It's Great to be a Michigan Wolverine

Dylan Burkhardt

*Thanks to Chris for taking the video and passing it on.

Also check out my subpar photos from the game which include Tim Hardaway Jr. and Brandan Kearney as well as the post game celebration.

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  • Eric R

    I got onto the football field after Chris Perry dashed for the game-sealing TD in 2003 still the GOAT. I’m 28 and this is easily one of my top ten UMich sports moments, along with such classics as the two most recent football beatdowns of Notre Dame, the Alabama missed EP in overtime, the comeback against Minnesota in 2002, the last second victory against the rarely-favored Penn State…. wait, why are all my fond memories of football? Can a Knox Cameron goal crack the top ten? I was at the Garden for the UCLA game and I’m pretty sure that cracked the list too (the first Duke game didn’t).

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    This may seem weird, but in terms of the intensity of emotion and overall joy that I felt, this is the best Michigan moment for me since 1997 during the Rose Bowl when I knew we had just become National Champions. That was the last time that I teared up, and it happened again today. I’m sure it had a lot to do with the fact that we have had to endure so much since the Fab Five….the championship game losses, the timeout, the sanctions, the mediocrity, rock bottom. Duke has owned us for the longest time. And today we took it to them and essentially resurrected Michigan basketball. I was shaking during the final two minutes of this game, because I knew how much it would mean to me if we won. Just like David Merritt said before the game, this game means so much more to us than it does to them. Hail to the victors!!!

  • It has been so long since Michigan basketball has had anything substantial to be truly excited about. It almost happened with the Greg Oden game, but this is totally different. Beating a team that has owned us for a decade, at home, with a packed Crisler Arena (A PACKED CRISLER ARENA) and the utter jubilation that comes from seeing a basketball team resurrected from the dead. Michigan has needed this for a long time, and finally, watching what John Beilein has done in his short time here makes me tear up. At the end of the game all I could do was hold up a fist and say Hail!

  • Also, does anyone have the video of Beilein’s pregame speech? They played it on TV 3 or so times. It is one for the ages.

  • Uploading it to YouTube now, it’s pretty short though.

  • Alex

    This game was absolutely the best game I have ever been to. Before the game all of my buddies who didn’t get season tix were asking me if we had a shot and of course in my ever confident tone I told them it was a possibility. Who knew it would come true? After growing up being a fan of such a mediocre program it feels that much better to know that we’re back. In Beilein We Trust. GO BLUE!!

  • Added photos to the post… I’m no photographer :-)

    I think the YouTube video is uploading but it’s on my other machine and I’m not there so hopefully I get it posted later.

  • El Capitan

    Looking back at the game, we played one of the greatest games of all-time, but we still aren’t even CLOSE to our ceiling yet. Sure, Manny and Peedi played phenomenal, but at the same time a lot of our players are still coming out of their shells.

    Imagine the game when both Novak and STUd are knocking down 3’s, Cronin is healthy and distributing from the high post, and LLP is tearing up opposing guards…

    Yeah, it’s official: we can beat anybody

  • Ky Fox

    Im babbeling in my own tears after watching that vid clip!! I feel like a baby. I cant give enough credit to JB!! We all talk about having Peedi and Manny just step up and carry this team…and they did but let me tell you there is no way they are that mentaly tough or as skilled(Novak=FR, GRADY=SO, SHEPHERD=lost without a cause) as we are today without the help and teaching of John Beilein. We all have seen what coaches can do. They can either make you better, keep you stagnant, or make you worse. From the days of Amaker we seen how we could bring in top tier recruits but subsequently watch their skill levels go to the wayside, not to mention a mental state that was as fragile as my 90 year old grandma. On the flip side in the new era of UM hoops we see a guy who extracts the absolute most potential and skill from a kid that is humanly possible, and raises theyre level of confidence, poise, inner self worth, along with a bit of pride and makes winners out of everyone involved. I am so DAMN proud of this program and SO DAMN proud and thankful for John Beilein!! I know there is a lot of basketball left to be played, but in my eyes John Beilein has put UM hoops back on the map and is building something very very special here in AA. I am so happy with the crowd and the support and caring concern even from all of us on this site/blog. Dylan you do a fabulous job and have made UM basketball something to get involved with and be excited about. Guys I know this is a huge step for our program, but there are even brighter days yet to come for this GREAT TO BE A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE family!! and as always…GO BLUE gosh darn it!!!

  • BJ
  • Dylan

    That article reeks of bullshit.

  • Ky Fox

    Hey Dylan, Have you ever thought about doing a newspaper/magazine/newsletter?? Much like MSU has spartanmag. Or is there already an outfit that does that? Something that might be a little more personal to UM hoops. Just wondering

  • The only way that article has any shred of truth to it is if Izzo is as bored and tired as he looks in East Lansing. I don’t think he leaves, and every time I hear that he is a candidate for a job elsewhere I think of it as the most preposterous bullshit ever. However, for the last few years I’ve thought that Izzo has either grown complacent, or at least has become tired of being the head coach at MSU. He’s revered as a god there though. With all that being said I highly doubt that this is true, and the part where he says “calls were not returned” by the respective AD’s makes this sounds like a travesty of “journalism.”

  • Ky Fox: There is TheWolverine and GoBlueWolverine. I don’t have any plans to do any kind of print publication right now. Got my hands full with just this. It would be cool to do down the line though.

  • Merlin

    I never thought they would bear Duke-not in a million years. Deshawn Sims what can you say-my favorite player by a mile. Compare him to that do nothing Maurice Taylor of the earlier era. Tell me Deshawn can’t be an NBAer.

    I thought it was kind of sad to see Hardaway sitting there all by himself. Do they have an open gym with the recruits during their visit?

  • Merlin

    beat duke I meant

  • He was with his dad, his dad had just gotten up to go talk to someone when I took the pic.