Recruiting Notes: Morgan, Vogrich, and Morgan

Dylan Burkhardt

I don’t know that I’m going to be able to post about recruiting once per week. I’ll stick to just a couple notables for today.

Jordan Morgan

Morgan got off to a bit of a rough start Monday night. U-D Jesuit blew out Detroit Community and Providence bound big man James Still but Morgan was ejected late in the third quarter.

Morgan received his first technical for disputing a call with an official. The second was called for hanging on the rim after a dunk. Morgan finished with eight points and six rebounds.

Not the best start for Jordan but it’s a long season.

Matt Vogrich

The Illinois guard had himself a great night in Lake Forest’s overtime loss to Warren. Vogrich was matched up with Illinois bound guard Brandon Paul. Vogrich scored 18 of Lake Forest’s first 20 points and assisted the other basket. Vogrich finished the night with 39 points and 9 rebounds. Vogrich had a shot to win it at the buzzer in regulation but his shot was long and he didn’t have enough in the tank to pull off the overtime win.

Moses Morgan

I forgot about Moses in my first recruiting update of the year, it looks like he is off to a solid start. Morgan had 21 points in a win over Coronado including 15 in the second half after being limited by fouls in the first.

Morgan also had 17 points in a win over Silverado on Monday night as well.

Morgan is definitely still a solid Michigan target and seems to be playing well. I’d imagine that John Beilein will try to get him back on campus in the near future.

Ray Lee

Freshman Ray Lee helped Robichaud to a win over Ann Arbor Pioneer last night. Lee had 14 points including a late three and a pair of free throws in front of John Beilein himself. Ray Lee was at several football games this year and Beilein is putting in the early leg work.

  • romatt

    so you think you’ll be doing updates a few times a week?

  • Yes I think so. That’s what I did most of last year. I don’t know if I want to stick to some kind of rigid posting schedule… Like Recruiting Monday and Thursday or something. Thoughts?

  • Justin C

    Sounds like Jordan has certainly become more aggressive…probably not a bad thing. Seems like a good kid and probably just got overly excited about the first game, his rep as a Michigan commit, etc. Can’t wait to get another big body on the bench next year.

  • Giddings

    Dylan I was thinking about “unique” features for the site, and something that I really wish we could get for college basketball is +/- statistics. There are many NBA stat websites which have breakdowns of not only +/- for each individual player, but also each lineup combination.

    I’m not sure how complicated it would be to put this together, but it would be VERY interesting to see which lineup has the best +/- numbers, how Ant compares to Shep individually, how Novak compares to Stu, etc.

    Even if you can’t do it for the season, maybe just for the big games (Duke, UCLA, etc)…

  • El Capitan

    I’m still not sold on Morgan as a great post player. Sure, he seems like he will provide another big body in the paint for us next year (which we sorely lack after Peedi) but at the same time I’m not sure how much skill he has. I, myself have never seen him play but his stats only reaffirm my doubts. It seems like the other recruits like Vogrich and Morris have way better stats than him, and while I’m still glad he’s coming to Michigan, I’m very skeptical about how he will contribute.

  • Colby

    Dylan, I wanted to get your opinion on why we are not hearing more about 2010 targets who could replace Deshawn. Regan is the only name that comes up, and recently Payne but he seems more like a wing. JB needs a recruit to come in and contribute. Thoughts? By the way keep up the great work.

  • Ken in Vegas

    El Capitan, I feel the same way. I’ve just never heard anything but mediocre reviews, and I’ve never seen anything but mediocre stat lines. With Vogrich I’ve heard, “He’s lights out from three!” With Morris I’ve heard “He’s got all the skills you would want in a point!” But with Morgan, all I’ve heard is “He’s hefty! He should be able to throw some weight around!” I think we need that, but I’m more intriqued by the development of Cronin, who we can basically consider a part of the next recruiting class.

  • Ken in Vegas

    That being said, Jordan, if you’re reading this….I hope you prove me wrong and welcome to the Michigan team. Anybody who loves Michigan and will play hard for them is a friend to me.

  • Colby: I think they want to take a big… Regan and a wing… Zeigler. Then they might add a third player due to attrition, presumably another scorer at this point you would think a guy like Hardaway Jr. or Morgan.

    Looking at the scholly situation you have Cronin, McLimans, and Morgan who all provide some size. Cronin and Morgan can bang and McLimans has skill and length. You add another guy like Regan and that’s a pretty solid core of big men.

    1. RS Sr. – WF – Anthony Wright
    2. Sr. – SG – Corperryale “Manny” Harris
    3. Sr. – PG – Kelvin Grady
    4. Jr. – SG/PG – Laval Lucas-Perry
    5. Jr. – SG – Stuart Douglass
    6. Jr. – C – Ben Cronin
    7. Jr. – SF – Zack Novak
    8. So. – PF/C – Jordan Morgan
    9. So. – PG – Darius Morris
    10. So. – SG – Matt Vogrich
    11. So. – PF – Blake McLimans
    12. Open/Walk-On
    13. Open/Walk-On

  • Colby

    Thanks for the overview Dylan, I am curious who else they are targeting besides Regan for that post position? Have any other names been dropped lately? Thanks

  • Justin C

    Dylan – I’d be shocked if Ant gets a 5th year – we need that scholly.

  • Jimmy

    When Anthony Wright came to Michigan, I never thought he’d be a gunner. Best case scenario, I hoped for a Roger Powell type player. Undersized 4 with a wide body, skilled enough to step out and hit shots. For those of you that don’t remember Powell, he was a very effective player for Illinois during the Head-Williams-Brown era. I’m starting to think Beilein (and Wright) realize he’ll never be a 15 ppg scorer from the outside and are moving him towards the Roger Powell style I envisioned.

