Darius Morris Video: Windward vs. Leuzinger

Dylan Burkhardt

This wasn’t the best night for Darius and his Windward team as they lost 59-49 and Darius Morris had 16 points. Luckily UMHoops correspondent and commenter WTHef was on hand and got some more video. Again this isn’t exactly a highlight film because it’s only one game but it’s another chance to see Darius in action. Make sure to play it in full screen because it’s very high quality, I would also classify the lyrics as not safe for work.

My typical Monday recruiting roundup will be on Tuesday this week but this should hold you over for now. Plus/Minus is also almost done, that’ll probably be posted Monday afternoon.

  • Tom_McC

    Just an fyi on this game…Leuzinger is one of the best teams in the state and they have taken Westchester(best team in the state) to the brink both times they played them.

    Leuzinger has really good, quick, tough and smart guards and they are talented. I’ve seen them play about 4 times this year.

    Just wanted to give you guys some background on the competition as you evaluate Darius’ play.

  • aMaized

    WTheF, thanks for posting the vid. BTW, what are the titles of the tracks?

  • WTHef?

    aMaized – its Gravel Pit by Wu Tang

    Tom_McC – thanks for pointing that out. I actually hadn’t realized how well regarded they were. Just checked and they are #8 in the LA Times Top 25 (Windward is #16). It was an odd game with a strange flow so it was difficult to tell how good they were. You are absolutely right about their guards though – you can see in the video how they were all over Darius. I like that 6’7 kid they have underneath – he’s impressive. A couple inches taller and the high majors would have been all over him.

  • 7

    Darius seems to have a tendency (at least in that vid) to jump-pass. He’ll need to stop that once he gets to the next level. Still, I’m really excited to see him at Crisler next year…

  • Ryan

    I have seen him listed as a combo guard. Does he play any of the 2? Not that we would use him at the 2, because we will be stacked there, but I was just wondering.

  • Ryan

    We will be so deep next year, I don’t know how beilien will work the lineups:
    PG: Grady, Morris
    SG: LLP, Vogrich, Douglass
    SF: Manny, Wright? ?? Will he move one of the SG here? Vogrich Might be the most likely canidate with his size.
    PF: Sims, Mclimans, Wright
    C: Gibson, Morgan

  • Ryan: You forgot Novak, he would be the most likely to play the three IMO but you also have to get him on the court in other ways (at the 2 and 4 presumably) because he needs to play more minutes than just when Manny sits.

    D-Mo could be a 2-guard because he has size and isn’t lightning quick but he is being brought in to the be the guy at PG. It also is worth noting that offensively the 1 and the 2 are very very similar in Beilein’s offense.

  • Ryan

    wow, yeah Novak was a big miss. Don’t know how I did that.

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  • Ryan

    I also didn’t mention Cronin.