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Dylan Burkhardt
John Beilein's Weekly Press Conference: March 9, 2009


Viewers Guide

Really just one big game on the bubble today, here is the quick viewers guide.

  • Cleveland State at Butler – 9PM ESPN
    Root for Butler to win the conference title so they don’t snatch an extra at-large bid.
  • Georgetown at St. Johns – 2PM
    Georgetown still has that gaudy RPI and a nice set of quality wins, St. John could end any NCAA tournament dreams in the first round of the Big East tournament. Yeah, I know this game is almost over…
  • Oakland vs. North Dakota State – 8 PM ESPN2
    Go Golden Grizzlies! Neither of these teams would warrant an at large bid but Michigan did play Oakland and it would be great to see the local program in the dance.
  • DePaul beat Cincinnati earlier today which I think hurts Providence a bit. The Friars miss a chance at another top 100 win and have nothing to gain with a win over DePaul. The Louisville game in the quarterfinals will be Providence’s chance to make a statement.
  • AG2

    I’ve heard that Greg Kampe at Oakland U doesn’t think very highly of Michigan. Hasn’t he said before that he considers Oakland the 2nd best basketball program in the state?

  • And Quincy Roberts hits the free throws to put away Georgetown. Georgetown has to be one of the most disappointing teams this year. A team that was top 10 for a little while and is loaded with talent ends up with a 16-14 record and loses two of their last three teams to a bad St. Johns team… Yikes.

    Off topic but it looks like a certain Mr. Lubick might be taking a bit of a leap of faith himself…

  • Chad Jones

    Is Michigan in still if they lose to Iowa, seems like all the experts said they were a lock, now people are questioning if they get in with a loss.

  • They could, but I don’t think it is smart to risk it. The whole situation is so fluid that I think it is hard to call anyone on the bubble a lock.

    If Michigan loses to Iowa it will be a loooong weekend until Selection Sunday.

  • JimC

    It depends how many automatic bids are won by bad teams, and how other bubble teams do this week.

    My impression at the moment is: 80% chance M is IN.
    If M beats IA, it’s more like 98%, if they lose, it’s more like 50%.

    Others might have more accurate probabilities…

  • Beast1530

    You can safely say good bye to Cincy and Georgetown if their bubbles haven’t been burst last week.

  • Tom Too

    I wish JB would talk as if they were trying to win the tourney…that would be nice.

  • Fab54ever

    Lets go Butler tonight. As for the Oakland game, wow that should be fun to watch North Dakota St. can flat out play 25-6. Ben Woodside is fun to watch the kid is a scoring machine.

  • Mith

    JImC, I think you’re pretty much right, but I’d make that 98% a 100%.I can’t imagine them not making it.

    If they lose to Iowa, I think it probably is a 50-50 kind of deal.

  • AG2

    I don’t know who will win the Summit League, but I have a feeling it is going to be a high scoring game. Both teams can score, and Oakland’s defense is terrible.

  • Redwings8831

    Oakland up 20-10 with 13:33 left in the 1st half.

  • Beast1530

    If you want to watch Oakland/NDSU game, go to ESPN360.com to watch it. It’s free if you have ESPN account(don’t have to be ESPN insider).

  • Mith

    Sadly, that only works if your ISP is ESPN-360 enabled. My Comcast service apparently isn’t.

  • Redwings8831

    Oakland up 51-42 with 14:42 left in the 2nd half.

  • Avery Queen

    i love jb’s demeanor in media interviews. but i didn’t follow what he said about how iowa plays butler defense as if they aren’t guarding you but really are? does this just mean they don’t really extend much and kinda play in a shell?

    suppose i could actually pay attention to the butler game and figure it out.

  • j

    butler is up…everything is lookin good so far for umich and the bubble in general

  • Oakland is blowing their NCAA bid down the stretch.

  • Redwings8831

    Oakland lost by 2. Woodside hit a shot with 3.3 seconds left to win for NDSU.

  • Beast1530

    what a shot by Oakland. what a shot.

  • AG2

    What a tough break, blowing a 8 point lead with less than 5 mins left with a trip to the tournament on the line.

    Maybe if Oakland didn’t have to keep playing the Summit League tournament on the road. Last year I believe it was in Tulsa wasn’t it?

  • Beast1530

    whoops, meant to say NDSU. lol

  • Manny Fresh

    I like that most of the mid-majors let the team with the best record host the tournament. NDSU was first in the Summit League at 16-2.

    It puts more emphasis on the regular season

  • AG2

    I thought South Dakota State hosted the tournament this year. Still much friendlier to NDSU than Oakland. Just like last year when Oakland lost to Oral Roberts when they hosted the tournament in Tulsa.

  • Giddings

    Oh well, would have been nice to see Oakland get in but this Butler game is 10x more important to us. Let’s go Bulldogs!

  • gpsimms

    wow, just read the prospectus article trashing the big ten. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been watching a lot this year, but I think there is parity and the conference is real good this year.

    Dylan, do you think crappy IU just inflated everyone’s records? I feel like NW, the one big ten team not dancing, could make a run in the NIT. All the dancing B10 teams, seem to have run potential in them…

  • Matt Vogrich and Lake Forest lost tonight to Warren, 66-45, after being tied at the half. Paul had 29 and 11, Vogrich 15 and 8. Disappointing finish to an impressive season for Lake Forest.

  • gpsimms: Yea, I disagree with the Big Ten bashing for sure, and I’ve watched quite a bit of Big Ten basketball this year.

