All-Big Ten Teams Announced

Dylan Burkhardt

Manny Harris was named to the first team by both the coaches and the media along with Evan Turner, JaJuan Johnson, Talor Battle and Player of the Year Kalin Lucas.

DeShawn Sims was named to the second team by the media and the third team by the coaches.

Congrats to both Manny and DeShawn. Click here for the full list.

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  • Paul

    Yeah, I heard Manny got the honor. I was listening on the radio (1050 am) and Manny found out at a pizza place. Huge cheer went up for him. He had no idea. That how important Manny is to the wolverines.

  • rlc

    Same 15 players on both teams – the media swapped Peedi and Cornley for Davis and Landry.

    The first team is all sophomores…

  • msuh8r

    Congrats to Manny. Deshawn deserved better (at least second team on both polls), but congrats to him as well.

  • Avery Queen

    izzo for best coach? i mean sure but why not reward one of the little guys after a season like this.

  • raiderfan

    I have no problem with Izzo winning coach of the year. I mean they won the big ten by 4 games. The other coaches that turned their respective teams around also deserve alot of credit, but Izzo by far deserved the honor. As for Deshawn, it is an absolute shame that he was put on the 3rd team for the likes of Mike Davis and Jemelle Cornley. Deshawn put this team on his back down the stretch and without him, we are a .500 team at best. Yes Manny is our best player, but I think Deshawn is our most important. Unless they’re in the weight room (Cornley or the next Antonio Gates I should say), Peedi had a much better statistical season than both of those 2 and even JaJuan Johnson. Also, if they put Lewis Jackson on the all-freshman team why not Novak or Douglass. Both of them have put up just as good, if not better, numbers thatn Jackson.

  • 3rd team Coaches for DeShawn…what were they thinking??? Obviously they haven’t watched Michigan’s last three games..

  • michman

    Can someone please tell me what everyone got… who got poy and such… i cant go to that website because it LAGGGGSS my computer… THX

  • oldblue

    DeShawn was so clearly our most important and most consistent player all year. Anyone who watched us would have to put him above Manny. Manny is more brilliant in spurts, but DeShawn was our rock. He should have been first team instead.

  • DeShawn was important but I don’t know that he should have taken Manny’s spot. DeShawn had his off games too and Manny’s numbers are VERY impressive.

  • raiderfan

    I agree Dylan, Manny definetely got what he deserved. He is our best player and can change a game without scoring points. He is a talent that only comes along every once in a while.

  • gpsimms

    congrats to manny and deshawn, though deshawn probably deserved better. an aside, i missed the gonzaga/st mary’s halftime, did they say michigan was one of the must win first round teams? or any other b10 team?

  • AG2

    I want to know what everybody thinks about Manny Harris in comparison to Daniel Horton. Personally I think Manny is much better all around. I also can’t help but feel like Horton quit in that BTT game vs. Minnesota in 2006.

  • Different type of player. And Horton was a much better leader on the court; maybe Manny will grow into that role but I doubt it. Horton was better defensively and shot the 3 better. Manny is more of a natural scorer, by far. Horton was more consistent than Manny, and even as a young player, he didn’t have those “freshman moments” like Manny did.

    Two great players either way. I’d definitely take either one on my team any day.

  • blueblitz

    Sims making 3rd team? Whatever…I hope this angers Deshawn this weekend.

  • AG2

    I’m not sure you can say that Horton was that consistent. I distinctly remember he was not immune to the 0-10 and 0-11 shooting nights that Ron Coleman and Dion Harris had. I think Manny’s ability to drive to the basket will make sure he never has one of those nights.

  • Dave

    gpsimms penn state was the only b10 team mentioned at needed to win first round btt

  • Daniel Horton was very very good his freshman and senior years. I loved that kid and he carried this team a long way. The middle of his career was a bit disappointing with the injuries and legal problems but there is no denying that he was very good.

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying Manny doesn’t have “those nights” either, he certainly has had some.

    In the end I think they are different players and both special players too. If Manny stays all four years he will really be something.

