Recruiting Roundup (2-16-09)

Dylan Burkhardt


Matt Vogrich

Lake Forest clinched their division title Friday night with a 60-59 double overtime win over Lake Zurich. Vogrich scored 9 of his 19 points during a 17-0 run that helped get the Scouts back in the game.

‘‘We just didn’t play very well for most of the game,’’ Vogrich said. ‘‘We did just enough to win and we got a little lucky. But it’s so nice to win the division.’’

Vogrich broke the Lake Forest career scoring record previously held by former Michigan Wolverine Rob Pelinka.

Vogrich said that becoming the all-time scoring leader for Lake Forest was a preseason goal. “As far as individual stuff goes, he said, “I’d really like to make first-team all-state too.”

Vogrich had 19 points in a 53-35 victory over Stevenson. He followed that up with a game high 13 points and 9 rebounds in a 43-26 win over Highland Park.

“I think our legs were a little tired so a lot of our shots were short,” Vogrich said. “Everybody on our team shot poorly from the three-point line, but we found a way to win. If they only score 26 points, you can score more than that, usually.”

Darius Morris

Windward pulled off a huge 61-57 win over Campbell Hall, one of their biggest rivals. Darius had a game-high 20 points in the win which broke Campbell Hall’s 62 game conference winning streak.

Windward closed out their regular season on 10 game win streak and drew the #1 seed in their sectional. They will open sectional play this Wednesday versus Bishop Diego. Morris has been playing great lately and hopefully he can continue to lead Windward through the playoffs.

Blake McLimans

Blake has had his ups and downs this season playing with a new team but Worcester continues to have a solid season. Blake had a great effort in a 95-88 loss to Winchendon last week. Blake went for 10 points and added 2 blocks and was very effective on the full court press.

There is plenty of Worcester footage on YouTube courtesy of worcesterhoops so be sure to keep an eye on that as well.

Jordan Morgan

Jordan is another guy that has had his ups and downs this year. Jordan had a big game against Brother Rice, he scored 26 points and pulled down 12 rebounds in the win.

Eso Akunne (pref. walk on)

Eso continued his solid play for Gabriel Richard. Akunne nearly went for a triple double against Bishop Folley with 21 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 assists. Eso has been great all season long and has kept on rolling, scoring right around 20 points every game. His teammate, junior Josh Herbeck, hit five three pointers in a blowout win over Notre Dame prep.

2009 Recruits

Angus Brandt

I really want Angus Brandt in this class. Brandt hasn’t necessarily been dominant but he would definitely impact Michigan’s front line next year. It becomes more clear every day how much more size this team needs. I don’t know where a scholarship would come from and I don’t want to speculate but it would be very nice to add him to the mix next year. In his most recent performance, Angus had 7 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks in a loss to Mount Carmel.

2010 Recruits

Trey Zeigler

Trey ZeiglerZeigler was in attendance for the Michigan/Michigan State game on Tuesday night. Rumors have been swirling across message boards and radio stations that Zeigler was seen participating in a couple Michigan State cheers. A recent article tries to clear up that talk ($) and while that is never what you want to hear, it is not the end of the world. I was told after the game that plenty of Michigan State players let Zeigler hear it about the win as they ran into the tunnel.  I think Zeigler has run a very calculated and planned recruitment and I don’t think one game is going to have a huge influence on his recruitment one way or another.

Despite all the drama surrounding his recruitment, Trey has continued to produce on the court. Saginaw lost to Saginaw High but Zeigler managed 24 points and 11 boards. Trey got Mt. Pleasant back on the right track with 32 points (14 in the third quarter) and dished 10 assists in a 70-53 win over Midland Dow. He followed that up with 23 points, 10 rebounds, and 4 steals including a “thunderous dunk” in a win over Midland High.

Will Regan

The big man can play and he has been carrying Nichols on his back. Nichols is 22-1 overall and 12-0 in their league. WGRZ posted a great video feature (above) where Regan (ree-gan) mentions Michigan as his likely leader and talks about the pronunciation of his name.

Regan had 22 points in a 67-50 win over O’Hara and added 32 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks in a blowout win over st Marys. Nichols had a test against New Jersey Trenton last night but they handled them as well, 61-38. Regan had 26 in the win and was named Nichols’ player of the game. Northstar BBall conducted a play-by-play live blog of the game.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Hardaway had 8 points in the fourth quarter to lead Palmetto to a 65-63 win over South Dade in the district semi-finals. Hardaway finished with 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists. Palmetto was knocked out in the district final to Coral Reef, 73-64. Hardaway had 16 points in the loss including a three pointer.

Moses Morgan

The versatille wing forward from Las Vegas has led Palo Verde to a 20-4 regular season record while averaging 18 points. A recent newspaper update with Morgan claims offers from UNLV, Michigan, and Texas Tech. Michigan looks to be in a very good spot with Moses and Palo Verde kicks off their playoffs Tuesday night at home versus SW Western.


SPT KCentral Mattawan Oliver.jpgA bit of an abbreviated version for other recruits for this week.

