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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Giddings

    Those quotes from Noopy’s AAU coach are exactly why I’m glad we have JB at the helm. Beilein would never make “promises” regarding playing time, and he would stay far far away from guys like Noopy that put “me” before “we”. The quotes also back up my point about Noopy following his “handlers” which screams Memphis, Tennessee, or the likes.

  • Ky Fox

    Strongly agreed Gid’s. You cannot underestimate the ability or philosophy JB implements regarding team unity, and chemistry to the program. It also goes back to JB being a much better judge of talent and his ability to develop talent than guys like John Cal, Thad Matta, so on and so forth. Those guys are very good recruiters but lack the ability to get on a personal level with their players. Teams of that nature usually have a lot of “I’s” on the team.