  • Drew

    I too was a HUGE Daniel Horton fan when he was in A2. But I would beg to differ about him being a better defender. Manny gets so many deflections and steals, and I think rebounding is certainly a part of defense, and Manny is one of the best rebounding guards I have ever seen. Most of the time Horton could really stroke it though, and was a competitor. I will never forget the game against Illinois when they had Dee and were highly ranked and he went off for 38 or 39. Man I thought we were dancing that year… haha.

  • Drew: Yup… After that game the Daniel Horton quote… “We’re in”… Ooops :-(

  • Giddings

    That quote still haunts me… I’m soooo glad that Manny or Peedi or anyone else hasn’t said anything like that this year.

  • Erik

    To me, Horton was a 2 guard/combo guard forced into PG duty. Manny is able to play his natural position. I think that really limited Horton.

  • Acedeuce

    Horton’s “we’re in” was the college equivalent of Tracy McGrady for Oralndo saying how good it is to be in the second round. Guess it’s fitting that this might be the year to break both of those streaks.

  • Drew, here’s the thing..Horton is also two inches shorter than Manny and was playing the point, Manny is getting more rebounds this year because he’s playing as a forward, closer to the basket on defense than Horton ever did. This isn’t to demean Manny as a rebounder, but come on, Horton was 20 feet away from the basket nearly every time down on D.

    Also, talk about steals, Horton averaged almost half a steal more (1.7 to 1.35) per game than Manny, and he’s second all-time in steals in school history…and missed all that time as Dylan alluded to earlier. Again, this isn’t to slight Manny because he has improved, but he’s not in the same class as Horton was on that end of the ball.

  • And Dylan, you’re right..Manny could wind up being All-Big Ten first team three times and he has the second team nod last year. 2000+ career points. Hopefully three NCAA Tournament appearances. Definitely would have to be considered one of the greats if he ends up staying all four years. He’s going to stay at least three.

  • Goran Suton, LOL!

  • Drew

    Michael: I wasn’t trying to say Manny was better just because of his rebounding, only that it’s a big part of his contributions on defense.

  • jgunnip

    No surprise the coaches voted Sims to the 3rd team. They typically award players on teams that finished higher in the conference standings. If Sims lead the league in rebounding he’s probably on the 2nd team but I think he finished third or forth. Mike Davis had a great year for Illinois. Look how are they came from last year. They deserve a guy on the first two teams. Same with Cornley.

    Tim Doyle ranted tonight on the BTN on how Turner should have won MVP. I agreed with him but again, you can’t really argue against the best player on the best team being award MVP.

  • Avery Queen

    yeah horton as a freshman was great. i think he had a better knack for finishing than manny and a slightly better jump shot but definitely didn’t get the boards. and then when you play for amaker you don’t get better, plus there was his off court stuff so i guess i’d take manny.

  • JimC

    Bill Carmody should’ve gotten a little more love, because as you know Northwestern usually stinks.

  • Tom, Also

    I would say that Horton is a much better on-the-ball defender and Manny is better at playing the passing lanes and rebounding (obviously some of that has to do with his size).

    Drew you mentioned the Illinois game. Not only did DH completely go off for 30+, but he completely locked down Dee Brown. It was an amazing defensive effort and several times during that game I remember myself saying “Dee Brown can’t do anything with Horton guarding him”. Easily one of the best games I’ve attended and one of the best individual performances I’ve seen.

  • Cassie

    I’m happy that JuJuan Johnson got on team 1. He deserved it the way he stepped up his game since last year. GO PURDUE!!!!

  • msuh8r

    At this point, Ill take Manny over Horton. Horton showed little improvement over four years (partially Amakers fault). And Ill never forgive Horton for the off the court stuff his junior year when we were doing good and he got suspended. Im not sure what Michael was talking about above when he said Horton was a better on the court leader, I couldnt disagree more.

    Manny could have left before he ever came here, but he stuck around. I dont think heart or leadership could be compared. That being said, I think Horton knows he messed up, he was a great player, and he did what he could do to make up for the mistakes.

  • Horton’s senior year was special (until the very end I suppose). I will always love that kid because he came to Michigan while we were under sanctions. Kid is true blue and yes he made some mistakes but he really went through some tough times. That Illinois game that was referenced above was definitely special.

    In hindsight, it is easy to say Manny but a lot of that is because we expect (rightfully so) a lot of special things from Manny that are still to come. We thought the same thing about Daniel early in his career.