Matt Vogrich Named Gatorade Player of the Year

Dylan Burkhardt
Matt Vogrich vs Zion BentonIt’s been a busy couple weeks for Matt Vogrich. Last week he was named to the Class 4A Illinois All-State team and this week he was named Gatorade Illinois Player of the Year.

The Gatorade Player of the Year award stresses both athletic and academy excellence and Matt definitely fits the bill.

The senior shooting guard led the Scouts to a 27-3 record and the Class 4A sectional semifinals this season, averaging 21.9 points, 7.2 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 steals per game. The 6-foot-4, 175-pound Vogrich shot 47 percent from the field, 77 percent from the free throw line and 32 percent from beyond the 3-point arc this winter.

Vogrich has maintained a 4.79 GPA on a 5.0 scale in the classroom. In addition to donating his time as a local youth basketball instructor, he has volunteered on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Public Action to Deliver Shelter and The ONE Campaign to fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease.

Judging by the previous winners it’s certainly a prestigious award, Michael Dunigan (Oregon), Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), and Jon Scheyer (Duke) — are certainly not bad company to keep. Congrats to Matt for the award and I know I speak for Michigan fans everywhere when I say that we can’t wait to get him on campus.

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  • SJWolv

    Is anyone else a litte concerned about 32% from beyond the arc? Douglass and Novak shot it better in high school I believe and they didn’t exactly light it up this season. Granted, they had some hot games but Oglesby shot 40% his freshman year. Brad Redford is a shooter as well and he hit 47% this year. Redford probably has some defensive deficiencies but you get the point…32% from 3 point range in high school doesn’t seem impressive to me. If Vogrich is the best shooter in the country according to Dave Telep then he should be hitting 40% from the high school line against high school players.

  • I think it’s really hard to be concerned about the percentages. Especially when the offense is being run through you and you take a lot of shots. I know in high school Stu took a lot of very difficult three point attempts as well — Matt may be in a similar situation.

    There we multiple reports of Matt hitting 7, 8, or more threes in an AAU game so he can clearly stroke it. He led his team this year to a conference championship and plenty of big wins, I’m not too worried.

  • Benjamin

    Congratulations to Matt Vogrich, John Beilein and U of M :)

  • Tom_McC

    Well SJWolv, the kid is named player of the year in Illinois, one of the best HS basketball talent producing states in the country and you are going to quibble over 3 point shooting %?

    Sheesh…u are a tough man to please.


    Yeah, I think some of those other guys you mentioned that shot 7 to 8 % better than Vogie, Stu, and Novak probably arrived at their numbers because their respected teams ran a much different offense. Vogie will be fine. Sounds like he can do a little bit more than JUST shoot 32% from three. And even from the pic Dylan provided, it looks like he is a battler, somewhat like Novak.

  • Dave

    thats a nice list of previous winners to be in the same sentence with….. not to mention he beat out people like brandon paul, chris colvin, joseph bertrand, amongst many other highly rated guys…….people that are rated much higher that vogrich

    should be interesting to see what he can do, however i just saw a picture of him and he is surprisingly slender…..15-20 lbs by next season sounds about right

  • E-double

    “He can hit 10 3-pointers in a game, and he can take it right down the lane and dunk on your head.” All I can say to that is fo-shizzle.


    WOW Edouble, that sounds like Lebron!!

  • UMDC

    That’s great!

    I don’t understand how he can win the player of the year award in a big state like IL and have gurus talk about him being the best shooter in the class and yet he’s only rated a borderline 3-4 star guy.


    Good point UMDC. Maybe its the competition he faces. If he is indeed the lethal shooter everyone claims he is, I would think he would be a solid 4 star at the very least.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy


    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Vogrich made a splash a bit late in the recruitment process. So, while he was initially looked over a bit more and likely given his star rating then, he stepped it up a bit in some of the camps more recently. That’s probably why he’s got a bit of a lower rating than what he deserves.

  • GregGoBlue

    Congrats to Matt! Certainly a prestigious award. It is such a relief to know that his talent will develop under Beilein, vs. watching Dion Harris and co. during their tenure in the Amaker years.

