The Day After: Reaction Links

Dylan Burkhardt
    Mike Gansey’s e-mail came in moments after Michigan knocked off Duke yesterday for the Wolverines second win against a Top five team this season. “Coach Beilein is a genius,” wrote Gansey, who starred on Belein’s teams at West Virginia a couple years ago.
  • Sims stars, but chemistry shines in win over Duke
    Top flight recruits celebrated by taking pictures on the enhanced Block M at center court of the new Crisler Arena floor, but only after hundreds of students, parents and a few terrified Michigan players caught in the melee made their way off. Nobody wanted to leave following U-M’s 81-73 win over Duke, its second victory over a top five team this year … and nobody could blame them.
  • Sims, U-M blossoming together
    Wojo: To declare Beilein’s program has arrived is a bit bold. To say it’s expanding rapidly isn’t bold enough.
  • Bigelow: Beilein has Wolverines looking like they’re having fun again
    “He defines the C and the O and the A and the C and the H in ‘coach,'” said Sims, who had a game-high 28 points. “He coaches you on an interpersonal level that’s just amazing. In myself, I’m a better player than I’ve ever been, and that is all Coach Beilein.”
  • Wolverines all grown up in Beilein’s second year
    Before the Wolverines’ starting lineup was introduced, a video highlight was shown while flashing back to the glory days of the program. It ended with the words “Now It’s Our Turn. Back To Business.”
  • Postgame Quotes: Michigan 81, #4 Duke 73
    Quotes from Beilein and players — you can also get to nice video highlights at the top (I can’t get a working link or embed code from the highlights).
  • Video/Audio Interviews: Sims Video ($), Grady Video, Beilein audio ($).
  • BlackShoesDidIt

    Now that we are relevant again, let’s get John Beilein some new ties because they ones he currently wears are just UGLY.

  • Steve

    He was wearing a pretty slick gold tie yesterday. Maybe you are talkin about the one from the UCLA game.

  • gooter9

    I think he should rock the TA turtleneck.

  • gpsimms

    telling us of some sort of ufr thing was a bad idea. i now plan on refreshing this page bi-minutely until said ufr appears.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    LOL. Agreed gp. I’ve been on here about 4 times today. I’m still waiting to get an HD copy of the game on, but once I do, I plan on going over the tape thoroughly to see what I can see. The back cuts were huge, obviously. Duke completely took those away the last time we played them.

  • PeteM

    I was at the game, but my DVR didn’t work. My wife and I are huge fans and wanted to watch the replay. I’d be happy to pay if anyone has a tape or DVD I could buy. Please email me at if so.

  • Anon

    PeteM. The video of the game is online for free on ESPN360.

  • brown

    So what does LLP do to the chemistry of the team? Whose minutes is he going to take away? Probably Novak and Douglass, right?

  • GregGoBlue

    See the quote from DeShawn Sims in the Wojo article?

    “For me, it’s definitely a confidence thing,” Sims said. “Sometimes you start to question yourself when you’re not getting a lot of minutes. Coach Beilein believed in me. He’s building a foundation and I’m glad I’m a part of it. He puts the c, the o, the a , the c and the h in coach. And he coaches you on an interpersonal level. It’s amazing. I’m a better player than I’ve ever been and I know more than I’ve ever known.”

    Boy, does that make me happy. Go Blue!

  • Kenny

    To Brown, I guess LLP will take time from merritt, Lee and Grady. he is going to play 1. Grady is having trouble to finish around the rim and I think we need someone who can finish. LLP is also not undersize in defense like the other three who currently play 1. Novak and Stu will remain the same rotation since we need snipers just like them, and both young man play great defense. Manny may also get some rest when he needs.

  • joel

    just wanna say, its about fricken time!!! i wont say we are back, its so early, however these two wins along with the lesson learned at College Park and the respect all opponents issue with savannah state and we are lucky for that. luck haha michigan basketball getting lucky!

    Im also wondering what happens to those michigan football/michigan state basketball fans…

  • Kevin in GR

    UM football/MSU basketball fans (ex Bill Simonson?) :)

  • UM is the “and one” of Parrish’s poll on Sportsline…

  • BJ

    Parrish has Ohio State at 9. huh?

  • Yup Parris has OSU @ #9, MSU @ NR.