Thursday News & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan 63 – Notre Dame 59 (OT). Huge win for the womens hoops team last night as they knocked off #8 Notre Dame at home. For all your womens hoops info make sure to check out this blog. The team is 6-4 but they have played 4 top 15 teams and beaten two of them (Notre Dame and Vanderbilt).

Power Rankings. SI has U-M at #12 in their latest power rankings. They also mention this interview with John Beilein where he mentions that Michigan doesn’t deserved to be ranked. If he can continue to use this as a motivator I’m all for it.

“UFR” I’m still working on a UFR-type post for the Duke game. I have had a couple issues though and it will probably come out next week.

Mailbag. Start emailing me some questions, I want to have kind of a weekly question and answer posts.

Note: I upgraded to the new version of WordPress so let me know if you see any problems.

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  • This is why I had Michigan #1 in my Big Ten rankings.

  • Jalen Rose

    Any place that the Duke game will be rebroadcast?

  • It’s on if your ISP has it…

  • Jacques Auef

    Beilein’s best motivator is the fact that Savannah St almost beat U of M while that same team got it’s ass handed to it by Georgetown.

  • Kenny

    Dylan, you might want to update the schedule in this website. The duke win is not recorded, and the TV broadcast information is missing for next 4 games, and the Connecticut games on Feb 7(will be on ESPN I believe). Speaking of that games, I don’t understand why we want to add such a tough road game in the middle of a brutal conference season.

  • John

    Thought his comments regarding Novak’s defense were interesting. It is always interesting to see the take of a coach V. a fan on a player. Most of the comments from fans talk about Novak’s shooting and a perceived lack of athleticism, however, I thought he was getting more minutes down the stretch just as much for his defense, than his shooting, and the coach just confirmed that.

    Gotta like were that’s headed in the future.

  • Ky Fox

    Very true John. I think Zack will only gain athletic ability. Hes not the most athletic guy but the more he plays the better he will get…my gosh the guy is only a freshman. Lookin good for the future!