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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Ken in Vegas

    CBS just listed there 4 bubble teams that are in and their 4 bubble teams that our out, and Michigan wasn’t on either list. Hopefully that means they aren’t even considered a bubble team anymore. It was interesting to see Northwestern on the Bubble Teams In list.


    Yeah Ken, Im thinking that most media sources are considering us IN the tourney, therefore we dont see UM in any of these bubble conversations. Im thinking also that if we do lose on Thursday we will still be ok, however we cant lose by much more than 15(which we wont)

  • Avery Queen

    so i’ve changed my mind. go wildcats so i don’t have to dvr thursday.

  • Alex

    will a NW win boost M’s rpi?

  • JimC

    I guess it could boost the RPI.

    Looks like we’re playing IA Thursday, 2:30, on ESPN2, if 7 seed holds.
    (5:00pm is the 6-11 seed game.)

  • AG2

    If OSU loses, could NW take their bid? I would love nothing more than for OSU to go to the NIT again. I hate ohio state. I hate thad matta. I hate bj mullens, I hate value city arena, I hate all their 5 star recruits. I hate their stupid prototype nike uniforms.

  • Avery Queen

    yeah a loss to minnesota and i think theyd be in serious trouble

  • IX

    The 8/9 game may very well be a play-in/play-out game, especially if NW defeats O$U.

  • Avery Queen

    maybe some march madness magic right here?

  • Avery Queen


  • AG2

    All right, then. Guess its time we start preparing for Iowa.

  • Acedeuce

    unfortunate. NW has more heart than any 5 star buck could ever have. Northwestern will be tough in the tourney and could be good next year if they stay focused.

  • amfm

    It’s kind of strange….I would rather play Indiana than Iowa on Thursday. I wanted it to happen thanks to a Northwestern win at Ohio State. But that didn’t happen… So now for us to play Indiana, that would mean Indiana has to beat Wisconsin IN Madison ON senior night. And if that happens, I suddenly don’t want to play Indiana. So I guess go Wisconsin?

  • IX

    Assuming UW wins, we now can get revenge on Iowa. Beilein’s boys will be ready for this one.

    Also like that a NW win over Minnesota should eliminate the Gophers from the tournament.

    IU gave PSU a great challenge at PSU a couple weeks ago. If IU could pull the monumental upset, PSU would likely be headed to the NIT.

  • Avery Queen

    well iu hung in for about 15 minutes but looks like seeding is set

  • AG2

    College of Charleston is really taking it to Davidson. They’ve outscored Davidson 29 17 in the 2nd half to take a 3 point lead.

  • Adam

    Davidson down 3 with 330 to go. Opinions on how this will effect us if at all? It certainly would steal a spot from someone.

  • Chad Jones

    I do not think Davidson could get an at-large.

  • AG2

    See here’s the thing though, because if Davidson can’t get an at large, how can St. Mary’s get an at large? St. Mary’s is Davidson with an easier schedule and less talent.

  • Davidson will get talk and people will want to talk about next year but I don’t think their resume stacks up. They played a lot of the big boys but didn’t beat them.

    RPI of 68, 1 top 100 win…

  • steveo

    No. St. Mary’s is a better team than Davidson. They have Patty Mills who is just as good a player as Stephen Curry. Id say that St. Mary’s is an at-large team for sure. They deserve a spot. Davidson doesn’t deserve a bid, as much as I love Stephen Curry. It definitely doesn’t deserve a bid over Michigan. So I don’t think it really affects us. Does anyone think we can lose in the first round of the BTT and still get in the tourney?…

    Let’s just beat Iowa and make it moot… Go Blue!!

  • AG2

    Wow, that wasn’t even the Championship game of the Southern Conference. Davidson DEFINITELY is out.

  • IX

    Yea, Davidson losing in the Championship game is one thing, but in the semifinals means they are a sure out. This won’t affect us. The teams we need to win really from the small conferences are Memphis, Butler, and maybe Utah State. We also want Gonzaga but if St. Mary’s gets to the title game and loses they’ll likely still make the field, so hope for a St. Mary’s/Zaga title game I guess. A10 hope for Xavier or Dayton since they’re already in. Mountain West will get anywhere from 2-4, so no need to worry about them though some of the bubble teams in there like UNLV or SD State could get hurt from an early bad loss in the conference tournament.

    That’s basically what we want from the non-BCS conference schools.

  • jgunnip

    posted in the previous post but here it is again,

    Your BTT schedule.

    12:00pm Minnesota vs Northwestern
    2:30pm Michigan vs Iowa
    5:00pm Penn St vs Indiana

    12:00pm Michigan St vs Minnesota/Wisconsin
    2:30pm Wisconsin vs Ohio St
    6:30pm Illinois vs Michigan/Iowa
    9:00pm Purdue vs Penn St/Indiana

  • jgunnip

    St. Mary’s needs to make the WCC finals and play Gonzaga v close with Patty Mills. They are probably a 1-3 loss team if he didn’t get hurt in the first Gonzaga game. St. Mary’s was taking it to the Zags before he got injured.

  • So who’s going to Indy?

  • jgunnip

    Saving my money for Dayton!

  • Kevin in GR

    What station will the games be on Thurs and Friday? ESPN, BTN or various? I am guessing the Sat/Sun games will be on CBS.

  • jgunnip

    12:00pm on BTN
    2:30pm ESPN2
    5:00pm ESPN2

    12:00pm ESPN
    2:30pm ESPN
    6:30pm BTN
    9:00pm BTN

    Sat/Sun on CBS

  • Adam

    Minnesota vs. Northwestern is on BTN Thursday at noon

    Friday there are two games including us:
    6:30 Michigan/Iowa vs. Illinois and
    900 Purdue vs. Penn State

    I assume the other games are on ESPN.

  • blueinflorida

    I think I’d rather get Illinois in the second round vs. Purdue. I like the way this is shaking out. We’ll be ready to go against Iowa in a revenge game and then play a team that we split with in the regular season. Illinois doesn’t scare me. I love it that we have a coach who knows how to get wins in March. Next couple weeks are gonna be alot of fun. Go Blue!

  • IX

    Saving my money for Boise/Portland/Kansas City/Minneapolis/Dayton/Philadelphia/Greensboro/Miami!

  • troublet

    I have a feeling if we end up as a nine seed that the commitee will match us up with w. Virginia to create buzz for the first round game

  • JimC

    I’m saving my money for Ford Field. ;)