Darius Morris Video: Windward vs. Crossroads

Dylan Burkhardt

More Darius Morris video from Tom, this one is from a blow win over Crossroads. Here are Tom’s comments on the game:

This was Windward’s first conference game of the season and Crossroads didn’t offer much resistance as Windward won 61-35.  Crossroads has a 6’10 center who provided a big body but was not that skilled.  The game was close in the first quarter as Darius got off to a slow start but he got hot in the 2nd quarter and they pulled away.  By the 4th quarter it was a 30 point game and Darius sat out most of it.  After missing his first 5 shots, he hit 10-12 (the two misses came on the same play) from the field and 1-2 from the line to finish with 21 points.  He probably could have put 40 on the board but he only had 4 field goal attempts in the second half (3 on fast breaks) and was content to set up his teammates.  I continue to be impressed by not only his ability on the court but also the way that he carries himself.  After having guys like Avery Queen, Mo Searight, Dom Ingerson, etc. in the program – it’s great that we were able to get somebody that is not only a top-100 talent but also a great kid who will represent the program well on and off the floor.

Windward has a HUGE game against conference rival and LA Times’ 11th ranked team, Campbell Hall, at Windward this Saturday at 7pm.  If any Michigan fans in the area are interested in seeing Darius play, that would be a great game to attend.

  • MooN

    When Darius arrives, he brings the fire! I wish I could be as cool as him….

    Good soundtrack!

  • Giddings

    One thing that stood out to me is that he looks as comfortable finishing with his left hand as he does with his right hand. It would be nice to have a guard who can finish on the break, wouldn’t it?

    Okay, so that was kind of a swipe at Kelvin and LLP, but I still love ’em both.

  • Bobby

    I hope Darius pans out and he looked good…but I really didn’t get any insight from the video. He was being guarded by a kid that was like a foot smaller than him. I came away from that video thinking about how bad the other team was. They looked like a middle school team. Dave Merritt could have put up 50 against them.

  • Sheryl
  • AdamSez

    Thaks for continuing to get the scoop on Darius!! would have to pay for this kind of insight anywhere else!!

  • El Capitan

    I totally agree with Bobby. Anybody who can dribble a basketball could tear that team apart. Having said that, I still think he will be a great college player. He has good vision and seemed to be able to control the tempo

    Of course, this is all coming from that video, so I don’t have that good of a sense for how he actually plays.

    Oh, and I’m lovin those high socks

  • WW

    Hi all,

    Here at Windward School, we will be streaming this Saturday’s game vs. Campbell Hall LIVE on the school’s Web site at 7 p.m. PST @ http://www.windwardschool.org. A bunch of Div. I kids on the court from both teams, including Darius. Should be fun.

    The game will also be archived on the site to be viewed later.

  • KurtD

    I smell a liveblog opportunity, Dylan.

  • Jacques Auef

    Crossroads is a private school (~30k a year) that caters to the spoiled children of Hollywood libs and entertainers. The fact that their basketball team got smoked is not surprising.

  • Bluebufoon

    Sheryl– thanks for the links on Vogrich.

    From former Ohio State assistant coach Paul Biancardi’s on ESPN.com answering a question on Michigan recruiting:

    John (Detroit): Does Michigan have anyone of note coming in for 2009? I like what Beilein is building. Need more talent though. Thanks!

    SportsNation Paul Biancardi: John, Matt Vorgrich will give the Wolverines a high basketball IQ and a nice 3-pt jump shot. Darius Morris gives them a point guard with good size at 6’3. These two players are great compliments to each other. They bring a good feel for the game which John Beilein puts a premium on. They’re two players that fit well into a structured program.

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  • Nicholas

    If everything pans out he should end up averaging near 20 points per game his senior year with Matt Vogrich complimenting him with 15 or could easily be vice versa or if Vogrich finds his stroke he could be one of the only couple Michigan players to average over 25 points per game heck and maybe even 30 if he averages 7 threes a game