Recruiting Roundup (3-9-09)

Dylan Burkhardt

A lot of Michigan targets have wrapped up their seasons or didn’t play this week so this is an abbreviated version of the recruiting roundup. If someone is not on the list, don’t mistake it as a sign that there is no longer any mutual interest or anything like that.


Darius Morris

Darius scored 16 points in a 72-62 win over La Verne Lutheran in the Division V-A Southern Sectional title game despite battling an ankle injury over the last couple weeks.

Windward gets back to work in the State Tournament tonight against Mission Prep. The full state tournament bracket can be found here (Windward is in Division V).

Matt Vogrich

Lake Forest won their regional after a 55-43 win over Stevenson that followed a 67-46 win over Barrington. Vogrich had 19 points in both victories.

“We have been motivated all season by people picking against us,” said Vogrich, who contributed 19 points and 7 boards. “Other people picked Zion to win the sectional and didn’t think that we deserved the top seed, but here we are.”

Lake Forest will take on Warren and Illinois bound Brandon Paul tonight at Waukegan High School. The teams split the first two match-ups and they were both settled in overtime. Vogrich got the best of Paul in the last battle but tonight’s game will determine who gets the last laugh.

Jordan Morgan

morgan-trapJordan Morgan had a big game in a 85-82 win over Southfield and 2011 Michigan target Carlton Brundidge. Morgan had 28 points and 11 boards while Brundidge scored 33 points.

Eso Akunne (pref. walk-on)

Eso had 22 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists in a 74-53 win over Chelsea in the district semi-finals. Despite the solid numbers, Eso called it his worst game of the year.

2010 Recruits

Casey Prather

Prather’s season came to a disappointing end in a 70-68 loss to Dyer County. Prather struggled with foul trouble the whole game, he picked up three fouls in the first six minutes and only scored 1 point in the first half. Casey came alive in the second with 16 points but it just wasn’t enough. Prather was called for a charge with 28 seconds left while the Indians were down 1 and later missed his final attempt.

“I felt like I should have been at the line,” Prather said. “But it should have never come down to one play.”

Alex Dragicevich

Dragicevich had 33 points and 13 rebounds in a 73-58 regional final win over Evanston.

“I was open, so I took some shots tonight,” Dragicevich said. “We’re getting better on defense. All five guys are participating. We were attacking Evanston’s traps and zone tonight, which resulted in a lot of back-door layups offensively.”

Devin Oliver

SPT KCentral Hoops 02_26 OliverOliver had 14 points in a recent win over Battle Creek Central.  A couple of weeks ago he also had a big game against Loy Norrix when he scored 20 points and got a number of steals.

“I look at the players eyes to see where he’s going to throw the ball,” Oliver, who scored a game-high 20 points to go along with a handful of steals. “I act like I’m not going to go — and then I anticipate and go get it.”

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  • JimC

    Good info.

    Can someone explain Akunne’s “preferred walk-on” status?
    I noticed he was like a top 5 prospect in the state, so could easily get scholarships elsewhere.

  • Eso is a tweener. 6-foot-3 guy that kind of plays inside and at least on the wing, not really a guard. He has MAC offers (Michigan directional schools) but not many high major offers and right now he is planning to walk on at U-M and there has been talk of a scholarship down the road.

    If a high major comes calling with an offer… Then it would get interested. That will basically be his status until he enrolls at U-M because there is no paper work or anything like an LOI.

  • Adam

    I think Eso is going to be a contributor at Michigan. He just knows how to play the game. However, I doubt any high majors will offer because his deficiencies haven’t changed a bit. Coaches are reluctant to offer because like Dylan said Eso is a major tweener. He plays like a forward but has a guard’s body.

  • Beast1530

    You know that you’re good when you scored 22 points, haul in 8 rebounds and dish out 8 assists and you call it your worst game.

  • off topic here, but warrennolen now has UM in. That was the one bracket, that im aware of, who had UM out.

  • Giddings

    Yeah, Warren Nolan and Joe Lunardi both took Saint Mary’s out of their brackets today after that putrid performance last night in the WCC Championship. All the Gaels had to do was play a competitive game against Gonzaga (they didn’t even need to win, really) but instead they get blown out by 25. Definitely good news for the bubble.

  • steve

    Izzo was there watching Brundidge. Beilein was not. Not good.

  • The sky is falling! Michigan has been on Brundidge hard and he’s been at plenty of Michigan games. I would think it is a pretty good guess that Beilein has been at games Izzo hasn’t been at and vice versa.

  • Adam

    Mike Jackson was there though. Brundidge is 2011 so there is time. I put 2010 in priority right now.

  • El Capitan

    Beilein was on the recruiting trail last night because he wasn’t at the radio show… anyone know who he saw? Karsch said he watched two games, but they wouldn’t say who he was watching (or where, for that matter, but I figured it was somewhere local).

  • Merlin

    Beilein was recruiting Horford at Grand Ledge

  • First time poster!

    Devin Oliver is my nephew and yes I am proud of him. See the link for his best game of the year at Muskegon Heights. He finished with 24/12, including 3/4 shooting 3’s. He is a 6-5 swing man that grew about 6″ in the last year – he played point guard up until the growth spurt so he has excellent handles and is very unselfish with ball.

