Video: Eso Akunne Dunk

Dylan Burkhardt

Slow news day but here is a video of Eso dunking on a big kid from Detroit Community. Eso is a 6-foot-3 preferred walk on from Gabriel Richard in the class of 2009. If you want more Eso video, here is some video from last year.

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  • RB

    That kid is a load. Maybe there is a hidden gem underneath some of that baby fat. Losing weight worked for Novak. Actually, I like what I’ve seen from this kid so far this year.

  • Merlin

    Can he shoot the 3? Maybe he can play the 2-get the Beilein ball out. Looks like Cornley only two inches shorter unfortunately.

  • Tom

    Yeah, let’s get the Beilein ball out and have another chucker on the team. How about some Dallas Lauderdales up in this bitch….

  • UMDC

    Watching the UVA vs. BC game and a UVA guy just clocked a guy with his elbow in his head, much like our own Manny (although I would argue this one was potentially intentional) and the refs just called a foul nothing more.

    Wonder how much ESPN will cover this tonight…. Oh yeah, they won’t cover it at all.

  • Dave

    why is this kid coming to michigan he looks more capapble of playing by the video ive seen of him than half the people on this squad as of right now and hes gonna be a walk on……….i hope eso is just a huge michigan fan and will stay no matter what but it looks like this kid can play…….hes a big dude it would be nice to get a big rugged guy like that……..maybe somebody like that wouldnt be scared to step up on the road and make plays

  • Frank

    I also saw Miami set an “aggressive screen” of the type that gave Lewis Jackson of Purdue a concussion in the Wisconsin game.

  • John

    Is that James Still who signed with Providence?

  • Beast1530

    If he’s about 3 inches taller, he’d get recruited by major schools. The fact that he’s short and plays like SF than G, hurt his stock as a prospect. Make no mistake, that kid can ball. Against DCC(who has like 7-8 D1 prospects), he dominated against them that DCC has to double team him with DeShonte Riley and James Still, both who are taller than Akunne. Pretty impressive for a guy who is undersized as a F.

  • Dave

    he looked like he had a handle to though……….very interesting

  • ryan

    this is from rivals rankings of him.
    They have him listed as a point guard though
    Ht: 6-foot-3
    Wt: 215 lbs
    Shooting: Good
    Rebounding: Outstanding
    Handle: Good
    Passing: Good
    Strength: Outstanding

    sounds like a very good walk on to me.

  • RB

    “How about some Dallas Lauderdales up in this bitch….”

    That is great!!!