Practice Facility Plans

Dylan Burkhardt

Practice facility plans will go before the regents this week. The document outlining the plans is located here. They are planning to build the practice facility on the east side of Crisler Arena.

An addition of approximately 50,000 gross square feet to Crisler Arena for the player development center is proposed. The new facility will house two new basketball practice courts that will provide better scheduling flexibility related to the academic schedules for student athletes as well as offer a complement of services not currently available to the teams. The project will include team locker areas, strength and conditioning space, athletic medicine space, and coaching and staff offices. The proposed addition will temporarily displace approximately 150 parking spaces during construction and will permanently displace approximately 60 spaces upon completion. This loss will be accommodated as part of the strategic parking and transportation plan for South Campus.

The estimated cost of the project is $23,200,000. Funding will be provided from Athletic Department resources and gifts. The constmction cash flow may be provided, all or in part, by increasing the connnercial paper issuance under the commercial paper program, secured by a pledge of General Revenues, and authorized by the Regents. The architectural firm of Jickling Lyman Powell Associates, Inc. will design the project. Design is scheduled to begin immediately and we will return with a construction schedule when we seek approval of schematic design.

We recommend that the Regents approve the Crisler Arena Player Development Center for Intercollegiate Basketball Addition project as described and authorize commissioning Jickling Lyman Powell Associates, Inc. for its design.

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  • Justin C

    I assume this would be used by both the men’s and women’s teams, correct?

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one – this would ensure a long-term committment from Beilein, better recruiting, etc.

  • Benjamin

    Justin, the PDF states that the space is for “the men’s and women’s” programs.

    I wish that Jickling Lyman Powell and Associates had a website so we could see other work that they have done- I know they are doing the wrestling facility and indoor football practice facility- but I haven’t seen any of the interior plans for that. Just curious.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Great news indeed. If this passes, we can start using the blueprints for recruitment immediately.

  • Novak*Grady*Merritt fan

    I love this site, it’s so usefull. Michigan basketball all the way! BTW do you have any interviews with the team???

  • Missing persons alert

    Deshawn Sims
    Last seen in the Iowa game

  • Kenny

    best news for M basketball for the past week. But the timing is probably a year or two too late, the state economy is in a slump, so are the global economy. I am not sure how much gift they already have and plan to raise. LSA just called my wife yesterday for donations, but it is not the best time for us financially wise either. And if we were giving, LSA probably would get the higher priority over basketball. Hope that things will turn around soon with mortgage rate being so low.