Game 16: Iowa at Michigan Plus/Minus

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Giddings

    1) Has there been any game yet where the 1-3-1 had a higher PPP than the Man? Doesn’t seem like it… of course we’re kinda limited on when we can play the 1-3-1 (after a made basket) so there is a limit.

    2) I’m going out on a limb here and saying that while Manny is our best player, Peedi may be our most important player. We’ve seen glimpses of this since last year, when Manny was putting up double figures every night while Peedi was like a roller coaster (and our record showed it). This year Peedi’s been consistently showing up, and so has the team.

  • Robert 04


    I actually believe that Peedi is the best and most important player on the team. Manny is more versatile and perhaps more “talented” because he can dish, score, and rebound. If Manny doesn’t get to the line, he usually has to force the action (read:take bad shots/threes). I believe that until Manny is a consistent shooter from 15 (really 18+) he will not be our best player when not getting to the line. Manny gets others involved and rebounds so he is definitely important. But if he’s not scoring off steals or drives then he sometimes seems like a lesser option than Lucas Perry (who gets more driving the lane calls) or gasp (rarely) CJ LEE. Deshawn on the other hand = Duke Game. When he is on the post and with the fadeaway/turnaround jumper as well as rebounds, he makes us more formiddable. Gibson can’t approach Peedi. LLP can somewhat be Manny (I understand he doesn’t rebound or involve others as well but otherwise he drives and gets steals).
    I believe Deshawn has more NBA potential RIGHT NOW. R-I-G-H-T N-O-W. Manny to me is an undersized poor man’s Josh Howard with a streakier shot. He’ll stick in the league but be a poor worse shooting version of Rodney Stuckey (before Rip Hamilton got hurt)