Friday News and Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

Just a quick post today because I’ve got some kind of stomach flu bug. Iowa game preview should be up tomorrow. No live blog for the Darius Morris game but please leave comments in the comments if you watch the game.

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  • GBMDC02

    Dylan, both of the links at the bottom go to the same Freep story…thanks dude, great site as always.

  • Kevin in GR

    Get well soon Dylan! Are you a gametime decision for Sunday? :)

  • Giddings

    Dang, hope it’s just a one-day thing. Will there be +/- for the Indiana game or no?

  • UMDC

    I think this quote answers the “why isn’t Shep playing more?” question:

    “If you have a bunch of shooters on the floor, you can run more stuff and have a chance to succeed that way.”

  • Kevin in GR

    Matt Shephard on the Huge Show:
    -Said that the Maryland game was the turning point of the season
    -LLP = Shooter
    -Rebounding improvement will take some time.
    -Thinks 19 wins gets them in tourney, or 18 with a win over MSU/Purdue
    -Too early to say if they are a Big 10 title contender

  • JimC

    Get well soon Dylan. Enjoy the MSU-KU game tomorrow maybe.

  • ryan

    Michigan has been very balenced scoring wise in the 3 big ten games this season. INdiana was balenced with 4 at 12.1.
    Harris and LLP are both averaging 14.
    Sims is averaging 13.7.
    Novak averaging 12.3.
    I think this is key to success. If 4 guys continue to produce like this their will be success the rest of the season.

  • The flu bug is definitely going around- I am not surprised it made it to campus. Get well soon, Dylan.

  • MattNYC

    I love Shephard’s passion but not sure what he’s talking about here. LLP is a what I’d call a “scorer” (at the college level at least) and the MD game was not in any definition of the word a “turnaround”. They haven’t played that well since then, they were playing (by an objective measure of quality of opponent and wins) much better before that game.

    As for rebounding that will always be a weakness of the 1-3-1, but if they are forcing TOs and bad shots it doesn’t hurt that much. 1-3-1 is a risk/reward type set anyways.

    18 wins means 9-9 in the B11, you have to think that’s a tourney team when it all shakes out. Obviously 10-8 (19-10 overall) in the B11 is a tourney spot, but I feel 9-9 (win one game in the B11 tourney) is pretty much a lock as well.

  • JRose

    Get well Dylan! Hope you are able to enjoyt the game tomorrow. Love the site and thnaks for all the info!

  • Kevin in GR

    Shephard talked about the MD game being a “turning point”, but I wasn’t able to listen to all of his reasoning why. I believe it was because there was a practice soon after that game where Beilein (uncharacteristically) really lit into the team saying this isn’t how UM plays, etc…..thus turning the loss at MD into a great teaching tool….as the next game was home v Duke and we all know what happened there!

  • Sheryl

    Here’s a Novak interview link, There is also one with JB.
    Hope you feel better soon Dylan!

  • Avery Queen

    This is unrelated but Mich is 62nd in kenpom and Niagra is 63rd. Niagra shares the same record with losses to Villanova (ok they are solid), Akron (ok not a terrible team), 4-10 Chattanooga (awful) with their best win coming over Buffalo (102 kenpom ranking).

    So someone tell me how a system evaluates these two teams’ season performances essentially equally.

  • Giddings

    I think that kenpom takes stuff like margin of victory into account, and we haven’t truly blown away many teams (I think the biggest win was over Eastern by 31). I wouldn’t be surprised if it also puts a lot of weight on defensive efficiency, which we are quite bad at.

    You can probably go to the site and look it up somewhere.

  • JimC

    Even RPI which might be the most objective ranking has it’s flaws: Miami OH, at 7-5, is currently RPI #12 !!

  • Nice post Avery Queen! It just goes to show that those rankings are garbage anyway you try to justify them. If you want to rank teams watch games and see who they beat and who they lose to. UM still has the best 2 wins in college basketball against teams currently in the top 10 and has zero bad losses. The Wisconsin loss will prove to be no big deal when Bo Ryan and his robots win the league again.

  • Kevin in GR

    D-Mo Game notes:
    -They play “I love L.A.” as pregame music (along with “Let’s go”, the “Bulls” intro music and some other stuff I didn’t know) Where’s the pep band”? :)
    -Tip off around 7:25 (10:25 EST)
    -Keegan Hornbuckle on opposing team, former UM target I believe?
    -D Mo hits back to back 3’s to open game. Winward jumps out to 17-5 lead with 2 min to go in 1Q. D-Mo with about 8 pt, 2 asst. Winward shooting a lot of 3’s! End of 1. D-Mo 8 pts, 3 asst.
    -2Q – Driving layup for D-mo. 24-21 with 4:49 to go in half (Winward up) Campbell Hall starting to double D-Mo, forcing him to give it up. Fast break layup for D-mo, Stover with a couple blocks into the crowd but not impressed at all with him otherwise. Another 3 for D-Mo! One more lay-up in traffic for D-Mo just before half. Winward up 33-29. If my addition is right, he has 17 pts and 3 asst at half.

  • Kevin in GR

    3Q – I missed the first half of the quarter due to technical issues, sorry! D-Mo seems to be good with either hand. 43-39 with 3 to go. Tonight, his defenders have been about his same size. Time out – Now they are playing some “Eddie Money” :) Misses a 15 foot baseline shot. Now he’s looking to post up with a smaller defender on him. D-Mo with a nice assist out of the post. I don’t believe he’s been out of the game yet tonight. He shoots a deep 3 at the end of the quarter……airball :( Campbell Hall up 47-45.
    4Q – This must be L.A……Now they are playing “Yesterdays’s gone” during the time out. D-Mo called for charging on a baseline drive. Great dribble drive through the lane, but couldn’t finish (We’ve seen that before!) Another missed shot in traffic for D-Mo. :( Not many, if any rebounds for him tonight. Time out: Now they are playing “Pretty young thing”..taking me back to the 80s! He tried forcing a couple things on drives which resulted in turnovers. 57-50 Campbell Hall with a little over a minute to go. D-Mo had another drive down the lane in traffic, but couldn’t finish. He seems to have great handles and vision. He had a couple drives in the last minute, but couldn’t finish in traffic. Campbell Hall wins going away 70-52.

  • Thanks Kevin. I’m going to have to try to catch a replay. Sounds like Darius carried them about as far as he could.

  • Kevin in GR

    Here’s a link to a game recap:,0,1367268.column?track=rss

    D-Mo finished with 18pts, with only 2 in the 2nd half. He had a handful of drives down the lane in traffic (difficult shots) he missed, but I think he only took one 3pt shot.