Michigan 81 – Duke 73

Dylan Burkhardt


Post game thoughts coming soon.

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  • Jivas


  • I have almost forgot how to celebrate…its been too long. ;)

    Looking forward to the write up!

  • Bluebufoon

    Saw an interview of Deshawn Sims on ESPN News– classy kid.

    He talked about the team, his coaches and how he was happy for the people in Ann Arbor. He could of quit after the first two years he had at U-M but I’m proud he stuck it out.

    Go Blue !!!!

  • Kevin

    Great exciting win and man the crowd was into it! Can LLP play when the semester is over (next week or two) or does he have to wait until the beginning of next semester (January)?

  • Dirtgrain

    Excellent win. So now, who can figure out where Michigan should be ranked? How good is this team? Michigan defeats two top-five teams. Are people going to bring up asterisks? I don’t know what those will be, exactly. Some did say UCLA was too highly ranked when Michigan played them. But Duke? I’m thinking Michigan should be at least in the top 20.

    Duke started working Michigan’s 1-3-1 to get open three pointers–and the started making them–at the end of the game. I’m not sure why they could get the open threes at some points–and then not get them at others. I think it typically happens on a drive, a quick kick out, and then a cross-court pass to the wide-open guy, as the baseline defender hustles to try to cover. Will we be seeing this all season long? Or can this team improve even more on the 1-3-1? Is it possible, given Michigan’s team this season, that they can get good enough not to allow those open corner threes?

    I don’t mean to be negative. The 1-3-1 was great today–great.

    Grady’s ball handling was important. Good on him for handling the pressure.

  • AC1997

    I had kept rooting for this team year after year only to see it blow up in my face. I had forgotten what it was like to watch a team play such a good game for 40 minutes. They never stopped playing hard! If they could hit layups they wouldn’t have blown them out! (of course I don’t think you’ll see Duke get that few FT or miss that many 3s the rest of the season).

    Wow. Awesome. I hope people maintain some patience with this team since they’re still so young, but they have now raised the bar!

    As they said on ESPN, there isn’t a team in the country who has two better wins than Michigan does right now. Not that it matters, but how high are we going to be ranked?

    Sims and Harris were unbelieveable. But I was almost more impressed with Novak (did his job and hit open threes, a little shaky on D) and Grady (very solid PG play).

  • NVE

    Kevin – LLP only has to sit out one more game, next Saturday vs. Eastern Mich. He’ll be available in 2 weeks for the Oakland game at The Palace.

  • JimC


  • JAY

    S_I_N_G_L_E_R HAHAHAHAH man that was the best Michigan crowd I have every seen! GO BLUE BABY!

  • gpsimms


  • AC1997

    Think about the LLP thing for a minute….

    A team that has upsets over two top 5 teams is about to replace minutes given to two walk ons with a division 1 quality combo guard. Even if LLP is just mediocre, he’s a HUGE upgrade over Lee and Merritt. Wow…..

  • Blazerine

    AC you said it…you know what that is? That’s SCARY!
    Michigan Basketball has been a sleeping giant and we’re just now waking up. This team is still so young there will be more bumps in the road but the future is blindingly bright for Michigan Basketball.
    Hats off to Peedi and Manny but bigtime kudos to Kelvin for a HUGE game. Keep the momentum going and we’ll be dancing.


  • gpsimms

    adding a more talented player should never hurt a team…but right now they seem to have a perfect balance. i really hope the transition is smooth. look at AI and the stones

  • Forty

    AC – I too have thought about this :)

  • GoBLue

    Grady made some layups Novak hit some 3’s, and Manny and Sims both the best games of their careers. Of course we still had some silly turnovers, but when Manny and Peedi are hot we can beat anyone in the country (besides UNC). Of course, they’re not gonna be this good every game and when they’re off we don’t have much else.


    If LLP is all that and a bag of chips do you think we can compete for the B10 crown?

  • I don’t know if we’re a top 20 just yet, but yeah, we should get a ranking this week for this one. We beat #4 twice this year. We lost to Duke by 15 the last time, the second lowest spread (dang, Duke is good) and lost by 5 to Maryland on their floor. That’s pretty darn good and deserves a ranking. And unlike Amaker coached teams, this team will improve as time goes on. They did last year and will this year. I don’t think we’ll win the big 10, but the upper half and a tourney bid is now in reach.

    It’s good to be a Wolverine!