UMHoops Bracket Contest

Dylan Burkhardt

I decided I would put together a bracket contest just in case people were interested. The winner gets a free copy of Basketball on Paper or a 1989 National Championship DVD.

It is hosted on Yahoo and the group is located here (ID# 160555) with no password. Enter Now.

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  • JimC

    Thanks Dylan.

    I should pick M to win it all, but I’m not going to.

  • gpsimms

    my friends and i have two pools. in one, you have to pick M to win it all.

  • a2matt

    I’ll definetly enter, but ya gotta check this out

  • gpsimms

    too bad espn’s evil empire put psu on espnU. looks like battle ran a clinic.

  • Other Matt

    So I checked out the Pomeroy and Saragin percentages in the bracket and I can’t figure out why everybody loves North Carolina so much. Maybe it’s the Kansas fan in me that has seen ol Roy come up short about 15 too many times, but seriously, shouldn’t everybody love Pitt or UConn more? I don’t really get it. Not that I care particularly, but our percentages are pretty bad.

  • raiderfan

    a2Matt, that is some funny s**t. Does anyone know how to check what games are on in your area? I live in Indy and am not sure if our game will be on here. Does Illinois play at 7 too? If so I would think that game would most likely be on here. That would be horrible.