Recruiting Roundup: Class of 2009

Dylan Burkhardt

The five members of Michigan’s 2009 recruiting class have all wrapped up their seasons and their next destination is Ann Arbor. Here is a quick look at how they finished their seasons as well as how they may fit into the puzzle next year. Next, I’ll look at Michigan’s 2010 and 2011 targets and how they finished their seasons as well as what their recruitments look like at this point. Also, make sure to take a look at the recruiting videos section to see footage of Morris, Vogrich, Morgan, and McLimans.

Darius Morris

Darius MorrisDarius finished his season on a high-note with a State Championship. Windward rolled through the Division V State Playoffs without much resistance. Darius scored 25 points, dished out four assists and pulled down a game high eight rebounds in the 69-53 win over St Joseph’s.

Darius had a great season and led Windward to a 29-6 record. He has a skill set that was largely absent from this year’s team with his ability to penetrate. There is certainly room for another creator on the floor and it always seemed like the offense ran best when Manny was driving and kicking to wide open shooters. There is plenty of playing time available at the point now that Merritt and Lee have graduated but point guard is one of the hardest positions to step into as a freshman. I think it’s safe to say that Darius is the most important recruit of the class of 2009.

Matt Vogrich

vogirchI mentioned this a couple days back but Matt pulled in some very nice awards over the last couple weeks. He was named First Team All-State as well as Gatorade Player of the Year in Illinois.  Vogrich also finished the season with very good numbers: 21.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 steals per game. Matt became the all-time leading scorer at Lake Forest this season and helped them to a 23-4 record including a Conference and Regional Championship.

His three point shooting percentage (32%) has been the subject of some criticism but I think that’s a bit unfair. Vogrich is the guy on Lake Forest and he is called on to do a lot more than shoot jump shots, that almost guarantees that he isn’t getting the best looks. I will side with the scouts that watched him play over the last year, they describe his three point shot as nothing short of phenomenal.

At 6-foot-4 Vogrich will add another weapon to Michigan’s offense. He seems to have more penetrating ability than last year’s freshmen and can still stroke it. The biggest issue is that Matt is very skinny and will have to work on getting into Big Ten shape. There is also a lot of depth at the 2-guard: Douglass, LLP, and Novak can all play the two but I think we could see a little of Stu at the point as well Novak backing up the three.

Jordan Morgan

Jordan MorganIt was an up and down year for Jordan Morgan. Over the last few years it seems like Jordan will have a great game on one day and then be invisible the next.  The great games show the flashes of potential and make you understand what Beilein sees in Jordan but the bad games raise just as many questions.

Morgan had 28 points and 11 rebounds in a 85-82 district win over Southfield but U-D Jesuit’s season came to a close against Detroit Pershing. U-D has been in a constant struggle to get past the Doughboys but they fell just short to Pershing yet again in a three point loss ($).

The way this team needs size I find it hard to believe that Jordan won’t get a shot. Throw the ball out there and see who wants to battle down low next year — that’s who should play. With Sims, Gibson, Cronin, Morgan, and McLimans there are certainly more bodies, that’s a start but big men tend to be projects rather than instant impact guys.

Blake McLimans

blakeBlake wrapped up his season a while ago and production wise his season wasn’t much to write home about. It was a step up in terms of talent level for Blake, playing in NESPAC versus his old high school league, and that’s a tough transition. That’s also something that could help him down the road and make him more prepared to play at Michigan.

McLimans brings length and skill down low; he can dribble it pretty well and definitely shoot it.  Those are both traits that Beilein values so you can see why he got the offer. However I don’t know how effective he will be banging in the paint in the Big Ten without some added size. With the influx of big men I think at least one of them ends up red-shirting so Blake will certainly have some proving to do.

Eso Akunne (pref. walk-on)

Eso AkunneGabriel Richard lost to Inkster in the Class B regional final, 52-44. Akunne scored 17 points and pulled down eight rebounds in the loss which capped a remarkable season. Gabriel Richard finished 22-3 on the year and Eso finished 5th in Mr. Basketball voting.

