Moving Up

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan moves to #26 in the new AP poll and #28 in the Coaches Poll. There are plenty of chances for movement this week near the bottom of the poll. Davidson (22) plays at Purdue, Memphis (23) plays Syracuse, Marquette (24) at Tennessee, Clemson (25) plays at Miami (would probably swap if Miami wins), and Arizona State (20) plays undefeated BYU (would also probably swap).

I still think the polls are pretty irrelevant and as long as Michigan keeps winning they will get their props in the national media. I think this one is mostly for the fans, who seem pretty set on getting back into the top 25 for the first time since Daniel Horton’s senior year.

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  • BL11

    The main thing that matters is the RPI if you ask me. And right now the RPI is noticing our victories. We have been top 20 since the UCLA victory with only NCC and FGCU as potential RPI busters (even when we win).

    Anyone know if WTKA podcasts aren’t working or if my link is bad. Haven’t been able to get them in over a week now. Dylan i know you have linked these before…do you know whats up? Thanks

  • AG2

    I for one feel that rankings *do* matter. Ranked teams are talked about more, their scores get first billing in the newspaper, and come tournament time, they receive the benefit of the doubt when it comes to seeding and getting in.

  • BL11

    I agree that they do matter…im not saying that at all I am just saying that RPI is a factor of the NCAA selection not coaches rankings. Trust me I want this team to be ranked for the rest of the year but if they aren’t I won’t be that upset because the wins and tourny are what is more important.

  • Mike F

    I agree w/ AG2, it matters because Sportscenter usually only shows highlights from Top 25 teams and the exposure is much better. We want to have publicity while things are going well in case the Big Ten season is not as successful…it will help put things in perspective for the selection committee, etc.

  • The Oracle

    With NFL getting ready for playoffs and wildcard races heating up, CBB is hardly getting any play at all on Sportscenter right now anyway. During conference season is when all the top 25 will get shown highlights of, they’ll have more Bilas, Katz, etc. doing segments. Right now it doesn’t matter. Give it time.

  • JimC

    Check this ranking from CBS Sportsline:
    M #25 and MSU nowhere!