  • Alex Dragicevich continues to be one to watch and Rivals has the latest ($).
  • Cameron Ayers is also still on the list but probably a bit more of a tier-2 guy, Rivals update here ($).
  • 6-5 junior wing forward Devin Oliver from Kalamazoo Central is starting to make some noise with his stellar play. Rivals posted an update with Oliver (pictured above) here ($).
  • Southeastern and Pershing will battle in the PSL Championship this Friday. Pershing features MSU bound Keith Appling and Derrick Nix while Southeastern features talented sophomores Brandan Kearney and Percy Gibson as well as numerous other division 1 football and basketball prospects.
  • I probably missed a few updates, posting corrections and additions in the comments is encouraged.

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  • Tom

    A guy as pretty as Will Regan will be going to Duke…we shouldn’t even bother….

  • Kevin In GR

    I was thinking the same thing Tom……He “looks” like a Dukie…..even comes from the same HS as Christian Laettner. Scout doesn’t show Duke offering yet though…unless they are behind.

  • Drew

    Is Allen Payne (2010, Winton Woods, Cincy OH) still being recruited by Michigan?

  • Payne is still on the list — just a bit of an abbreviated post this week.

    By all accounts Regan loves Michigan…

  • AG2

    Then again, so did patrick beverley, ha!

  • Luckily Will Regan doesn’t play in the Public School league in Chicago and his recruitment is nothing like Patrick Beverley’s. Then again I saw Beverley singing hail to the victors and he committed to Arkansas two weeks later because it felt just like Chicago….

  • Benjamin

    If a scholarship does open up (somehow), and we take Angus Brandt. Should we take Will too?

    We may have room by 2010…say Manny goes pro, Kelvin goes elsewhere (it may happen- too early to say), and Ant doesn’t get his fifth year…

    It will be interesting.

  • Dave

    it would be nice if some of these guys committed to us already though instead of just saying that they like us……lets get these dudes wrapped up

  • Dave

    i would love to see a regan zeigler/morgan and either a point or another slashing guard or small forward………please be somebody with versatility

  • Dave — Let’s try to avoid calling kids gross… Also right now we have two scholarships for 2010.

  • AG2

    Kelvin ain’t goin nowhere. When his brother Kevin was heard to be considering transferring one time, his father was adamant that his sons were going to graduate from Michigan.

  • Kevin

    Dylan, as you state in the 2010 hotboard, SF is going to be a position of great need. Ziegler would be an amazing pickup, but with competition coming from MSU and I assume other schools, is Michigan looking at any other recruits? Other than the stoned looking Josh Herbeck, that is.

  • Morgan and Hardaway are two guys that we have talked about for a long time…

  • WolverineKeith

    Highly unlikely Duke even shows interest in Regan. They already have two big guys in ’09 (6’9″ 5* Ryan Kelly and 6’10” 4* Mason Plumlee) and another in ’10 (6’9″ 4* Josh Hairston). All three of those guys have impressive offer sheets, so Duke should be alright without a guy like Regan.

    Just as well – we’ll gladly take him in A2.

  • Paul

    Love to get Regan on the Wolverines. Sounds like he like Beilein and he likes his system. He wants to get a Business degree and Michigan has a good business school? So how about
    Morgan. I read somewhere his dad like Michigan wants his son to come here that true?

  • Gabe

    I would be willing to bet that Anthony Wright gets the picture and transfers, opening up a spot for Brandt. Watch for it.

  • Avery Queen

    We definitely need a strong class for 2010 if you think about the in conference competition. IU, Ill, and Minn have top 25 recruiting classes for 09. And four B10 teams in top 10 for 2010 (obviously preliminary). Then combine that with no devastating losses for any team (I’d say biggest is Cornley for PSU) this year. And then combine that with our coaches and I think we actually may win the B10/ACC challenge in a year or two.

    And btw I absolutely love watching DeJuan Blair play.

  • Kenny

    Ragen is the top priority of 2010 given that we are not involved with many of his size.

  • AG2

    Don’t forget OSU. 2009 they have no players but 2010 they already have 2 5-star players. Thing is, I’m not that convinced Thad Matta is that great of a recruiter. Most of his players are from Ohio, and probably would have chosen OSU anyway.

    DeJuan Blair is *strong* he slapped Thabeet around hardcore in the first half. I’m kinda watching to see if Ed Hightower can ruin this game, though.

  • AG2

    What a surprise! Officiating is being questioned in tonight’s Pitt/UConn game! That Ed Hightower sure gets around!

  • Giddings

    Did you guys know that Hightower officiated the National Championship game last year?

  • Sounds like Regan’s all yours. Color me jealous. Thought we’d have a chance with his Albany City Rocks connection with Taran Buie (Battle’s bro). But it’s certainly not a given that Buie’s even coming here and it looks like Regan’s ready to commit as soon as his season’s over. We have a solid business school, but it’s nothing compared to yours. Regan just seems like a stud. Smart, unselfish, hard worker. Can’t believe Jerry Dunn’s going to steal a recruit from us.

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  • Justin C


    I’m planning to go with a buddy to see Windward’s playoff game on Wednesday. I’ll send you a summary on the game and Darius’ performance afterwards. I hope he has a good game – the team they are matched up against looks pretty bad.