Thursday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • gobluemich

    OT question: How did Deshawn get the nickname Peedi?

  • Brick

    The same way Corperryale (sp?) got Manny.

    Dylan, the comeback was a little more than luck. We would actually have done it quicker if not for things like dribbling the ball off a leg or blowing a 3 on 1.

    While it’s hard to shoot over 50% on threes, it’s also hard to shoot 20%. We were bound to start making and they were bound to start missing. There was a little luck but you have to give some credit also. They won every 4 minute interval and that was the plan. Sounds a little methodical to me.

  • Alright Brick, a little more than luck. But if Indiana makes probably one play in the last 5 minutes they win. That’s at least cutting it close.

  • Adam

    How come when you come back in the second half it’s often seen as lucky? Rarely does anyone call a first half lucky. Both teams know going in that the game is 40 minutes long and the outcome is in doubt until it’s over. I wouldn’t call it lucky, I’d call it winning.

  • JimC

    I thought there was a little luck…there were several calls in the last 5 mins that went our way too.
    But M did it and I just hope the team gains maturity/nerve for the future road games.

  • jmblue

    Heh, you might want to put quotes around the “I would have rather lost by 20…” quote to indicate that it was an IU fan that said that, and not yourself ;).

  • MattNYC

    CW seems to have swung way too low on this team. I’ve said it before, but wins over UCLA and Duck and ILL and IU on the road and blowing out NE are not “lucky” wins when take their aggregate value. They are signs that this is a pretty damn good team.

    Anybody that expects this team to contend for the Final Four or expects this team to contend for a 10/11 spot is way off IMO.

    This is a solid 5-8 seed team that should finish 9-9 or 10-8 in conference. 9-9 probably gets an 8, 10-8 with a nice run in the B10 tourney might get a 5 or 6.

    The defense worries me quite a bit, but the offense is there, and guys are stepping up big time like Novak and Lee and Gibson are stepping up big time. You could say that IU wins if they make one more play down the stretch, but IU also wins if CJ Lee isn’t being coached up to all hell and comes in and just ignites UM in the late 2nd half.

    KenPom is too flakey to rely on right now, not enough data IMO. Wait until late January and if UM is still under 40 I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong.

  • Giddings

    Re-watching the 2nd half right now… my favorite part has to be at the 12:48 mark – right after Novak makes a three to cut the lead to 10, they show him back on defense and he is FIRED UP! Then sure enough, he ends up with a huge block, gets the ball, and Stu comes down and hits a three.

  • MooN

    Anyone know where I can get the second half. I had a rec hoops game that start at 8:15?

  • UMDC

    I’m thinking the same way you are, MattNYC. This is a good team, not great, but good. Good teams play well at times and at times they play poorly. I’m just hanging on for the ride.

  • AdamSez

    This is from ESPN, not about Mich but seems familiar…

    “During the 2006-07 season, Butler and Southern Illinois figured prominently in the national polls all season, and each ended up taking a trip to the Sweet 16.

    Many were flummoxed as to how either could have succeeded. Butler was tragically undersized, often outrebounded by double digits, and was prone to horrible shooting nights.

  • AdamSez

    I know this is the Big Ten, not the Horizon League.

  • JimC

    Novak needs a nickname.
    How about “Doughy” or “Doughboy”.
    Don’t fight it. Embrace it!

    Other than that, “Scarface” or maybe “First Blood” works.

    Go Doughboy!!!!!!