Tuesday Night Notes & Links

Dylan Burkhardt

Tuesday Viewers Guide

Plenty of basketball on the television tonight, here is a quick run through of who to root for. Cheer for the teams in bold, looks like we are rooting for mostly home underdogs tonight.

  • Cincinnati at South Florida – 7 PM ESPNU
  • Kansas State at Oklahoma State – 7:30 PM ESPN2 – Not sure who we want here, this is two bubble teams going head to head and the loser will be in tough shape.
  • Georgetown at St. Johns – 7:30 PM ESPN360
  • Florida State at Duke – 8 PM  ESPN360
  • Wake Forest at Maryland – 9PM
  • Utah at New Mexico – 9 PM
  • Ohio State at Iowa – 9:05 PM BTN

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  • Dave

    ill prolly do a fist pump if they get in but ill save my smiles when they win the national championship when they get in the tourney

  • Beast1530: And the SEC is just bad…

  • Kevin

    Good night on the bubble. Just out of curiousity, if Minny wins tomorrow night, do you think it helps us Saturday? Seeing as they won’t be playing with their backs against the wall. I know if it were Michigan we seem to play better after a loss. I suppose there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Baby steps, Dave, baby steps. Have you been a die hard fan for very long? I think anybody that has gone through every heart break and struggle of the last 10 years would have this year in perspective and appreciate the giant leap we have made. I’m not trying to dog you, but its hard to hear these great expectations and doom n’ gloom in a year that we have greatly exceeded projections and skill level.

  • Our RPI fell to 48 tonight in the new Nolan numbers. Iowa fell to 112 and OSU moved back into the 30s at 37. Cinci at 63, GT at 45, Maryland at 57

    New numbers: http://www.warrennolan.com/basketball/2009/rpi

  • Dave

    my first game i ever saw was the championship game when webber called the time out so what was that 1992 or 93……….ill be happy with the season because they were much better than they were suppose to be, but im sick of baby steps……we had enough baby steps with amaker and we know where that got us and at the same time i cant foresee any of john beileins teams winning big ten championships and especially not competing for national titles……..thats what disturbs me more…..i guess i just dont like beilein that much for some reason….i dont know why cause he is way better than amaker and is a great coach….but something about him bothers me………i hope next year this team will dominate and i wont have to be negative, but until i see a michigan team thats top 3 every year in the big ten and has under 10 losses this time of year i will not be satisfied because this is michigan……

  • Adam

    the only team in the whole big ten who is literally top 3 every year with less than 10 losses is MSU. Michigan is not on MSU’s level, and even the Wisconsin’s, Purdue’s, Illinois’s, and Ohio State’s of the world can’t claim the resume that you are talking about. You are trying to put Michigan’s basketball program on the same level as MSU, UNC, Duke, etc. and they are not, nor will they ever likely be on that level. You need to temper your expectations just a bit. I will be happy if they can be in contention for a big ten title every 3-4 years and when they consistently make the tournament.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Ok, Dave. I actually appreciate some of your comments, despite the negative undertones. I too have been yearning for the fab five days, as I started watching Michigan basketball in 1991 or so. I do actually understand what you mean when you say that something bothers you about Beilein. It’s probably the same thing that bothers some people about Rich Rod. This is a different style of gameplay that is proven in a sense, but not proven at Michigan or in the Big Ten. You question whether he has the recruiting ability to make us a top 10 contender. Sometimes I envision us being the next Stanford. Always in the tournament and sometimes in the Sweet Sixteen, but never a real threat to go all the way. I guess I’m just happy to be back in contention again. This isn’t the same as Amaker. He didn’t take us to the tourney, but JB will…many times. The question is whether we ever recruit another class like the Fab 5 or another player as dominate as Chris Webber. I hope so.

  • JimC

    It’s kinda fun to care about these bubble-breaker games.

    We haven’t even been close in several years.
    Great entertainment.

  • JimC: Just two years really… The OSU game almost feels like yesterday…