The thing I love about Eso is that he has a mid-range game. Looking back at the season there is really no one that has a pull-up jumper on this whole team. Manny loves to take it all the way to the hoop, Peedi loves the turnaround jumper, but there is no one that can get in the lane, pull-up, and knock it down (coincidentally, Manny could really use some work on his mid-range game this summer). The problem with Eso is that he is still only 6-foot-3 and there’s nothing he can do about that. Over the course of his career I think Eso will be one of those guys that just finds his way onto the floor despite his size.

  • steve

    How about Thad Matta leaving for the UK job? A possibility?

  • FL Wolve

    Kelly will have to sit out a year if he transfers to another D1 school. All transfers do. Tyler Smith got some sort of funky exemption from the NCAA to enable him to play the following year. That was the exception and not the rule.

  • Tom Too

    Yep…medical/family reasons can get the exemption….

    The UK job will be Calapari’s if he wants it, then Travis Ford is the safety…. From what I’ve read, and it is probably the same as everyone else here, Pitino is very happy at Louisville. Haven’t seen anything on Matta and UK. Jay Wright loves Villanova and will stay…

  • Tom Too

    I forgot about the mad midget….

  • Not sure when coaches can contact H.S sophomores, but Coach Beilein should be all over LLP to get his little brother Patrick Lucas Perry to look at UM. PLP looked good at the Class B finals for Flint Powers.

  • Bill

    Patrick Lucas Perry

    He’s done nothing but get better all season. Also had 29 against country day. Plays hard with no fear.

    He should grow a little too but with his speed and quickness..

    Keep him here coach.

  • Redwings8831

    OT – Seth Curry is going to Duke.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Selling his soul to the Blue Devils. Sick.

  • Mith

    Good for MSU making the Final Four. The thought of 3 Big East teams was making me feel sort of barfy. I’d really enjoy seeing a MSU/Villanova final, it would guarantee I could be happy with the result. I hate UConn and only like UNC when they are playing Duke.

    Incidentally, I guess I must have grown up a little, because I don’t feel the State-hate that I always had during my younger years. I’m no fan of MSU of course, but I don’t mind seeing them win.

  • rlc

    Having Sparty reach the Final Four is of course a double-edged sword. On the one hand, more respect for the conference is good for all the teams in the Big 10. On the other hand, it’s not like MSU needs any more recruiting advantages in state…

  • AG2

    I don’t think I could survive an entire week of ESPN extolling the virtues of the Big East and the ACC vicariously through UNC and Seth Curry going to Duke. At least now they’ll have to talk about how they were wrong about a Big Ten team.

    If John Calipari leaves for Kentucky, expect John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, and Xavier Henry to all follow him. With those 3 and Calipari, Kentucky could go from NIT also-ran to preseason #1.

  • Tom Too

    Do we want Izzo to get the job at UK?

  • Gary

    Absolutely not! Great rivalries make for great basketball. Look at Duke and UNC. Do you honestly think that either team would be better off if the other was just a mediocre team? The rivalry builds interest in both schools on the national stage. Izzo is a great coach, something UM has been missing for a long time. That has changed and I hope that Beilein can bring the UM/MSU rivalry up to something like the Duke/UNC rivalry.

    Besides, no matter how you feel about MSU, you have to admire the brilliant way Izzo and MSU demolished Pitino (another of the best coaches in the game) and Louisville. I’d rather have coaches who can do that attracting attention to the Big 10, rather than another conference.

  • Tom Too

    Well put….

  • raiderfan

    FL Wolve- Kelly will not have to sit out a year as long as Iowa has no problem with where he transfers. His mother died in a plane crash last summer and he wants to go somewhere closer to his home. His father lives in Terre Haute, IN so he most likely will transfer to Indiana State. If Iowa has no problem with ISU, he will be PLAYING for the Sycamores next year.