Monday Polls: Not Ranked

Dylan Burkhardt

ESPN/USAToday coaches poll is out and Michigan is not ranked. They did pick up 28 votes (from 1 to 29) good for a tie for 30th in the country (they were 37th last week). Other notable rankings: Duke fell to 7th, MSU fell to 20th, and Ohio State is at #21.

The AP is out and Michigan comes in at #28 with 119 votes. Duke at #7, Michigan State at #18, Ohio State at #21

I don’t have a problem with the rankings, the only 2 loss teams that are in the top 25 were all around the top 10 in the preseason and that’s just the way polls work. Luckily for Michigan the polls don’t matter in the end. Michigan’s RPI is at 15th, good for 2nd in the Big Ten (this will probably go down a bit over the next 4 games).

It would have been nice for us as fans to see the team get ranked but for the team I think this is better. Not being ranked keeps the chip on their shoulder headed into some games against lackluster competition. Being left out is a firm reminder that we aren’t there yet. We certainly can’t afford any Savannah State performances in the 4 games leading up to the Big Ten opener against Wisconsin.

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  • UMDC

    Thank the lord the polls don’t matter in college basketball.

  • Yup, honestly I would rather not be ranked at this point. It does us no good.

  • UMDC

    Agreed, Dylan. Just think, if basketball was like football we would all have to be on here pissed off and screaming about how we are being screwed.

  • I realized polls are meaningless (and should be in football too!) but I’d be seriously disappointed if the Gophers had two wins over top 5 teams and somehow, someway weren’t in the top 25. Seriously, get feisty Wolverines!

  • GBMDC02

    The polls are kind of a joke. Miami (FL) Still ranked after losing at home?

    Who cares.

    The only number that matters next to the team name is what seed they are in March. Period.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I’m see where you all are coming from, but I can’t help but wonder what it takes to get ranked. We have two very signature wins and 0 bad losses. That should easily put us in the 20-25 range, especially if they even glance at RPI. I guess they still haven’t bought into the miraculous turnaround and expect us to come back to earth very soon. I hope we avoid that. One game at a time. Next up: Eastern Michigan on the big ten network. Looking forward to getting better each week.

  • Adam

    I totally agree GBMCD. I have always thought that Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology on ESPN is much more accurate. He hasn’t done a new one in awhile so maybe today is the day. We shall see.

  • Manny Fresh

    Anyone know the last time we were ranked?

  • jg

    big difference between being 8-0 with two big wins and 6-2 with two big wins. the only beef i really have is being behind BYU and Miami. The ranking will take care of themselves if we keep winning.

    and fwiw we’re only #42 in kenpom’s pythagorean ratings (small sample sizeaments)

  • James

    “Anyone know the last time we were ranked?”

    I think Horton’s senior year.

  • James

    We were #22 on February 6th, 2006 for our game against OSU.

    I don’t think we’ve been ranked since then:

  • jg


    The importance of these four games before conference play starts up cannot be stressed enough. The Big Ten is shaping up to be an absolute dogfight this year. Purdue, MSU, and Wisconsin have underperformed so far but we know they’ll be there when it counts. Everyone else not including Iowa and Indiana have looked better than expected so far, even Northwestern has put impressive wins at home against Florida St. and Depaul. We need all the momentum we can get going into a favorable first half of the conference slate.

  • I have to disagree with you guys on this one. UM deserves to be ranked and its a shame that a team like MSU has ZERO quality wins and 2 BLOWOUT losses and they are ranked???These idiots need to base their rankings on performance not perception. I also disagree about it being good for the team. It would be good for recruiting and perception of the program if every time a recruit watches ESPN he sees UM on the top 25 ticker. After all this program has been through the last 10 years, its obvious UM will not be getting the benefit of the doubt in March, so they better avoid anything close to a bubble! Im pissed, I hope the players are also.

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  • Gary

    Don’t sweat the polls – they are meaningless, especially this time of year. Established successful programs get a lot of extra credit among the voters – UM isn’t in that category yet. I don’t think anyone who seriously follows college basketball put much faith in the polls.

