Game 12: North Carolina Central at Michigan Preview

Dylan Burkhardt

: Michigan (9-2) vs North Carolina Central (0-14)
Where: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI
When: Monday, December 29th 7pm ET
Preview: Stat Sheet
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ-AM (950), WTKA-AM (1050)

Ken Pomeroy has North Carolina Central ranked 344th in his latest rankings, dead last.  The Eagles are flat out not a very good team. Only one of their losses has come to an RPI top 50 team but they have 5 losses by more than 30 points.

The Eagles have an eFG% of 39.5, turn the ball over on 25.7% of their possessions, rebound 28.8% of their misses, and have a free throw rate of only 18.2. All of these rank below 290th in the country.

NC Central’s leading scorers are Jamar Briscoe (14.4 ppg, 32.8%) and Vincent Davis (12.2 ppg, 34.3%). They also appear to lean heavily on 6-9 center Stevy Worah-Ozimo who averages 35.3mpg, 8.4 ppg, and 8.3 rpg.

This is a game Michigan should clearly win easily and it will be the last tune up before the Wisconsin game on Wednesday. This is a chance for Michigan to knock off the holiday funk before jumping head first into the conference season.

I don’t have much else to say about this game but here are a couple things that stand out from Michigan’s KenPom profile as we near conference season:

  • 2nd in the country in free throw percentage.
  • 6th in the country in adjusted offensive efficiency.
  • 14th in turnover percentage.
  • 22nd in steal percentage.
  • 63rd with an eFG% of 52.3% but three point shooting is at 35% (134th) while two point shooting is at a very solid 52.2% (48th).
  • As expected Michigan’s offensive rebound percentage ranks 202nd and free throw rate ranks 183rd.
  • 43.9% of Michigan’s shots are three pointers (19th in the country) and 65.9% of made baskets come off of assists (15th)
  • Defensively Michigan continues to be very mediocre with an adjusted defensive efficiency of 94.7 (130th). Surprisingly the thing they seem to defend best is the three point shot, Michigan’s opponents are shooting only 29.2% from long range (compared to 38% last year).
  • Taking a look at last year’s profile is a nice way to look at the improvements already this season. Michigan has improved dramatically in just about every way offensively. Certainly these numbers could go down a little bit in conference play but this team’s profile is starting to look a lot more like Beilein’s teams at West Virginia (05 & 06) than I would have expected.

Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions for tonight’s game in the comments.

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  • BJ

    Michigan 72 UConn 69

  • Hmm? UConn?

  • ryan

    I look for a 30 point win. I think it could be alot worse but Belein will throw everyone in. Maybe we will see a little Corey Person today! He is a great kid, I hope he gets atleast a little PT over the year. This may be his last chance
    MIchigan: 87
    NCCU: 55

  • Evan

    Based on all the info Dylan provided, you would think Beilein would treat this as a glorified scrimmage and tune-up for Wisconsin and Illinois. So I would judge the success of this game not on the score but on what we work on in preparation for our first two Big Ten games. Dylan, can you give us any look forward at Wisconsin and Illinois to suggest what we need to do to beat those two teams, and then we can watch tonight’s game to see whether the team looks in shape in those areas? We can also attempt to reverse engineer Beilein’s approach to Wisconsin and Illinois by seeing what they focus on tonight.


  • Kenny

    Beilein will try to do some fine tuning on the offense and defense tonight, but won’t be surprised that he will throw some different looks when Wisconsin is in town.

    prediction, Michigan by 20.

  • ryan: Corey doesn’t dress, he is red shirting this year similar to Eric Puls.

  • ryan

    Thanks for the Info Dylan, I did not know that. Living in kentucky I don’t really get to watch the games let alone get to go the games and see personally.

  • Jay

    UM by 30 tonight. Will be interested to see how much time LLP gets. Really think he gives us more than either Merritt or Douglass.

  • ryan

    He does, but I think he will continue to get 20-25 off the bench. He has an all around game, where as stu is very one demensional… especially offensivley.

  • Trevor

    I disagree to an extent about Stu’s one-dimensionality – he doesn’t create anything off the dribble, but he has shown some pretty impressive passing instincts. I forget the game, but I remember a behind the head pass he made on the break to Peedi that was downright pretty.

  • Ky Fox

    Agreed Trevor…agreed.

  • dabadeeblue

    any links to live stream guys? thanks in advance.

    GO BLUE!

  • JimC

    Should win by 30. The only danger I see is that the team could get sloppy and lose some of the focus & discipline they’ve shown against solid apponents, and that focus will be a requirement on Wed.

    Someone here said the WI game is huge because, with a win, M could be 14-2 going to IL.

  • Dylan

    Sims to the lockerroom with what looked like a tweaked ankle. Didn’t look too bad but worrisome.

  • Dylan

    He’s back In….

  • WTHEF?

    Timmex seems to be down…anyone got a link to a stream to watch the game?

  • jg

    ok completely lame performance so far, but A+++ to whoever has the scotland flag in the bleachers. I vote for random country flag for each game.

    also, manny being manny imo.

  • jg

    who gave LLP grady-itis?

    10-2 going into the conference. I’m excited.

  • Giddings

    That was pretty awkward watching LLP miss that layup near the end… it almost looked like Manny scared him.

  • rlc

    Dylan: Puls played a minute tonight – are you sure he’s redshirting?

  • Ky Fox

    Yes I agree Giddings. What the heck happened there? Oh well. I get so darn frustrated with Gibby sometimes I could just pull my hair out! I guess maybe the tailbone injury has some lingering effects. JoMo hurry

  • rlc: He redshirted last year. My last post was about Corey Person redshirting this year. Sorry for not being more clear.