Game 17: Michigan at Illinois Live Blog

Dylan Burkhardt

Another Live Blog tonight, this one is a three team effort: MGoBlog, UMHoops, and Paint the Town Orange. I’ll be in and out but I believe Brian recruited some extra moderators to keep everything running smoothly.

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  • BJ

    enemies amongst us? how salacious

  • AG

    I’m going to have nightmares about Mike Tisdale.

  • Giddings

    And there it is! The ESPN headline: “Tisdale, Illinois pull off upset of No.24 Michigan”

  • Kevin in GR

    1. Why didn’t Gibson get more PT? He would have matched up better against Tisdale and took the pressure off Sims of guarding him.
    2. Why didn’t Manny look to post up the smaller Frazier? He wasn’t having a lot of success driving on him.
    3. As someone suggested here earlier I believe, why don’t we look to press if we’re going to use a smaller, quicker lineup?

  • Drew

    Sure, I’m overreacting, but does anyone else feel like they watched the first half of a Beilein team and the second half on an Amaker team? Eh.

  • Kat

    We lost tonight, and still somehow moved up ~4 spots in the RPI?? I think we only moved up 1 when we beat Iowa… I know it depends on how everyone else does, but does that seem strange to you all?

    And Drew, I totally agree. I was impressed at our ability to get in there for the defensive rebounds in the first half, which I think have been lacking in some of our earlier games, but the second just got progressively more painful to watch as our boys got more desperate.

  • Bad shooting night and Ill making shots in the 2nd half. Eh whatever, road loss to a quality team. It’s gonna be a malox chugging big ten season, OSU is critical once again.

  • The RPI goes up because first off RPI is based on your opponents winning percentages (ILL is 14-2) and second it’s a road game which always gives a little boost.

  • Kat

    Right, the fact that it was a road game would give us a boost if we won…