    Big Ten Geeks has a good response here, http://www.bigtengeeks.com/2009/03/haterade.html.

    You can say the Big Ten records are boosted by Indiana but what about DePaul, Rutgers, South Florida… What about Georgia Tech? Georgia and Arkansas? Oregon?

    I think the Big Ten is definitely a deep conference there is certainly parity. One bad team doesn’t change that. Big Ten teams went out and beat people in the non-conference season as well. And I’m going to be rooting for Big Ten teams in the dance, we’ve got some proving to do.

  • AG2

    I mean it should be obvious that the Big Ten is good not just because of parity but because of the huge non conference wins.

    And for the record, I can’t think of a single team mascot more hideous than the Butler Bulldog. Seriously.

  • Giddings

    Seriously, if you’re going to say that one conference is better or worse than the others, the thing you should focus on is PERFORMANCE IN THE NON-CONFERENCE SEASON. All these “analysts” and bloggers think that if Big Ten games are typically scored in the 50-60s and Big East games are scored in the 70-80s, then the Big East MUST be better!

    The thing I love about the RPI is that it is immune to perception… and sure enough, the Big Ten has been #1 or #2 in the RPI for the whole year. Show me a league with better non-conference wins than the likes of Duke, UCLA, Louisville, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Miami, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Butler, Kansas State, Notre Dame, etc…

  • Redwings8831

    Cleveland State up 4, 52-48 with 8:03 left.

  • AG2

    This is SO like Butler to choke away a Horizon League tournament final. I would think that if Butler loses, a Mountain West team would lose their bid.

  • IX

    Yea, good point AG2, this will probably hurt the Mountain West the most because they’re hoping for 4 bids, maybe even 5. I’d like to see 2 of those MWC teams lose early.

    Cleveland State hung with Butler at Butler all game till the end a couple weeks ago. This isn’t a shocker, but Butler usually comes through in the title game. Lets see how this one ends.

  • IX

    Anyone want to provide a play-by-play of what’s happening in the CSU/Butler game right now?

  • gpsimms

    Man, i can’t wait to see the big ten perform in the tournaments…i really think they’ll turn some heads, and one of the most exciting prospects is how sustainable this level of play seems to be:

    our worst team is a team that is 95% certain to becomes one of the conference’s ‘elite’ programs.

    wisconsis, msu, osu, purdue, and illinois are all upper-tier programs with good coaches who aren’t going anywhere, they can defintely maintain their current level of play.

    michigan, minnesota and indiana each have top level coaches and umich and IU, particularly, have names that can return them to the elite level.

    Even northwestern and iowa will probably always have talent deficiencies to overcome, but certainly have coaches who run systems that ‘even the playing field’

    I think the golden age of the big ten is beginning in hoops, so to speak. we beat the ACC next year in the challenge, you heard it here first.

  • AG2

    And Cleveland State with the steal with 14 seconds left! Uh-Oh!

  • And the bubble shrinks…. Cleveland State wins.

  • IX

    All the more reason to win Thursday, and win big. Don’t even let Iowa in the game.

  • Giddings

    Well, let’s just beat Iowa on Thursday… please! All of this becomes a moot point if we do.

  • Jon

    CSU should be a 12. Played really well this year.

    At this point, we are on the high side of the bubble, so lets just take care of business on thursday and let the worries subside. If I’m providence, now I’m scared, since the field just shrank and they lost a meaningful game today when Cincinnati went down.

  • IX

    If CSU were to pull a 13 seed, I can really see them upsetting a not-so-great 4 seed. The Horizon league is one of the best mid-major conferences and CSU played pretty well this year, including shocking Syracuse @ the Carrier Dome on a long, last-second buzzer-beater.

    If we don’t win Thursday, I’m really starting to think we will miss the tournament. Depends on what happens with the rest of the bubble teams though.

  • ypsituckyboy

    The scary thing about the Big Ten this year is that most of their best players are sophomores, as the All Conference Team makes clear. Moreover, many of the best role players on the top teams are young as well. They may not do great this year in the tournament, but they’re all coming back. It’s gonna be a wild year next year, and I really think they will win the B10/ACC Challenge for once. We’ll get a preview of it come tourney time, when we can stack up records by conference.

  • acedeuce

    Talk about a choke job by Butler, 4 missed shots and 2 really costly turnovers over the last 3 minutes. At least tie the game for Pete’s sake!

  • If you play Butler in the tourney you better take away that bail out pass to the baseline. Cleveland State finally did and they got the easy steal. Hayward was going to that a lot, not sure the kids name who did it at the end.

  • Tom Too

    My wife is watching America’s Top Model right now, so it tough to concentrate on only one bubble right now…

  • jgunnip

    I think Butler is badly overrated. I love their program but they are not a top 25 team this year. They have an impressive win on the road at Xavier but other than that, there’s nothing that stands out. I don’t see them getting out of the first round this year with their lack of experience.

  • AG2

    I agree that Butler is terribly overrated. I would love to face them in the first round, especially in light of the way they torched Michigan last season in Alaska.

    And I still think they have the most hideous mascot in all of sport.

  • The automatic bid should go to the regular season champ in these small conferences. The best team should get the bid, not an inferior team that just gets lucky and pulls the upset. I hate to see near .500 teams from terrible conferences going to the tournament over a vastly superior high major team. I like the small school feel in the tournament and this would not be lost by taking the regular season champ.

  • JimC

    Michigan (10) vs Butler (7) in Dayton…that’s Jerry Palm’s bracket today.

    And the B10 has 8 bids, while the ACC & Big East have 7. So there’s some respect!