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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Also, the site is brutally slow and there was some kind of DB problem. I’m looking at it but I think it’s a server problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Here is a question for you guys…

    When all is said and done it looks like Michigan is going to play 15 games against RPI top 50 teams. Can you find anyone else with a higher number (when you add in their remaining games). Michigan has 12 right now. Anyone know a site that will let me sort by games vs RPI top 50?

  • AG2

    While Baylor, Cincinatti, and Notre Dame have played 12 Top 50 teams, none of them have all their remaining games against Top 50 teams like we do. Only Arizona can tie us, they have 13 already with two left @ Washington and at home vs. Cal.

  • Dylan

    Other Big 10 teams could get a boost as well if Michigan gets back in the top 50.

  • AG2

    Yeah, like I want Ohio State to get two more wins vs. the RPI Top 50! No, but seriously we won’t make the tournament if we’re not up there. Last season, only two major conference teams didn’t get at large bids in the top 50, OSU and Mississippi.

  • BL11

    Dylan…cbs has a pretty decent site for it, can see each teams resume pretty quickly…hope its what you are looking for, if not sorry to waste your time.

    This is Michigan’s resume according to CBS:

  • rdlwolverine provides a breakdown for each team vs 1-50, 51-100, 101-200, and 201+ on its nittgritty page –

  • AG2

    Here’s another fun question: last night Providence beat #1 Pitt, only their second win vs. a #1 team and their first since 1976. What other #1 team did they beat?

  • BJ


  • CP

    Tomorrow night is Senior night for Shep, Merritt and C.J. Anyone know if any pre-game festivities are planned?

  • El Capitan

    Merritt will get another jersey number framed for his second senior night, but other than nothing special I think…

  • The presentation usually takes place before tip off sometime. I would get there early. Those three kids deserve some love.

  • Avery Queen

    Man. I forgot it’s spring break. I feel like we could really use the energy of the students after Sunday.

  • AG2

    Oh you’re right! I’ve been out of school so long I forgot U of M holds their so obscenely early. I sure hope at the very least enough kids show up to fill the bleachers.

  • AG2

    DePaul came close, but lost yet another Big East game. Did Tommy ever recruit Dar Tucker that he went to DePaul?

  • Dar Tucker had academic issues which is why he ended up at DePaul and never really got a look from MSU/UM.

  • Andy

    Looking at UM’s and MSU’s RPI profile, the huge thing that stands out are those 4 games UM has against 300 level RPI teams. That seems like kind of a killer. State’s SOS is much higher than UM’s, but it doesn’t look like their schedule was really any different, other than their easy win non-conf games were teams in the 125-200 RPI range.

    Anyway, thought it was interesting. Maybe next year UM needs to look more closely at who they are scheduling for those games because it seems to be kind of biting them right now. Who knew that playing The Citadel was so much better than playing Norfolk State?

  • No doubt Andy. Those games are killer. It’s all about playing the decent bad schools, not the really bad schools.

    EMU 2-23, Norfolk 8-17, FGCU 9-20, NCC 1-23

    Those hurt. If those schools were in the low 200s, our SOS would probably be about 10 spots higher IMO. I’m no expert but still.

  • Andy

    And my two cents on best case scenarios for the season to play out…

    Must beat Purdue and one of the away games. Wisconsin is a tough matchup, tough place to play, and on two days rest. Minnesota is a better match up, tough place to play, and on a week’s rest. That being said, bank on beating Minnesota if anyone.

    As for who to cheer for… go Iowa. If bubble teams beat bubble teams at home and Illinois can go into PSU and win, Iowa can make things look much better for us. If they can manage to win home games against OSU and PSU to close the season, UM could work its way into a 4 team tie for 5th with OSU, PSU, and Minnesota, all at 9-9. I like that a lot better than finishing 8th in the league. Go Hawks…

  • Giddings

    Jay “Bias” just said that “if Michigan can beat Purdue, you have to think they’ll be in the NCAA Tournament”.

    Can’t say I agree with him, but it’s good to at least have him putting that thought in people’s minds.

  • All those angry emails from Michigan fans to Jay must have paid off.


    Have to get the one tommorow night. We get purdue and I think we can get some momentum going. Man guys if we can just squeek into the dance anyway anyhow, what a breakthrough it would be and what wonders it would do for us as a program moving forward. Moving into next year how nice would it be for our returning guys to have tourney experience and know what it takes to get there. Coming from where we were as a program, what a boost it would give UM basketball.

  • El Capitan

    Need 20 wins… no way around it. Tonight is a must if we’re going to get it.

  • Fab54ever

    Man it would of been nice to get that Iowa win or Ohio St. game at home. I think winning either one of those road games will be impossible the way we play on the road.