Friday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

I’m getting the preview wrapped up but for now here is some reading material.

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  • JimC

    Just want to give Ant some extra props…he looked good last night, let Sims rest & calm down in the first half, hit his 3 (somehow I missed it, did CBS not show it?) and had some strong boards.

    Heck, he even does it for the fans!
    “…This is for the team, the coaches, Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan, just giving back to the fans”

    This Bud’s for you Ant Wright.

  • rlc

    Wright’s shot must have happened during the “live look-ins” – it was 11-9 when they broke for commercial, 14-11 when they finally got back to K.C.

  • Tom Too

    If you think I feel sorry for #22 from Clemson, I do not…..

  • JimC

    Yeah i swear he was going to cry while he was still on the bench.

    There’s no crying in Basketball.

  • jgunnip

    Yeah, they were in a live-look in when Wright hit his three.

  • michmgoblue

    Heres a pretty good in depth preview from oklahoma.

  • MHC

    Interesting that the SoonersScoop site is only predicting a 67-64 win

  • AG2

    According to CBS, Manny Harris’ 3 point play at the end of the game won the Pontiac Game Changing Performance. I guess that means Pontiac will be making a $1,000 scholarship donation to Michigan. Assuming they can afford it.

  • Eric

    Great season, looking forward to next year. Anyone else not a fan of the student ticket policies? I’ve gotten tickets and attended every home game the past 2 seasons and I’m not guaranteed a bleacher ticket? I think that’s kind of lame.

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