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Dylan Burkhardt

Here is my video from inside Crisler. There were probably around 1500 people in there and it was a great event. I am pretty sure the fans, players, and coaches will remember it for a long time.

Michigan is headed to Kansas City with a 10 seed to take on Clemson.

Game time is 7:10 PM Eastern.

Ticket information has been released and there will be plenty of coverage throughout the week.

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    I mean Tom Also.

  • Avery Queen

    my buddy tells me 8:10 ET game time. now gotta figure out comcast.

  • Redwings8831

    According to Clemson’s scout.com, the game is at 7:10 EST.


  • steveo

    The game is at 7:10 p.m. They don’t usually start night games til 7ish. So we have the first night game, and Oklahoma game is after ours. Hopefully we’ll be out scouting them…

    I am so happy for this team and all of the long suffering fans who went to all the games these past 10 years. I think we can beat Clemson as long as we shoot well and take care of the ball (which is no easy task). I like our chances to at least win one game but this was a successful season.

    Go Blue!

  • Tom Too

    I am definitely going to the game…

  • Tweeter

    looks like 7:10 according to the bracket at ncaa.com

  • Tom Too

    At The Sprint Center
    Kansas City, Mo.
    Clemson (23-8) vs. Michigan (20-13), 7:10 p.m.
    Oklahoma (27-5) vs. Morgan State (23-11), 30 minutes following

    From NBC Sports….

  • gpsimms


    matchup, smatchup! we’re in fools! celebrate!

  • Avery Queen

    sorry mgoblue had it at 7:10 CT at first but they corrected it.

  • SWolv

    MGOBLUE says the game is 6:10 Central time. So 7:10PM eastern time game. That is riht from the front page.

  • Tom, Also


    Gets pretty shaky and wild, but I think it captured the moment.

  • AG2

    Golden State Warriors give up 154 points to Phoenix in a regulation game. Golden State subsequently applied for ACC membership.

  • Thanks for the video Dylan, Tom. I wish is was Chris in AA for a day. Still, it looks like it was a lot of fun! I saw coach B’s speech on the live feed and it was really nice. Here’s to at least one more game. Win or lose, dang these guys make me proud!

  • Tweeter

    Anyone see the shirts the team had on today? I heard that they were pretty sweet. Any idea where one can be acquired?

  • Tweeter: They were pretty sweet: “Michigan Basketball: A Brotherhood”. No idea where to get one.

  • These are the shirts but I don’t see a Michigan version or see them for sale on the adidas store.


  • Beast1530

    I am not liking the matchup with Clemson. They’re the type of team that will give Michigan a lot of trouble if they’re not careful. With Clemson’s playing style, Grady is key if JB ever let him on the court because Grady is the only player on the team who can handle full court press.

    Regardless, it’s great to see Michigan finally in the NCAA tourney. They’re ahead of the rebuilding curve and better days are still ahead.

  • Drew

    I really hope Beilein accepts the fact that Grady is going to have to play in this game.

  • Is it a bad thing if the first thing I thought of when I saw Clemson was on the screen was that all of my commenters were going to be discussing Grady ALL week?

    Just kidding of course… This site would be nothing without you guys.

  • Brick

    I don’t see how any message board posters can question JB’s decisions after he gets us to the tournament with his first recruiting class. The man is a genius as far as I’m concerned.

    If he needs Grady, he will put him in.

    I actually agreed with Bilas and his comment on our matchup. He just said it’s pretty simple; if Michigan makes shots they will win.

    I think we will handle the press OK, and our D has been solid lately. If we have a cold shooting night, we’ll be coming home early. If we have a 40% plus night from 3, we should see round 2.

  • Beast1530

    Brick, any teams who can make shots should win most games.

  • Nick


    It is just that this is especially true for Michigan. They dont do other things that win basketball games very well. Our opposition usually outrebounds us, so its imperative that we either win the turnover battle or shoot a high percentage.

  • rlc

    Yep, but some teams can win even when they’re shooting poorly. We can’t.

  • jgunnip

    oh great hockey plays alaska in the ccha playoffs friday at 8.

  • Jay

    Dear Avery..hate to burst your bubble but the “monster” I was referring to is Blake and hes 6’10..and saying I would rather play him then a team with 2 true bigs not necessarily OK. This is big for the program, I remember when Kruger finally got UNLV back to the tourney 2 years ago and how everything from enrollment, fans, and level of recruits has increased over the past 2 years. Its been along time coming

  • Mith

    Good point, Jay. The increased national exposure should hopefully aid in recruiting in the near future.

  • Avery Queen

    Jay I misread your first post and thought you wrote two big men like 6’9 and 6’7 instead of 7′. And 6’9 and 6’7 are what the Griffin’s are.

    However, while neither is particularly tall they are very physical and both would be a handful for Sims and Novak. I’ll give you that to compare to say Blair and Sam Young they don’t look quite as bad.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeV8ecADKG8

    Eric Puls jumps out of his shoe at the end.

    That is exactly how we all feel. Go Blue.

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  • Tom Too

    Really Fired Up This Morning! Is it Thursday Yet???

  • PeteM

    Does anyone have a sense as to how hard it will be to get tickets on the street for a first round game?

  • The sense of pride that we all are feeling today was a long time coming. I want to thank Coach B and all his staff and of course the players for this experience. I can see great things in the future for the football program sooner rather than later also.

  • ypsituckyboy

    Ticket sales at the conference tournament were terrible. I wouldn’t expect the NCAA Tourney tickets to be too hard to come by. The average fan is broke these days.

  • Dylan

    The game is sold out to the public but I would expect a lot of Kansas fans to be selling.

  • Beast1530

    Nick, Clemson is outstanding in rebounding on the offensive end and Michigan doesn’t rebound the ball very well. They can shoot the ball pretty well. Clemson is very good at forcing turnovers and it’s a result of a full court press. Like I said, if Michigan are not careful, it could get ugly real quick. Michigan typically don’t turn the ball over but they tends to turn the ball over more when they play a team that likes to play aggressive full court press rather than passive full court press.

    I’m worried about Clemson and Clemson is underseeded at #7. They lost in the 1st round last year and they tends to win the next year if they’re a higher seed.

  • Beast1530

    I can seriously see USC upsetting MSU. USC has been playing well and DeMar DeRozan is starting to live up to the hype. USC is a very dangerous team.

  • JimC

    Anyone have Beilein’s interview with Gumbel/CBS at about 5:45?

    Couldn’t hear any of it at Crisler.

  • Jon

    We will have high demand for our tickets, but Morgan St. and Clemson won’t. We and Oklahoma will eat up all their tickets…checked craig’s list and ebay too, and tickets are going at/under face after neither kansas or missouri was selected. Tickets will not be a problem, especially on gameday, where great values are to be found.

  • Kevin

    What if we ended up being matched with West Virginia…that would’ve been fun.

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