    He has huge upside potential and I hope Coach B. keeps up with his growth as a player (I think he has the potential to be Manny II).

  • AG2

    Note Warren Nolan still thinks Kansas State is in. His bracket is still kinda silly. I know RPI isn’t the be-all end-all but you almost never see major conference teams in the Top 50 miss the cut.

  • There are usually a couple teams in the top50 that miss the cut. I believe Michigan was in the top 50 in 06 when they missed the dance.

  • Jay

    Dylan, I know this doesnt go here but I’ve been wondering how your or other UM fans think we would have been with Ekpe in the rotation this year. I know hes gone, and its the past but nobody expected this team to be this good..and our key weakness probably was a low post defender or presence. It would of been interesting to see him in the fold, and to alleviate Peedi playing the 5 every game also.

  • I think it is a mixed bag Jay. Yes we would be better in terms of interior defense but I’m not sure Peedi would have been as successful offensively. I think playing the five has allowed Peedi to play down low a lot more and force him to really work on his post game. Not to mention the vast improvement in rebounding.

  • Paul

    Those rebound/put backs were Deshawn’s bread and butter. Nice little turn around jumper too. Im hopeing Jordan Morgan and Blake Mclimans can help down low next season.

  • Kenny

    Dr. S, thanks for the information. For every recruits, we need a uncle like you.

    Many questions, since Oliver is from Kalamazoo, what is the chance that he will attend UM without a basketball scholarship. Is he playing 2 or 3, how is his shooting and ability to penetrate and finish. Any video clips on YouTube?

  • Dave

    it would have been real nice to have udoh against ohio state and probably wisconisn

  • jgunnip

    Joe Sheehan over at BP has a pretty large bubble, but we’re at the top of it, ahead of Ohio St and Wisconsin.

  • jmblue

    What’s up with Sheehan calling us the “Big 11”?

  • Beilein was in Grand Ledge, a good decision since he won’t be able to seen Horford play another game until July:

  • JimC

    Wondering who we’re pulling for/against now…

    I know we want Butler to beat Cleveland State.
    Any other bubble action we want today or tomorrow?

  • Beast1530

    Cincy fall to DePaul. wtf. That put them out off the bubble if they haven’t already.

    St. John’s winning over Georgetown. Not sure if Georgetown’s bubble already has been burst but we’ll say they’re still on the bubble team for the time being.

  • BigPoppa212

    Hey just wondering if you think Michigan is looking at anyone from West Michigan? Thanks

  • BigPoppa: Devin Oliver from Kalamazoo to start with.

  • Bluebufoon

    Anyone heard anything recently about where U-M stands with Trey Ziegler
    ?? It sounds like U-M is in good shape with Will Regan and Alex Dragicevich– does Michigan wait on Ziegler because he’s in-state
    or do they tell Ziegler, Casey Prather and Tim Hardaway Jr., we have one scholarship left, first come first serve ?

  • Josh B

    Just finished watching the Lake Forest-Warren game, a 66-45 loss for Lake Forest and Matt Vogrich. My opinions of Matt Vogrich mostly echo what has been said on this site previously. Vogrich will make his biggest impact offensively to start, with a skill set similar to that of Stu Douglass. He has good shooting touch, good range, and he sees the floor well. He made a number of sharp passes setting up his teammates for easy looks. Vogrich was guarded man-to-man most of the night, and he did a nice job of driving throughout the game. However, he does not possess elite athleticism and was not quick enough to “blow by” his defender. He drew a number of hand-check fouls while driving, but struggled in getting to the free throw line.

    Defensively, Vogrich is going to need some serious work. A college strength program will help, but he was often in a poor defensive stance and misplayed a couple defensive switches. In general, Lake Forest was out of synch defensively, leaving Brandon Paul wide-open on a couple possessions.

    Vogrich scored 15 points, while having one of his worst shooting games of the year.

    Brandon Paul had 18 points at the half, finished with 29 and was the best player on the floor all night. Paul’s ability to physically dominate was the difference in the game. He was able to get the shots that he wanted, both inside and outside. I would have liked to see Vogrich demand the ball like Paul did, but I also would have liked Lake Forest to look for Vogrich more often.

    It’s a shame Lake Forest’s season had to end with a mild upset loss, but Matt Vogrich and the entire team should feel great about a very successful season.

    Looking short-term to the 2009-2010 Michigan season, Vogrich should be able to add depth behind Stu and LLP at shooting guard. Hopefully Vogrich (like Stu) learns he’ll have to improve defensively if he wants to see the floor consistently. He should fit nicely into the Michigan offense, especially with his 3-point shooting and good vision in the half-court. Vogrich won’t get to the line 8 times per game like Manny, but he has the ability to score off the bounce (something Michigan definitely needs more of).

    Overall, Matt Vogrich should add backcourt depth immediately, and I’m very excited to see him develop as a player under John Beilien. In his senior season Vogrich truly became a scorer instead of just a shooter, and his game should continue to improve over the next 4 years.

  • sam