Blake McLimans Video: Worcester vs. New Hampton

Dylan Burkhardt

I have to apologize in advance for the overall quality of the video and camera work. It was the only footage I had to work with and I figured it would be better than nothing. The problem with WTHef sharing all of that quality Darius Morris footage is that it raised expectations for anything else I post. Blake is #44 in maroon (Worcester) and the footage is from a 84-74 win over New Hampton. I’ve included all the plays that Blake played a part in even though some of them might not quite be “highlights”. Blake has been a bit of a mystery recruit so hopefully this can at least give everyone glimpse into his game, my first takeaways are that he blocks a lot of shot sand shoots a lot of threes.


There is also some Will Regan video floating around the net, WGRZ was on hand to see Regan score his 1000th point at Nichols Academy. Check out the video here.

  • Ky Fox

    The video doesnt do Blakes height any justice. Definitely doesnt look like he is 6’10”..but its probably the video. Looks like he moves his feet really well. Kind of like a Mike Dunleavy type of player.

  • Bluebufoon

    He’s not afraid to mix it up on the defensive end and he can shoot. He’s not a low-post plodder a combo forward who should be able to play more inside as he gets stronger and puts on weight. I like this kid.

    But after seeing that clip I want Angus Brandt even more. With the uncertainty with Ben Cronin’s injury and Jordan Morgan being an incoming freshman I hope U-M swings for the fences with Brandt.

  • Sid

    I agree, he’s awful nimble for 6’10” and appears to have quick hops. Wonder if he’s got any post moves.

    On a side note, I like “highlights” that aren’t all highlights. It’s nice to see the positives and some of the potential negatives.

  • Bluebufoon

    I didn’t count them but he must have had seven or eight blocks and one or two steals– this kid is a warrior. His timing on his blocks was pretty special, on one he bit on a ball fake and the kid blew past him and McLimans recovered enough to still block the shot from behind.

  • WTHef?

    I was really impressed by McLimans. I assumed before that he would redshirt – but now I want him to play next year. Looks athletic and coordinated – handled the ball a little and threw some passes – but is big and can block shots – and looks good shooting the 3. Seems like the prototypical big man for Beilein.

  • FL Wolve

    The best part of McLimans is that he’s already signed, sealed, and delivered. IMO, there’s no way he redshirts with who we have coming back. Plus, this is his 5th year of HS so this year serves as a pseudo-redshirt. That was some good looking video. I’m more excited about this kid now.

  • I agree with FL Wolve- Blake should be able to come in and play. This extra year of prep has done him some good, it appears.

    It is going to be nice have a 7′ and a 6’10” kid on the active roster next year.

  • My opinion all along has been Morgan redshirts and Blake plays.

  • Justin C

    Mark it down – Brandt is coming and Gibson will not return for a fifth year.

  • Bluebufoon

    Justin is that just a hunch or do you know Mr Brandt or is this scuttlebutt leaking out from U-M sources ? Personally if this were to happen Beilein will have totally rebuilt the Michigan roster from top to bottom in two short years and I couldn’t have wished for anything more from Coach Beilein and this staff.

  • KJay

    Was surprised by how big McLimans looked in the video compared to his pictures. If he can put on 10-15 more pounds beofThe volleyball background is apparent in his ability to swat the ball! And this kid throws a 90+mph fastball!

    The reports about him being a real competitor also are borne out in that video. With some hard work, Coach Beilein will turn him into a star. Very excited about this class.

    On Brandt, I’m torn. If he commits then you go from this year’s situation with no big man depth to having four new bigs, with Cronin, Morgan, McLimans and Brandt. Of course, taking Brandt would give you flexibility to redshirt Morgan and who knows what will happen with Cronin’s recovery. Then there are the issues of not giving Gibson a 5th year and having enough schollies for upcoming classes. Well, I guess it’s fun to finally have to worry about a stocked roster!

  • Bluebufoon

    If U-M takes Brandt which I favor, then questions arise on whether Michigan still takes Will Regan and I wouldn’t think U-M would. We would have more than enough bigs at that time and I for brandt because he is 2-3 inches taller.

  • Bart

    Just want to wish Blake the Best.

    Work hard and chase your dream with determination.

    All results will be positive for a bright future.