    If this happens, he may be worth the 5th year–especially with the valuable experience he’ll have in the system.

  • Ky Fox

    Good call Jimmy. Thats what Ive been saying all along is that Ant needs to come to the realization that he isnt the leathal sniper that I think he portrays himself to be, now can he fade out and offer a clutch 3 here or there…yes I think so, but to have him play extended minutes hoisting three after three whether hes starting or coming off the bench needs to be scaled back quite a bit…or until Ant can round out his game more. I think moving forward Ants best bet is to use his God given body and score around the basket, become a more physical player, opposed to his finesse style hes in now, while taking very selective shots from the outside.

  • Ky Fox

    I would like to make a statement here on UMhoops. While I dont know if any of the players or people involved with the team ever visit UMhoops, Id like to apologize to any of the players to whom I spoke negatively about, specifically Zack Gibson. I understand everyone cannot be Lebron James and jump and run like a superhero. I also understand they are giving it their all(at least I would think they are) and are trying their best to resurrect our program. So I apologize to anyone who this pertains to.

  • Ky Fox

    In regards to the recruiting updates it is very exciting to hear about all of the incoming guys. Vogrich really sounds intriguing. almost out of the mold of a JJ Redick, or Kyle Korver. I can see where much of you are coming from in terms of Jrodan Morgan. But my take is this. It looks and sounds like to me he is a very physical player, as well as having a little mean streak..which in no offense to Gibby would be a good change of pace. Someone who can…from the looks of him..just about deflate the basketball when he grabs a rebound, I think its safe to say that opposing guards wont be stealing it away from Jordan. I can see a lot of potential in Jordan, I think he could even grow a couple inches as well. And we all know that JB is a sick judge of talent, so Im not too concerned about Jordan rounding out his offensive skills! He has all the raw ability, could work on his speed and quicks a bit, but hes got a great body, good hands, a good motor…we should leave the rest up to Dr. Beilein!

  • Ky Fox

    Colby I feel your concern in terms of the 4 spot. Is Regan our only prospect? Maybe Payne will grow more, after all he probably is only 17 or so. But that has been a concern of mine as well. Given I expect Peedi to be here next year, we really need a(in every sense of the word) POWER forward. someone between 6″7 and 6’9″ or 10″ who can do some of the things Peedi can do, and I dont see McLimans bringing the physicality to the table. An interesting scenario would be Riley. I understand hes been portrayed as more of a center but he moves really well for a guy 6’10” and looks like he has good hands as well. I guess maybe JB is just taking his time with that position. Although it looks like Regan is leaning heavily towards the far east or far west and not UM. There is still a lot of time though.

  • McLimans is the guy at the four IMO. You might not think he is physical enough but that’s not what Beilein is looking for at the PF IMO.

    At the five (where DeShawn is playing) yes he wants some muscle and that’s why you have guys like Morgan and Cronin IMO. Blake could probably play both positions and is very skilled. He will be a contributor at Michigan IMO.

  • Ky Fox

    So Dylan, what do you presume JB is looking for in his next forward type position for the future?? Will he go smaller with a guy like Payne? It looks like Regan might go elsewhere, and it hurt losing out on Lubick. After Jmo gets here we should have ample size so would you guess he leans more towards a smaller forward ex; Payne or even Moses?

  • I think he wants two things….

    A power forward: Regan
    A wing (or maybe a few by the number he’s targeting): Zeigler, Moses Morgan, Payne all fit in this category right now.

    I think we will probably end up with 3, but who knows how. I don’t know why you are losing confidence on Regan either, just let that one play out.

  • Ky Fox

    Yeah there is still a ton of time. I always have to remind myself that JB is impeccable at developing skills. I almost would go as far as saying that I have not seen nor do I think there IS any coach out there right now who “COACHES”(ingame coaching, tactics, developing skill..ect) as well as JB does. There are some who might recruit higher rated players and players who might in certain positions be a bit more athletic, and that might not even be true. but none who develop theyre players like Beilein does.

  • Colby

    Ky, yeah I am very interested in the recruiting of the 4 position. McLimans seems like a 4 in JB’s systtem but I am really hoping that with the 2010 target that he can find someone more dynamic and athleic similiar to Deshawn. I cannot judge a kid like Regan without seeing him but Im hoping that the PF recruit who comes in can step in and compete for a starting position. I know this staff is very tight lip about recruiting but there are many names of wings just seems odd that there arent more post being mentioned.

  • Voice of Reason

    Dylan: You said, “Then they might add a third player due to attrition,” so who do you think might be the player or players that might leave due to atttrition and under what possible circumstances? I know JB has no problem with helping players to move on that did not work out or had irreconcilable issues. I trust your insight and instincts Thanks.

  • No idea, it’s just a possibility and I could see it happening. I’m not trying to say player X should be off the team or player Y isn’t happy. It’s just always a possibility you have to look at down the road, we are talking 2010 so that’d be after next year. There is of course the obvious possibility of Manny going pro as well.

  • W3

    We could have up to 4 scholly in ’10, 2 at the least.

    How do we get 4? Deshawn & Gibson, Wright not getting a 5th year (very possible), Manny goes pro.

    We have three if Manny stays (Please God)

    We have two if Wright gets a 5th year (unlikely imo).

    Most likely senario is three wouldnt be suprised to see four.

    Ill take Zeigler, Morgan and Regan any day of the week.

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