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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Giddings

    That Iowa game just gets more and more scary… too many people are writing it off as our easiest remaining game while I think it may be tougher than beating Purdue at home. The rest factor could be big, plus Cyrus Tate has been a thorn in U-M’s side for his whole career when he plays.

    In terms of difficulty (easiest to hardest)…
    1) Minny (home)
    T-2) Iowa (road)
    T-2) Purdue (home)
    4) Minny (road)
    5) Wisco (road)

    Many will disagree, but take a look at what Iowa has done at home this year (beating Wisconsin, almost beating Purdue, etc).


    I agree Gidds. The game at iowa will be a tuffy indeed. I really believe that the game thursday will be very crucial from the standpoint that I think it could really get us back on track..not to mention that its a home game and we need to do a better job of bringing the defensive intensity and protect Crisler. Iowa looks very difficult at this point not only because they get some key guys playing again, but they will also want to get us on their home court. The purdue game will be a biggy! If we can squeek one out at home against purdue and get one on the road at wisky, but fall to minny, then that brings us to 19 – 12. If we win one in the BTT then we stand at 20 – 13, with wins over UCLA, DUKE, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, and a good loss @ Uconn(not that it will probably matter) I say with the lack of many mid majors out there making much noise we have a very good chance of sneaking in the dance. JB’s teams are always good tourney teams and have proven that we can win big games, and play with just about anyone on any given night. What do you guys think?

  • Beilein’s Battalion

    Michigan could certainly sneak in. I see a split will MINN and a win over Iowa with M stealing one of either Purdue or Wisco. With one or two wins in the BTT that should be enough. Say Michigan is slated as an 11 or 12 seed. What makes Michigan a dangerous team to face in the tourney is their ability to get hot from 3 and play a tough 1-3-1. Things get even tougher for opponents if Sims is doing work down low. The combination of DeShawn on the block and the ability of Novak, Douglass, and the lot to knock down threes coupled with the ever dangerous Harris Michigan poses a threat to anyone. You know, if this team gets in the tourney, Beilien will have them ready to make a run.

  • UMDC

    I still believe that 9-9 in the B10 gets us in. So, I’ll take any combination of 3 wins from the remaining games.

    That said, the game I think we have no chance of winning is at Wisconsin. The game I think we have in the bag is this Thursday, home against Minny.

  • AG2

    I can’t help but feel like most of the bracket projections out there put excess emphasis on last 10 games. As a result, teams like Michigan are at the whim of the scheduling computer. While we’re playing Minnesota twice down the stretch, Wisconsin is playing Indiana without Devan Dumes twice.

    In any case, Iowa is still a must win, if for no other reason than you have to be able to beat teams outside the Top 100, even on the road.

    If we do get to that 9-9, you’d hope that the Selection Committee would consider us to be a little “hot” having won 4 straight. Add to that the almost certainty that teams like Miami, Kansas State, USC, and at least 2 Mountain West teams will collapse down the stretch and I think we’ll make it.

    Once again, as far the Big Ten tournament is concerned, it is absolutely necessary that we draw a seed that has us avoiding MSU and OSU in the first 2 rounds.

  • Merlin

    On the plus minus thing-I did not see the point of it. But I am thinking I was wrong-Dylan did not the plus/minus predict the rise of CJ Lee.

  • Dave

    im sick of us settling and hoping that we may sneak in…….when does the time come when we are going to be in 2 weeks ago…….when does the consistent play every game begin……when do we say that 9-9 in the conference is not good enough……when can we play and win on the road…….real soon lets hope

  • Dave: Maybe not the year after a 10-22 season?

  • UMDC

    Dave, I say next year! We win the B10 and get a #1 seed :)

  • Tom

    I think JB says the biggest improvement in his “process” is between the second and third years….next year will be the year…especially the second half….but, back to this year….

  • Dave

    im holding all yous guys to it………next year…..even if they lose i just want games to be fun to watch…..they kind remind me of the cleveland browns….they give you lots of hope but nothing ever comes about

  • rlc

    Looking through the Detroit All-Decade team I was struck by some of the guys we missed on. I know you can’t get everybody, but can anyone with a better historical perspective explain how in the hell George Gervin ended up in Ypsilanti instead of Ann Arbor? Grades? Not enough basketballs to go around?

  • JimC

    PSU beating IL at Champaign – bad for us.
    If PSU pulls it off. Go Illini!