him the best.

“Point guard” depth will be interesting next year. This is technically a “two guard” offense and it doesn’t have a defined point guard position but I think Stu will definitely take on additional ball handling responsibilities next year (as I mentioned here).

“Kelvin has asked for his release from the program and we will grant that to him,” said Beilein. “Over the last two years, he has been a positive influence in helping build the foundation of our program. He is a wonderful young man on and off the floor. We wish him nothing but success in the future.”

“It’s been a wonderful experience both as a student and as a player here at the University of Michigan, but I feel I need a fresh start,” said Grady. “I love this university and want to thank the coaching staff, my teammates and everyone else who has supported me over the past two years. However, I have decided to explore other academic and playing opportunities at this time.”

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  • AMI Visitor

    First, Michigan will be fine next year. They will have no problem finding someone to run the offense, whether it be Stu or DMo. As mentioned above, it does not take a Talor Battle or Kalin Lucas type player to run Michigan’s offense. As a part of this new development, we will be able to recruit for the future, not try and revamp the past. There are many good players in the ’10 Class that Michigan needs to actively recruit. If we can land 3 solid players in that class, this team will continue on their way to becoming a national powerhouse.

  • rlc

    I have to agree that in the long run it didn’t look good for Kelvin – each long-armed guard Beilein recruits means less playing time for 5’9″ speed guys. There will probably be a negative impact early next year – the Old Spice Classic and Duke games come up awfully early, sooner than Morris will have mastered the offense – but Beilein has already shown the ability to make do with the players he has. With luck he’ll be Darius the Great by the new year.

    Kudos to Grady (and Shepherd and Wright and Gibson…) for never being a distraction despite the team moving in a different direction.

  • GibsonFan

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Kelvin Grady’s departure allows just what we need- Zack Gibson transitioning to the point. Imagine a point guard that has the screen setting abilities of Gibson. He’s a one man show. Put it this way- the Big Ten will have a point gueard as the conference player of the year again next year, but this time it will surely be the Gibson factor.

  • Walt

    Kelvin Grady Sr (Kelvin’s dad) is quoted in the AA News Friday: “You have to be in the business for 25 years to understand why we made our decision, and that is all that I am saying”.

    This clearly echoes JB’s quote when he explained why Manny was benched, as well as other decisions.

    Even one of those under-the-basket mops would not clean up all the sarcasm dripping from that statement.

    I thought the Gradys were incredibly classy until I read that. Too bad they could not have left it as ‘difference in perspective’.