Ben Cronin Will Redshirt

Dylan Burkhardt

Cronin’s likely medical redshirt has been rumored for a while but it was made official today. Cronin will undergo surgery on Wednesday January 14th and will sit out 5-6 months during rehabilitation. In limited minutes this season Cronin has played with a noticeable limp and I think this is definitely the right decision in the long run. Quotes:


“After discussing Ben’s condition with his family and the U-M medical staff we have decided surgery is the appropriate action,” said Beilein. “Even though it is a setback, Ben has been fantastic with his attitude and his determination to get healthy as soon as he is able to rejoin the team.”


“It is a disappointment that I will not be able to practice and help this team get better, but I know this surgery is the best option for me right now,” said Cronin. “I am excited to get healthy and put this hip issue behind me. I am going to take it slow, but I know I will be working as hard as I can over the next five to six months to be ready for next season.”

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  • Lets hope Ben can come back full speed next year, I think he has some good potential and character. He was already becoming a crowd favorite, I feel bad for him but thats life I guess.

  • JBlo

    Does anyone know the nature of his hip injury?

  • Bigplaybray

    I was on Ben’s flight today from Detroit to Syracuse, his hometown. His limp was quite noticeable, and it was clearly bothering him. He said that the doctors feel that the surgery will relieve the pain, and friction completely.

    It was quite a sight seeing him cram into such a small plane.

  • Andrew

    I like Ben’s potential, but I was anticipating a redshirt. I just wish he wasn’t injured so he could still practice with the team and refine his skills. Good luck on the surgery Ben.

  • Giddings

    I’m sure that trying to fit a 7’1″ frame into those plane seats makes his hip feel great…

  • Brick

    I believe he has a torn hip labrum. The surgery should fix it.

    This is actually for the best. He would have had a limited role this year if healthy and he could be a beast by year 5.

  • Cronin will be needed down the road, that’s for sure. But I have trouble seeing him fit into this system. We don’t want a 7 footer playing outside do we?

    Though hopefully he can be a defensive presence like Udoh was.

  • jmblue

    There’s nothing wrong with a big man playing outside, at least part of the time. That will draw opposing big men outside as well and open up the interior for penetration and backdoor cuts.