2009 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

Dylan Burkhardt

This is an old Big Ten Tournament bracket. For the current 2012 Big Ten Tournament Bracket, click here.


No more picking through scenarios, the bracket is finalized (pdf version). Michigan will play Iowa in the first round at 2:30 PM ET on Thursday (ESPN2). If they win they will move on to play Illinois on Friday at 6:30 PM (BTN). I think the three worst draws for Michigan are all on the top of the bracket so that is definitely a good thing.

  • MRH

    Glad to have a shot at avenging that awful Iowa loss

  • AG2

    I also think we have a good shot vs. Illinois.

  • Will

    Definitely like the bottom of the bracket. Obviously don’t want to get ahead of myself, but there is a scenario that takes M to the championship game by beating teams we’ve already beaten this season. Not holding my breath, but M could make some noise in the tourney.

  • El Capitan

    We got pretty much the best draw we could ask for. A chance to get back at Iowa and then Illinois and Purdue? Sweet.

  • rlc

    I do like the draw. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Jevohn Shepherd fans get a chance to see their hero in action defending Jake Kelly.

  • Chad Jones

    Yeah, let’s just get that 1st one to feel safe!!

  • steveo

    Im going to Indy if they win the game against Iowa. Just got to get that W. If we get that win I get to see them in the BTT and it locks up an at-large in the tourney. I still think theyre in but lets just beat Iowa.

    I feel like this is the best bracket UM could possibly have gotten (other than playing Indiana first round). They match up favorably against every team they could see at least until the BTT Finals. But Id be happy with a win or two… Id like to be an 11 or 12 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

    GO BLUE!

  • AG2

    I just hope that Iowa is as terrible at Conseco as they are in road games.

  • Redwings8831

    They are actually 7-3 at Conseco.


  • IX

    We did beat them in the first round last year though.

    I really hope we get hot early and stay that way. If there’s 10 minutes to go in the game and Iowa is leading or only trailing by a few I’m going to be nervous.

  • alien

    I like the draw but Iowa has been on fire the last few games. 2OT win over psu, OT win over us, they are balling and we need to be consistent. The Minn vs. Nw is a tough match, both are desperate for 1st round win and on the bubble sliding off it. That is gonna be a fight. ILL next is a good match up for UM, much better than either Uw or osu.

  • JimC

    Hmmm, how to get out of work this Thursday at 2:30…?

  • jwalk

    I like the draw as well though I would’ve been fine with IU. As most of the bracket projections indicate, I think M’s safely in the dance with what they’ve accomplished so far. I’m not nervous about the matchup (or not more so than usual). I think if M shoots at least decently they can handle IA. Hopefully they’ve figured out how to defend the pick & roll too….

    The key is what happens the rest of the week in terms of mid-majors & other conferences which will really sharpen the focus come Thursday. My take is assuming nothing (too) crazy happens, Michigan should be in regardless of what happens. Of course they certainly don’t want to give the committee any good reasons to not include them.

  • El Capitan

    Does anyone know what the status on Cyrus Tate is? Back to 100% If that is the case, watch out for the Hawkeyes… but I still like our chances Thursday, Friday, and maybe even Saturday (though we may run out of steam by then)

  • Looking at the Big Ten Bubble:





    Looking at N’western/Minn, that is probably a play-out game (that is, loser is done). If one of those 2 beats Sparty, can we say they are in?

  • El Capitan

    I don’t know if we can say that Penn State is a lock. They had one of the weakest non-conference schedules in the country, and their best win outside the Big Ten was against Mount Saint Mary’s. I think they need a win in the Big Ten Tournament to secure their spot; otherwise, I think they will be on the outside looking in…

  • Alex

    Minnesota should be in with a win over NW. NW will have to win the conference tourney. PSU needs to win their first round game, possibly a second depending on how the field looks. Both UM and Minn have more impressive profiles than PSU.

  • WarrenNolan Wrong

    I WILL NO LONGER LOOK AT WarrenNolan Website… TAKE A LOOK AT HIS BRACKET http://www.fullysports.com/basketball/2009/projection HE HAS MARYLAND AND K ST. OVER US….. This guy has no brain and is a worthless predictor..

  • Chief

    Question about the Michigan Tech game. Does it count in our win total b/c it was part of an exempt tourney (Coaches v Cancer)?

  • It counts in a win total but it doesn’t count in the RPI.

  • Also, Penn State is definitely not a lock. They better beat Indiana at least.

  • Andy

    I agree that the “fullysports” projection is almost completely non-sensical. If you look at the numbers there’s no way K-State, Florida, or Minnesota should be in over UM. UM has a better RPI, SOS, and last 10 then K-State and Florida and has a practically idential resume to Minnesota, except that they beat them twice. Honestly just looks like low quality work.

  • Avery Queen

    i know it shows a post for march 9th, but the records aren’t updated (at least ours and minnesotas)

    and psu is really in an unfortunate spot. a win vs. iu is almost meaningless which means they really could use a win over purdue. i bet they wish they were actually seeded worse so they could play a game where a win would actually help them and vs. an opponent not as good as purdue.

  • raiderfan

    Warren Nolan is a moron. Take a look at Bracketology 101. They had the highest percentage rate of any site predicting the field last year. And yes, we are in.


  • Drew

    As stated by some of you, Penn State is not even close to a lock. I think they are more on the bubble than Minny, who would I consider in the “likely” range. If Minny beats NW, I believe their in.

  • Kenny

    very exciting time! This is the most anticipating BTT ever with so many good teams from top to bottom. Almost every game is a toss up.

    Most write M in already but beating Iowa will lock it.
    Penn State needs to beat Indiana for the least.
    Minnesota needs a win over NW.
    NW needs a win over Minnesota and a win over the Sparty.

  • JimC

    El Capitan, good question above…

    Cyrus Tate played 42 mins vs PSU Saturday. He made 7 of 9 shots for 15 points, and had 10 Rebs.


  • steveo

    Like everyone has said, this will be a very exciting BTT. I expect UM to beat Iowa, but we need to play well. We don’t need to have a game like Purdue, just another effort like the one against Minnesota. A good solid basketball game. Make enough threes and limit the turnovers. And for God’s sake, cover Jake Kelly! I like UM over Iowa, just don’t be overconfident.

    Go Blue!

  • Cooper

    UM certainly took a lucky break with this draw, especially in staying as far away from big brother MSU as possible. I’d like to see UM go dancing this year. They’ll face a tough game in round one if they do, but . . . I guess anything can happen in March! I just hope they play one game at a time, try not to get overconfident, and take a note from the boys up the road in the East Lansing. The Spartans seem to have perfected the art of the tournament, and UM would benefit by following their example of a consistent blue-collar attitude, selfless basketball, and playing with heart.

    Welcome to March boys, and Go Big Ten!

  • jpizzle

    The one guy towards the top is a DOUCHE BAG if he thinks Michigan can beat Illinois.

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