Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

Here are a couple links to get the day going today. I’ll start looking at Clemson with a couple more posts later today.

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  • AG2

    Reading the link to the Clemson site they sound like they think they’re underrated and that Michigan is just happy to be there.

  • Avery Queen

    also curious why they think they have the best draw of 7 seeds? i personally would rather be lined up against any other 2.

  • ZRL

    Does anyone know if there are any good Clemson basketball blogs?

  • raiderfan

    Yeah Avery, I would think that outside of Memphis, Oklahoma is probably the toughest 2 seed. It sounds like they are taking Michigan pretty lightly, which I don’t seem to understand. Michigan plays awesome when they have time to prepare, and also when they play teams that are relatively close to their size. I definetly would not look past Michigan. I have to admit that when our name finally got called, I was a little emotional. The wait was worth it, and I couldn’t think of a more deserving team. This time has over come all odds and expectaions and are poised to make a tourney run. I have to give alot of credit to Mr. Jerry Dunn. Many do not know about what goes on with this team behind the scenes, but Jerry has done a tremendous job keeping this team together, especially the few players that don’t have the best relationship with JB. This has been an awesome year to be a Michigan basketball fan, especially after the football season. I hope we can win a few, but I honestly would be happy with a one and done. We achieved our goal and next year I see us as a top tier Big Ten team and one that could potentialy challenge for a Big Ten and possibly National Championship. Im getting ahead of myself but I love watching this team and however the season turns out, I couldn’t be more proud of them. And Dylan, that video is incredible man. I’ve probably watched it 50 times and I can’t see it enough!!!

  • raiderfan

    This is a pretty good Clemson blog

  • There should be a combo-feature with the OP/UMHoops coming up this week. I will also have a first impressions post about Clemson in an hour or two.

  • ZRL

    Thanks raiderfan. At first I thought this was a tough matchup but looking at it more and more I think we’ve got a great shot as long as our players are still hungry and aren’t satisfied just making it.

  • JimC

    So where’s the best place to watch this game Thursday? Will Crisler open up again? That would be fun.

  • Jay

    In Detroit preps news..Dashonte Riley is going to Syracuse. Hopefully we will get Amir in a few years, good luck D.

  • AG2

    The early line is Clemson -5.