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Dylan Burkhardt

Inside Michigan Basketball. Inside Michigan Basketball ’08-’09 debuts on the Big Ten Network at 10:30 PM Thursday night on the Big Ten Network. It will also re-air Friday at 3PM on BTN.

Ben Cronin. Per Angelique, Beilein plans to make some kind of decision on Ben Cronin around the Oakland game (last game he can play). I fully expect the red shirt but we’ll see. This will also be Laval Lucas-Perry’s debut.

The Big Ten. The Chicago Tribune says that the Big Ten has announced it’s presence to the nation. Right now the Big Ten seems like a conference where everyone could go 500. Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan, Minnesota, and Northwestern have all looked great thus far in non-conference play. The kicker is that the teams that were picked to finish on top, Michigan State, Purdue, and Wisconsin, aren’t in this group. Assuming they can find their form there is a huge group of contenders. There won’t be many easy wins in the Big Ten this year.

John Gasaway, The Former Big Ten Wonk, takes a look at the conference with a focus on Ohio State and Michigan.

Recognition. A lot of people have been grumbling about Michigan not getting enough recognition on the national stage. I’ve got no beef. They made a big jump in the polls and if they keep winning they will be top 25. Not only that but people across the country are talking about Michigan basketball. Rush the Court calls Beilein the Q1 Coach of Year and names Michigan as a surprise team. The Rivals power rankings have Manny Harris as the #3 shooting guard, John Beilein 13th, and DeShawn Sims 18th. DraftInfo calls DeShawn one of this weeks top three performers. Plenty of other national writers are giving Michigan props as well, Jay Bilas ($), Seth Davis, and Fran Fraschilla ($) are just a few.


Renovations. The word seems to be out there that some sort of basketball renovations will go before the regents this January. Go Blue Michigan Wolverine makes mention of it here:

Been told by several people that Martin is going to take plans to the regents, or at least float the idea of something being done for the practice facility, in January. I believe it takes the regents three to four meetings to pass it all, before any new ground will be broken.

I’m working on a piece about all things Crisler including the arena itself and the game day atmosphere. This will probably come in the next couple weeks.

What’s Next?

  • EMU coach Charles Ramsey was suspended 3 days for fighting with a student.
  • Michigan’s opponents for the next four games have a combined record of 9-25. Only Oakland has more than one win over a division 1 team. EMU has beat up on Wayne State and Marygrove and North Carolina Central is winless.

These should be four easy wins but I just can’t forget Savannah State (who lost 100-38 versus Georgetown last night). Luckily I don’t think that John Beilein and his players will forget Savannah State either.

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  • aaron

    awesome job!!! i really love the respect we are getting, though i really hope it doesn’t go to the players head. hopefully the great start will truly be the start of something great

    by the way i ended up not going to the duke game b/c of the weather, terrible choice on my part

  • Giddings

    I’m showing 10:30pm Thursday night…

  • Thanks I think I saw 10:00 and 10:30 somewhere but I’ll trust you and the TV Guide.

  • ohmigods

    I must be the only person who thinks John Gasaway
    has a negative bias to Michigan basketball.

    “Michigan” has been synonymous with “Crisler Arena,” “lethargy,” “funereal,” “underlit,” “empty yellow seats,” ”comically abundant turnovers,” and, of course, “no NCAA appearances.”

    Does he still harbor ill feelings over Mich beating his Illini in 89?

  • It it that unrealistic?

    I know he often and rightfully so criticized Amaker teams of playing lethargic and for all of their turnovers.

    Yellow seats are often empty in Crisler. It was very underlit — I’ve been to a game where they forgot to turn on the lights in the yellow and there were birds flying around.

    But the point is to emphasize the change as well.

  • Jake

    Does anyone know whether the Duke game will be on For such a huge game, I would’ve expected it to be uploaded pretty quickly. I’m pumped to go back and check it out with the television’s perspective.

  • Thanks Chris…..

  • Taddie

    Eastern Michigan is actually not winless, they have two wins (although they are against nobodies, which is probably why they weren’t counted as wins). And so does Florida Gulf Coast. The combined records of our next four opponents is 9-25

  • Thanks Taddie, I was looking at WarrenNolan which doesn’t include non-D1 teams.

  • Giddings

    I’m finally getting the most out of my DVR… watched the entire Duke game for the third time last night (and I was at the game originally). If I could figure out how to burn it onto a DVD, I would be happy to send copies out… but from the few searches I’ve done I think I’m missing at least one component.

  • Dylan

    Giddings: +- is one of my main goals in the ufr style post I’m working on. Because of exams it will probably be next week though. I’m about a third done.

  • redwings8831

    Inside Michigan Basketball actually premieres on FSN Detroit at 6:30 PM and then will be re-shown later in the night on BTN. Its the same format as what FSN Detroit did earlier in the year with football, but instead with basketball. Wolverine Sports Magazine at 6 PM and then Inside Michigan Basketball at 6:30.