Monday Polls: Michigan Back In Top 25

Dylan Burkhardt

Thanks to a 2-0 week and West Virginia, Boston College, and Tennessee all slipping up, Michigan is ranked again.

Michigan finds themselves at #24 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and #25 in the AP Poll. Michigan has a huge week ahead with a big road game at Illinois before the Saturday night home game against the Buckeyes. The game at Illinois will be very tough but Michigan should be able to manage a 1-1 week.

There are three other Big Ten teams that are ranked: Michigan State (#10/#7),  Minnesota (#17/#18), and Purdue (#19). Illinois is just outside the polls at #27/#28 while Wisconsin is further down at #34/#33. We keep talking about the Big Ten being very strong but with teams like Illinois and Wisconsin not getting much love it doesn’t seem like the media is really giving the conference much love. The conference’s RPI average still ranks 2nd, just behind the ACC, but I just worry about the conference beating up on themselves too much.


Programming Notes

Plus/Minus articles from the last two games will be up today and tomorrow. I’ll probably just do mostly raw data for the Indiana game because it’s so late and there are some other things that I want to write.

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  • JimC

    CJ Lee is great!!

    For sure about no love for the B10. To me, IL looks like they’ll end up in the top 3 or 4 of the B10 (consider big wins at PU and away vs. Mo) and still no ranking!
    Inflated Minn has benefited from an easy schedule. They’ll come back to earth at WI on Thurs!

  • El Capitan

    I think the Big Ten is going to severely hamper their overall reputation over the course of the conference season because of how competitive conference play is. I don’t see any team in the Big Ten being able to beat a school twice in one year (with the exception of Indiana and Northwestern)

    The reasoning behind this is simple: the coaching in the Big Ten is phenomenal, home court advantage is always a factor, and the athletes on every team are too great to consistently lose. The parity in this conference is ridiculous, and unless a few teams get incredibly lucky, the Big Ten will not have more than 4 teams ranked at a time this season.

    Think about it. MSU will probably be ranked for the rest of the season, but that’s it. If any other ranked team loses just ONE game, they will not be ranked the next week. This applies to Purdue, Minnesota, us, and Illinois/Wisconsin/Ohio State if they move into the top 25.

    Keeping that in mind, I think it’s crucial for our team to stay sharp the rest of the way. I have a bad feeling about the game at Illinois, but I’m also convinced that OSU is a fraud.

    Illinois 77, Michigan 71
    Michigan 80, Ohio State 67

  • sdl

    Just a thought:

    The RPI is designed to not penalize conferences for in-conference games. Every in-conference game produces a neutral .500 value for a conference. As all conferences play about the same number of games, this value has about the same effect on every conference. Therefore, conference RPI is almost entirely determined by inter-conference games. Also, the RPI is generally flawed anyways because it cannot account for the talent gap between the top conferences and mid majors. A team (or conference) can build a respectable RPI by playing a bunch of teams like Stephen F. Austin, namely teams that produce great records, win their conference big, but get shelled in the NCAA tournament when they finally go up against top competition because the RPI gives a 50% weight to opponents winning percentage.