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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • UMDC

    That interview with Peter Tiernan is very interesting. The profile of tournament winners over the last 20 years pretty much explains why the B10 has struggled so much to actually win the whole thing. As a B10 fan, I’ve been so conditioned to think (1) we have to pound the ball in side, (2) slow the game up, (3) play tough defense, and (4) get rebounds. This way of thinking, of course, leads to the seeming inability of B10 teams to average more than 70 points a game. And yet national championship winners average closer to 80 points a game.

    Also it’s fascinating that overachieving teams are the ones who take the most 3 pointers, but not necessarily shoot the highest percentage. What matters is taking the shots!

    My take away from all of this is quite simple: Thank god we hired John Beilein! Someone who is focused on offense and not beholden to the tried and true Big Ten way of ugly, slow, pound it inside basketball.