Thursday Links: Upset Edition

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • JimC

    Best game of the week: MSU losing at home to NW!

  • Benjamin

    I feared NU before last’s night performance- this weekend shall be interesting.

  • blueinflorida

    I want to submit the fact that this team was playing its best basketball of the year when we were going 10 deep with Ant Wright and JS. I understand the hesitancy to play them both as they aren’t offensive threats but Zack Novak might be getting worn down at this point in the season, having played 35 minutes+ most games and guarding guys much bigger than him. It may be a good time to mix things up and trim down some minutes for some people. Zack Novak was the guy that came to mind.

  • Kenny

    agree with blueinflorida, we need some interior defense and Novak is not the answer. Fatigue from playing defense affects his shooting at the other end. Ant is not a scoring threat, but Shep can score in multiple ways. Shep should play 15 minutes and give Novak some rest he needs to be effective.

  • BL11

    Whether you think Novak is tired or can’t bang, he for the most part has put up solid numbers and he hustles every night unlike others. I agree that Shep needs some minutes but Novak shouldn’t be the only one to lose minutes. It should come from LLP, manny etc. Lee also should get an increase, the team plays better when hes in there.