    It seems like Vogrich is distinctly in the mold (similar height, size and role as a 3-point shooter) of Novak and Stu. What does Beilein have up his sleeve recruiting three of the same guy in two years?

  • Mith

    I think Beilein can never have enough 3 pt shooters. They tend to be streaky, so the more you have the better chance one of them gets on fire. I’m excited about next year. I think Morris and Vogrich will contribute quite a bit and I expect we’ll see even better versions of Manny, Peedi, Novak and Douglass. I’m hoping we the pieces to be a legit B10 contender.

  • AC1997

    I’m thrilled that he won this award and optimistic about his opportunity next season. However, don’t confuse this award with the Mr. Basketball Award. Most people think he’ll be a distant 3rd or 4th from what I read. This award includes academics, where I think the Mr. Basketball award is based purely on athletics.

    The other guys on the All State teams seem to be ahead of him from a recruiting standpoint.

  • SJWolv

    I’m not quibbling over his 3 point percentage. Quibbling would be if I was complaining that he shot 37.8% vs. 37.9%. I’m just pointing out the fact that the best shooter in the country shot 32% from distance against high school defenses. It’s equivalent to a boxer with the strongest punch only having half of his victories via knockout, when other “punchers” have over 75% of their victories via knockout.

    I’ll make the assumption that he was a one man team and had to take some “bad” shots. It sounds like he shot well in AAU ball when he had a supporting cast.

  • Kenny

    Off topic, but anyone heard about Seth Curry is transferring out of Liberty. Will Beilein go after Curry if the transfer rumor is true.

  • Redwings8831

    He is transferring but would we even have a scholarship for him?

  • Other Matt

    Re: Curry, if he wanted to go to a high major that was out of scholarships, his father is a former NBA star. I would think that he could pay his own way for a year and then start on scholarship the year he was eligible.

  • Beast1530

    I don’t remember where I’ve read this but one expert named Matt Vogrich as the best shooter in the country.

    From what I seen from a very limited video, it seems like Vogrich is a one man team because his supporting cast aren’t all that great. It might explain his low 3 point shooting percentage because he’s being guarded by the opposing team’s best defender. You have to remember the fact that Vogrich is the tallest player on the team so he has to guard players who are usually taller than him. That can take a toll on your body on trying to guard bigger players.

    Can’t wait to see him on campus and I can’t judge if he’ll be a great player but I trust in Beilein that he is a good player who fits his system. Michigan will have 4 legit 3 point shooter(5 if you count Grady but he’s a bit streaky) on the team.

  • jmblue

    Are we sure the 32% figure is accurate? Maybe it’s a typo.

  • Upgrayedd

    I’m with SJWolv on this one, if the 32% number is right. That does seem low given his reputation and the fact that he is facing high school defenses. Even the 77 FT% seems low based on his reputation.

  • Kevin

    I agree they both seem a bit low, however the possible shot selection and guarding a bigger guy could explain part of it. It’d be interesting to look in to a little. What were Stu and Novak’s percentages in high school?

    Also, about Seth Curry. The chances are probably slim, but that would be crazy to think about in a couple years. His numbers are actually a little better than Stephan’s as a freshmen. I just get excited thinking about him and Manny two years from now. Although this I am obviously getting way ahead of myself.

  • Seth Curry will head to the ACC — my guess is Virginia Tech although I don’t know their roster situation.

    I think Zack was around 37% from three point range in high school and Stu was a little less (I seem remember having a similar conversation about Stu and percentage numbers).

    The difference with Matt is that he also has some of that penetrating ability that we know we need. It still remains to be seen but he has it in his game which is huge. I wouldn’t worry about Matt’s stroke, I’m more worried about him adding weight and strength before next year.

  • Giddings

    I seemed to remember discussing Stu’s percentage as well, but I just dug this up:

    Douglass, who averaged 10.0 points, 3.0 rebounds, 2.0 assists, and 1.0 steals per game while shooting 45% from the field and on three-pointers and 92% from the charity stripe, fell in love with the Maize & Blue immediately. A few months later he was shown exactly how he would fit into the puzzle and happily accepted a scholarship offer.

  • Yeah Giddings. I just checked too… They were both around 40%…

  • PSU beat Florida which further validates that the SEC sucks and the Big Ten is half way decent IMO.

