Game 15: Michigan at Indiana Plus/Minus

Dylan Burkhardt
  • UMDC

    Great work, much appreciated.

    It’s interesting to see the overall numbers for the guys start to filter out to about what one would expect (although Manny doesn’t look too good, which probably reflects reality to a degree during B10 play).

    I think JB is using Lee perfectly. Yes, his numbers and play would seem to suggest that he should be out there more, but my guess is that we’d see diminishing returns from Lee with every minute above 10 (or so) played per game.

  • I agree with UMDC’s assessment of how Beilein is using Lee- he is using him just right. Maybe an extra minute or two in the first halves, but otherwise, keep it the way it is.

  • I will go ahead and 3rd that about Lee. He is being used perfectly by Beilein. Ideally Lee plays 5 minutes in the 1st half the same in the 2nd, or not at at all.

  • As Graham mentioned yesterday in the comments….

    Throwback unis on Saturday. :-)

  • Jacques Auef

    late it is! you are fired! :P