    Enjoy the moment – It was a great win, with the extra satisfaction that it was also a Duke loss. It was exciting to see so many fans again at Chrisler – I just hope they keep coming for the EMU, Florida Gulf Coast, and NC Central games. Keep up the momentum going into the first week of the Big 10 season and the polls, and more importantly, the the torunament bids will take care of themselves.

  • Kenny

    At this time of the year, the pool doesn’t matter at all. This Michigan team is not the one that dominate other teams with superior talents, and although we pulled down two big upset this season, we still don’t have the talent level to win a 7-game series against Duke and UCLA alike. If we manage to win the rest of the non-conference games, and get more than 12 conference wins, we will be ranked at some point. But more important goal is to get back to the tournament, and make a small run to Sweet 16 or even Elite 8. I have little doubt that we will see more improvement from the team as the season progress.

  • rob

    lets take care of these next 4 games guys. if we go through unscathed at 10-2 heading into the conference schedule, we’ll def. be a top 20 team. don’t get me wrong, i’m psyched we’ve played well so far, but let’s take care of business on a regular basis before we start to worry about rankings.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I’m with Go Blue and Ken in Vegas on this one. I totally understand and draw comfort from what all of you are saying. These polls do not hold a lot of water at this point in the season, but that doesn’t negate the fact that the pollsters acted unfairly, biased, and without reason. Not a good sign if we are a bubble team, which I’m almost certain we will be. I also just think it’s a slight towards our players and fans who deserved to be recognized for their acheivements so far. Yes, we can push ourselves into the rankings by taking care of business these next four games, but if we are to lose even 1 of our next 6 or 7 games, then we will probably be back to getting 20 votes each week in the polls. Clearly people are skeptical of us and are looking for any reason to brush us back into the chasm of mediocrity. We have one of the best resumes in the nation right now and should be treated like it. Oh the corruption. Still very pumped though and I can hardly wait to watch another game.

  • Giddings

    Agree with Go Blue… once you are ranked, every single one of your games will have highlights on Sportscenter, news stories on the sidebar of, and scores on the “tickers” at the bottom – even for games against the Eastern Michigans and Savannah States of the world. The instant boost in exposure is crazy really… and it has to have some impact on non-local recruits.

    But I also agree with Dylan that it’s difficult to see where we’d fit into the rankings at this point since the only 2 loss teams at MSU, Purdue, and UCLA, and it’s very hard to drop out of the rankings from the pre-season Top 10 when you’re losing to ranked teams (ok, with the exception of MSU to Maryland and UCLA to us).

  • rlc

    While I’d like to agree that polls don’t matter, they do. And as much as I wish that the team would be recognized for playing quality basketball over the remainder of the non-conference schedule, it won’t be.

    There are only three ways to get ranked:
    1) Be ranked and don’t embarass yourself.
    2) Beat ranked teams.
    3) Put up a long unbeaten streak while ranked teams lose.

    So Michigan has done #2 and not broken into the rankings. What other chances will there be? I don’t see this team winning 10 straight in the Big Ten, so it will have to be more wins against ranked teams. With Bucky Badger having tunnelled his way out of the top 25, the remaining gamea against currently ranked opponents are: home and home against the Buckeyes and Boilermakers, at Connecticut and home to Sparty. If the team can avoid losing more than once before the 1/17 game against tOSU in Crisler, that’s probably our best shot to get into the rankings, and then it’s a matter of doing #1 above.

  • Ky Fox

    I think we should, and I would imagine JB is taking a Saban type approach to the season..meaning 1 game at a time, make sure we play the best we can in each and every game and people who make the those decisions will soon realize UM is a talented and dangerous team and we will eventually and respectfully get some love from the media. Yes it did surprise me on Monday when I didnt see us in the polls but there isnt much we can do about it other than continue to play very good basketball and win games….and hopefully we can continue to get decent crowds into crisler night in and night out, because we are really protecting Crisler and thats the way it should be…Crisler should be a tough place to play. We have to remember the state the program has been in. Beilein has done a wonderful job so far and I think we will only get better. If we win the games we are supposed to win(which now are a few more than what we originally thought) and steal a few big games on the road we will in fact see our boys in the top 25 and it will be a glorious sight and all it will be is a bi-product of playing well and winning games!!
    GO BLUE!!