  • Josh B

    Congrats to Matt on a winning this award, and a great senior season. Here’s some of my thoughts on Vogrich after watching him play this year:

    Vogrich will make his biggest impact offensively to start, with a skill set similar to that of Stu Douglass. He has good shooting touch, good range, and he sees the floor well. He makes sharp passes and often sets up his teammates for easy looks. In his senior season Vogrich truly became a scorer instead of just a shooter, and his game should continue to improve over the next 4 years. He has a solid mid-range game, scoring on pull-up jumpers and floaters in the lane. However, he does not possess elite athleticism and lacks the quickness to regularly “blow by” a defender.

    Defensively, Vogrich is going to need some serious work. A college strength program will help, but he is often in a poor defensive stance. He’ll need some fundamental work, especially with all the defensive switching that Michigan uses in the man-to-man.

    Looking short-term to the 2009-2010 Michigan season, Vogrich should be able to add depth behind Stu and LLP at shooting guard. Hopefully Vogrich (like Stu) learns he’ll have to improve defensively if he wants to see the floor consistently. He should fit nicely into the Michigan offense, especially with his 3-point shooting and good vision in the half-court. Vogrich does have some ability to score off the bounce (something Michigan definitely needs more of), we’ll have to see if he can do that against physical Big Ten competition.

  • DJ2

    I am a little concerned with the 3 pt shooting percentage, but it just shows how the bar has been lowered over the years as to what is “good.” For instance, both Stu and Zack shot 34% from beyond the arc this year and are talked about as being good 3 pt shooters. How about the ’98 team which also lost in the second round. Four players shot over 40%- Bullock 45, Smith 44 (limited attempts), Reid 42, and Conlan 41, and Ward shot 38%. But offense as a whole has dropped over the years with guys leaving early and everyone wanting to dunk.

  • Kenny

    While it is easier to explain the drop of Stu’s percentage beyond the arc from high school to college, it is hard to comprehend the drop of FT percentage from 92% to 70%.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    DJ2, keep in mind that the line has been moved back since the ’98 season. That, no doubt, impacts shooting %’s.

  • DJ2

    Ypsi – correct. However this is the first year it was moved back and according to Kenpom 3pt shooting for all teams was 33% this year and 34% last year, not a big difference. I’m just saying that shooting has fallen significantly over the years. But I guess if you still score more than the other team, you still win, and I’m looking forward to even more of those in the coming years for blue!

  • Sid

    DJ2, were other teams shooting as well as Bullock et al. around the conference/country in 1998 or before that? It’s an incredible number, which makes me think it’s a bit of an anomaly.

    Would also be interested in comparing attempts per game, as I get the feeling players/coaches today have far fewer qualms about letting it fly from beyond the arc, thus leading to lower percentages.

  • jbragg

    I go to liberty and have seen Seth curry play all year. I have also seen Michigan play all year as well and I think that he would be a unique fit for Michigan. He is a pretty solid defender and he can shoot from all over the gym. He can get open and make some great passes. Running the point is something that we could use him for especially since he would have to sit out a year and learn the offense. I personally think he will stay in the ACC maybe Virginia tech or wake forest. But if he went to Michigan I would be so stoked!!

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  • jon

    i go to his high school and whether or not is percentage is low you have to consider his role in the offense. He was lfhs’s only true offensive weapon and he shot some many threes that a percentage like that is that bad. Also if you conisider the fact that many of his threes were far behind the line and well contested then i would say that percentage is not to bad. I hope he has success as a college basketball player, but if he can’t get great looks i could see him only being a sub-par role player because of his body type. I hope the best for him and i hope im wrong but i think the people at UM are getting a little over-excited let him prove himself before you all piss your pants

  • paul aynilian

    i played in vogrich’s conference and guarded him, hes pretty versatile but i would be concerned about his ability to finish around the hoop when he competes against bigger, more athletic defenders

  • Chip

    32% from beyond the arc is true but what that does not reflect is the confidence and skill that Matt feveloped during the year working inside and taking it to the hole. This skill inside made it inpossible for his opponents to predict what he was going to do on any given possession and made him lethal. I saw eb=very one of his games this year and I am confident that he will be a huge part of the Michigan program for as long as he is there,